There is a divinity within each of us and I am here to help you reconnect with it. I see each of us as an extension of source, with a physical, energetic, mental and emotional body. Each of these bodies are equally real, and equally important. My mission is to empower you to become conscious within each of these bodies; to become grounded, balanced, clear, strong, peaceful and present within yourself, your life, and the world.

I draw on many disciplines to support the healing journey. I am a certified hypnotist (graduated HMI, the first accredited college program for hypnosis), a Reiki and Imagery Master, spiritual teacher and consciousness consultant. As an intuitive healer and channel for higher information, I am guided to apply whichever modalities best fit each individual’s unique situation. Welcome to our wonderful community – I look forward to connecting with you, either in person or through our videos, email, Facebook or Twitter.

I do offer one to one sessions, including Hypnosis and Light Work for the Hamptons and New York City at selected times, schedule a session today!


Britta Dubbels is an intuitive, channel, and light ambassador who has assisted thousands of clients transition through challenging life circumstances to embrace change and live more empowered, compassionate lives.  Britta sees and feels information in the form of energy or light — which is our true essence. “Our energy and light is our power.  Our mission to own the authentic empowerment that is our birthright, and magnify the light within each other.”

Born in a small village in Northern Germany, Britta was whisked to NYC at age 17 to work as a model with the prestigious Ford agency. Following several years gracing magazine covers worldwide, Britta was eventually called to develop her innate gifts as a channel of light information in the service of humanity. She moved to California and spent years training in a number of healing modalities, to become an Imagery & Reiki Master and licensed hypnotist.
Fueled by a deep connection and love for people, Britta now runs a thriving practice from her home in Southampton, New York, where she works with clients from around the world including many famous names from the worlds of fitness, beauty, wellness and publishing.  When she is not with clients, Britta writes and produces transformational media for all platforms including books, audios and video programs.  A gifted communicator, she has produced three home study programs; Take Charge & Get What You Want, Awakened Mom, and the just-released Spiritual Strength Training.  Britta also produces a weekly live video webcast during which she welcomes audience questions on a wide range of topics.  The series, “Empowerment With Britta Dubbels,” is hosted by Ezster Vadja and available free on Spreecast.    

Britta says:    “It is certain that the vibration on our planet is increasing. If life has placed change upon you, or you are sensing a call to create change, do not hesitate. The world may look chaotic, but in truth there has never been this much support energetically and spiritually to empower your transformation. You are here to play big. Allow your greatest life yet!”


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