Be the Change

  |   healing, transformation

Hello everybody 🙂
I would like to start of this month’s blog with a quote by Gandhi:

”Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

It is time to take full responsibility for ourselves.  There is no more time or room to continue pointing fingers.  Have you ever noticed that whenever you point a finger, there are three fingers pointing back at the self?
Because we are Energetic Beings and we are all one, everything we do, think and say affects the whole.  This is why there is no longer room for victimhood, blaming the other or citing the circumstance. It is time to take full responsibility for our words, thoughts, actions and our lives.  Because everything we experience in our lives, whether we like it or not, we have created.  And the moment we accept that we have created our quandary we understand that we can change it.
Think about it.  We are these incredible Beings, right!?  We are extensions of Source, Divine, Infinite, Energy, Light … Souls choosing to experience a third Dimensional Illusion in which we are housed in Human Bodies.  As we enter these “Human Vehicles” we agree to forget our true selves.  There would be no purpose, however, in simply floundering through life in an unconscious fashion as I do not believe that this would be something we would aspire to as Souls.  I believe that we come into the Human experience with the full intention of breaking through the Illusion/programming, to remember who we really are, and to then have full experiences within this corporeal realm (which I like to call the “playground”.) 
We are now able to understand that any struggle or challenge we experience is only Human (not Divine) and was created entirely by us (the Divine part of us) to help us remember who we are.  Not every Being needs to experience struggle to find themselves but most do, simply because we are (as Humans) creatures of habit and when all is well we have little need to look any further.  Most Beings that are still engrossed in their
“Human” reality alone have no need to step outside of their comfort zone unless life starts pressing forward creating anxiety and struggle.
Coming back to “being the change we wish to see in the world”.  It means that we can create change!  It means that we can stop looking for other people to make changes!!!  Better, it means that every time we want to say to another that someone should, could, needs to do something, it is a fabulous suggestion to look back into ourselves. Others are mere mirrors of what still needs to be addressed in ourselves. 
Start making your own life better.  Start making your own self better.  As long as you know right from wrong and are being sincere, you don’t even need to believe in anything other then yourself less as human and more as Energy.  So the lesson is applicable for atheists as well as devotees.
Taking responsibility and choosing to be, act, speak, and think in ways we wish others to be will affect the whole.  We do not have time to wait for politicians, teachers or our neighbors to be better and or make changes.  We must make the changes in and by ourselves to lead by example.
I cannot stress enough the fact that we are all here to lead.  We are all here to shine in our light and manifest/create our heaven on earth.  We are not just equal but are all ONE.          
As you walk this path, be aware of when you might be feeling better or greater than other Beings.  Ego is a human posture.  And there is always more depth to penetrate and even more compassion and forgiveness to practice.
So stand up!  Be the change you wish to see in the world !