What a powerful concept.
It infers freedom from oppression, freedom from co-dependency, freedom from need and even freedom from attachments.
It gives us permission to be free from the “we” or the “oneness” of our essence and play human on a journey for just a little time.
Contrary to many spiritualists, I am a great believer in the “I”.  Surely, the “I” may mark the ego, as it keeps us separate but isn’t being separate, individual and singular in our earthly bodies exactly why we came here?
Obviously we are all one,
we have covered this and the oneness of all beings is the ultimate state of consciousness, yes.
However, here on earth, one can only truly serve the whole by fully embracing the experience of “I”.
So if the “I” infers ego, what is so bad about that?
Why is everybody so afraid of the ego?
The ego is built in,
the ego is apart of this human experience and the ego has a positive side to it,
like anything else.
The positive side of the ego says things like, “get up, dust yourself off and try again.”  It says, “you can do this, don’t give up now, believe in yourself!”
The ego is your natural cheerleader and belongs to your “I”.
Through the individuality of being different, dancing to the beat of your own drum, following your truth, no matter what others say…only by being yourself, can you fulfill your independence and inner freedom.
 True independence is the fearless pursuit and exploration of yourself as “I”.
You are here to be the independent creator within the co-creation of light consciousness.  This is your journey!
You are here to be independent and you owe it to yourself to stand out!
There is nothing spiritual about following or blending in.
Fitting in is then in and of itself ego, just in reversed form.
Independence has to have ego, otherwise independence wouldn’t be able to thrive in it’s uniqueness and difference.
But and here is the big BUT,
the ultimate independence is in the co-creation with one’s
divine guidance.
Independence guided by the ego will never end well nor will it take the individual soul into it’s fulfillment or purpose. Independence can only truly find it’s full glory if and when this independence gets guided by ones inner light and it’s authenticity.  And this is where the ego gets trained to support the human experience in alignment with the inner voice.
This is where you get to teach your ego to trust your inner knowing and feeling sensory, as your soul’s communication and most important reference point.
You are the boss of you and you get to direct your ego’s attention inward.
Point your ego away from your thoughts and into your knowing.  Become one with this inner relationship, so that even your ego feels useful and apart of a greater mission.
The mission of total independence, while dancing in the web of oneness –
with the light, as the light and for the light.
So get your ego on a leash,
train it to support your inner guidance and have fun being the creator you have come here to be.
Surrender to your light guidance –
make your ego trust it!
And then have fun in letting your colors shine bright.
With blessings of love and light to you and yours,

Stay in Love <3

Even though Valentine’s Day is a made up and commercialized holiday, it is one of my favorite holidays.  I am a sucker for love and believe in the power of love.  Surely, this includes romantic love but love is much bigger than that! To me, Valentine’s Day is a universal reminder and advocate for all the dimensions of love. The love for self, the love for Mother Earth, the love for our family and friends and the love for a special someone.
In times like these however, where anger, fear, hatred, frustration and separation are the order of the day – where does love go? Do we become unloving? Do we fall out of love?  Does love take a place on the back burner, while we focus on and give rise to our lower emotions?  
The emotional state of the collective consciousness is currently reflecting anything but love. People are angry, people are fearful and people are extremely frustrated.  Not just in the US but globally, people are little preverbal volcanoes. 
The vibrational shift we are experiencing is real, 
(column on the left).   
Mother Earth’s heartbeat has been increasing continuously and with this frequency increase comes pressure.  This pressure is meant to bring all that which isn’t congruent with the love vibration of our essence to the surface, for it to be acknowledged and healed.  Since we all have so much emotional energy stored and mental patterns that perpetuate ego and negativity, it is only to be expected for emotions to be riding high.
This means, emotional ups and downs are to be understood during this time. You might feel vulnerable one day and the following day you might feel a whole lot happier and lighter again.  Only to be feeling deeply sad another day. This is normal and it doesn’t mean 
anything is wrong.  
 The people and circumstances in your life may trigger the existing emotional energy but nothing can get triggered without it already being there.  
Refrain from blaming! 
Know your emotions are just energy and avoid negative thinking.  Simply breathe, try to relax, remind yourself of the clearing opportunity and let it pass. Whether you like it or not, this is actually a very positive process and you ought to behoove yourself to allow this clearing with gratitude and awareness.
This is the time for you to stay calm!  Stay in your breath as much as possible and try not to act out of your emotions.  Let them clear, as they will. Just because you are feeling discomfort does not mean you have to react.  As our beloved Rainer Maria Rilke said, “Let everything happen to you, no feeling is final.”
And as emotions are what makes us humane and we have come here to experience the feeling of it all, wouldn’t we as conscious love Beings do it with LOVE?
Isn’t love the essence of our true nature and isn’t this essence unconditional? 
You are being called “to be your essence” my sweet friends. 
It’s not always easy but nobody said it would be. Love is not just a feeling, it is an attitude as well.  Love is the higher perspective, love is compassion and love is wisdom. Love encompasses so many aspects of the better human nature.  But there is the danger of stepping out of love, when we feel challenged.  We forget to be grateful for the good we have and we forget to be loving to ourselves and loved ones.  The place of fear and negativity can easily become a comfort zone, when we don’t pay close attention.
The good news is that 
love never leaves us! 
It is always right there, waiting for you.
So be brave, be strong and stay humble to this miracle of transformation, which you chose to participate in.  You are no different or separate from Mother Earth.  Your vibration frequency is speeding up as well, as there is no separation.
“Separation is an illusion of consciousness.”  –Albert Einstein.
Do it with love, feel it all as love and lovingly remind yourself of this process that is shifting you into greater love alignment.
<3 May you feel your love,
<3 may you be your love and
<3 may you share your love.
With love and light blessings to you and yours.
Happy Valentine’s Day,

Humbly powerful.

female warrior edit
Humbly powerful.
Power without humility is inauthentic and humility without power is inauthentic as well; inauthentic to ones soul that is.
To the earthly brain these two qualities may appear as polar opposites but truthfully we must recondition ourselves away from the old perceptions.
Both attributes, power & humility, are divine.
In our essence, within our souls, we are humble and we are powerful alike.
The word power has been misunderstood, feared and judged for too long. Many associate the word power with the negative ego, greed and obsessive control.
These are all traits of the negative ego, yes.
But these are also most often traits of unconscious people. It seems as though that unconscious people have no problem with the use of power, on the contrary, they want more and more of it.
But often, the conscious and light focused people appear to judge and even fear the concept of power.
So then, have the happy and conscious humans lost their connection to power?
Do conscious people give their power away to power itself? … As if the energy of power would threaten their hard work and make it all undone or overshadow them with dark energy. Do these humans committed to self-improvement throw out the baby with the bath water?
The word humility has also had a bad rap.
The dictionary states that humble means, “a modest or low view of ones importance”.
As you know, the main doctrines have taught that humility is a spiritual person’s path and that god-fearing people are to be humble, poor and serve others.
This is still deeply ingrained into the
collective consciousness.
From the souls perspective however, this is incorrect. How can we see ourselves of low importance, when we are source incarnated?
Humble power embraces the light within and illuminates the conditioning of this lifetime with acceptance
and ownership.
There is no more time for playing small in ones authentic empowerment.
If you are humble, nothing can touch you – neither praise nor discouragement – because you know who you are – this is your power!
It seems that conscious people, who are committed to their path of growth and self-awareness embrace and revere the quality of humility, whereas unconscious humans see humility as a weakness and generally unattractive.
We cannot leave the power to the unconscious any longer. Surely, the ego has everything to do with the understanding that power and humility can be used in positive, empowering or negative and disempowering ways.
The ego is built into our human bodies and cannot be destroyed, so let’s make peace with our egos.
The ego does have a positive and negative side to it, as balance will always find itself in earthly life.
Watching and knowing ones ego is important and very correct work. The negative ego hooks into any aspect it can find and as much as it hooks into humility in form of “less than,” it also fuels the spiritual ego with “better than” or an
energy of competition.
This reminds me of Buddha, who thought to be god himself – incarnated.
With peace and happiness comes humility and one can never loose the sense of reverence to a higher power. Of course this higher power is within us, in form of our light and we are one with it but we are governed and guided by a light that is so bright and so pure in it’s love that our bodies would spontaneously combust in it’s full presence.
The time has come for spiritual people to be powerful and humble at the same time. We need your power, the power of your light and the courage of your fearless heart.
Soul conscious humans are being called to step up and get strong! There is no more time to be wasted. The time is now to take back our beloved mother earth and all her children with reverence and free ourselves from the chains of the illusion.
We are here to walk tall and proud in our light and to handle the power of our light with reverence,
 within our own lives as well as within the global oneness.
 Let your actions and words be bold, and let the darkness quiver in the presence of your brilliant light.
It is the power of your light that will create the shifts and changes you are ready for.
But your power must be authentic, as you are humbly bowing to the light, here to work for the light, and as the light. We are all here together and only together will we rise into global peace and harmony.
Sending blessings of love and light to you and yours,

Honoring the Great Mother.


Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers and the Great Mother in all women.

We ought to worship the Mother everyday. But do we?

How often do we take our Mothers for granted and how easy is it to feel annoyed or frustrated by the woman who gave birth to us? Then again, so many have lost their Mothers and feel the lack, the loss and the deep pain of it like a gaping, dark hole in ones soul. Of course, through the light perspective we never loose anybody and our entire soul family surrounds us at all times. And since love is the vibration that communications through all dimensions, lets express our love to all Mothers, to the great Mother in all Mothers, no matter where she is materialized in this very moment.

Say, “Thank you Mother for everything that you have done for me. Thank you for Birthing me into this earthly experience. Thank you for being the vessel, who’s soul my soul knows so deeply and loves so fully. And thank you for playing out every part, every role that has caused pain at times and joy in others. Our souls are forever connected and one in our light. I am grateful for the warmth that fills my heart in this moment, the warmth of the light of love.”

I would like to take this opportunity to worship the divine Mother. I am here to celebrate and love our female face of God.

It is Mothers Day and she is the Mother of all Mothers. Lets give honor and gratitude to the balance of Mother God in perfect balance and harmony next to father God. As in the highest light of Oneness no gender specification exits, the materialization of male and female is apart of the consciousness expansion.

Mother Earth is the incarnation of our Divine Mother!

Let’s hear it for Mother Earth!

“Mother Earth, please forgive us for all the hurt and pain we are causing you as the Human race. So many still don’t know themselves – as the light that is apart of you. But so many know themselves as the light and as intimately connected with your great loving support and magnificent strength and total power. You could wipe us all out in a split second, only to illuminate the illusion of fear and pain that separated us from you in the first place, where we finally are freed into the ocean of loving light and Oneness. Thank you for allowing us to continue to rape and exploit you, all of your bounty, all of your children, all of our brothers and sisters. Thank you for renewing the air for us, as we continue to pollute and destroy your purity with unconsciousness driven by ego fear, greed and denial. Thank you Great Mother for loving us unconditionally and letting us see, feel and experience the results of our choices and actions. Thank you for allowing our mistakes. Thank you for continuously supporting and nourishing our bodies and beings with your loving wholesomeness. Thank you as you weep with us in the sorrow of the illusion and readily rejoice with us in the light of our Oneness – just as soon as us Humans choose to step into our hearts and open through the pain into the ocean loving warmth.”

I would also like to send loving healing, strength and light support to all the Mothers that are living in any kind of suppressive environments.

It is time to invoke a great influx of loving gratitude and acknowledgment to all Mothers and the Great Mother that resides within each and every one of them, and us, and you and me.

We also wish to invoke the awareness of the Great Mother within every young woman. May you know the great power, which resides within you.

May we all know the authentic empowerment that is the Great Mother within you. Feel the great love that surpasses the illusion of separation.

With love and light to you and yours,


Communicate yourself into connection.


The deepest yearning that all of us souls share is the need for love, acceptance and connection. Yet the feeling of connection often seems to disappear when communication fails, taking with it the experience of love and acceptance.

All of us know what it feels like to experience that sense of disconnect from somebody we love. We can feel that there is something that the other person isn’t sharing. We feel the energy of what is being left unsaid. Emotions are energy at their core, as we are energy. When these emotional energies do not get processed this energy remains, builds up, thickens and ultimately will disconnect the individuals from themselves.

These are the “blocks” or “walls” people refer to when they feel stuck or have a sense that something is hindering them. Unprocessed and unexpressed emotions store and they can and will weigh you down.

When things do not get spoken we can almost see the pink elephant in the room. And as the elephant grows, the other person begins to feel more distant.

Many do not feel comfortable, safe or manly enough to calmly express how they are feeling. Most of us were never taught. This means, do not take the communication shortcomings of another person personal. It’s not that they don’t want to express themselves to you, they aren’t capable of expressing themselves to anybody.

Communication is the key to all successful relationships. ALL!

I am not suggesting screaming matches or break down temper tantrums. I am speaking of calm, elegant and safe expression of emotions or feelings about situations. Only speak your words when you have calmed down to the level of honoring and respectful conversation. Expression is not about blame or shame, that’s ego, but expression is about clearing the space of energy between two or more people.

Much of the art of communication has to do with being heard.

See, as we overcome any fear of sharing ourselves, there is nothing more rewarding and loving than another person genuinely interest in hearing what and how you feel. When a person is able to listen without judgment, simply for the sake of hearing you, deep healing is possible for both sides.

There is no need to offer solution, there is no need for advice; emotions don’t need advise.

Not everybody is conscious of the importance of expression as well as of hearing and understanding what the other is experiencing. If this is the case in your life and you find yourself surrounded by the lack of expression, low confidence in communication or the absence of somebody hearing you, then you must focus on expressing to and with yourself first.

Many of us do not process our emotions properly and most of us do not acknowledge or communicate what the experience meant to us on deeper levels. I encourage self-communication because it is an easy way of understanding and releasing what lies beneath the surface of what affected you. It is important to learn how to understand your own personal emotions first.

By expressing to yourselve, without censoring, you allow for the accumulated energy to flow and possibly teach you more about what you need to learn.

Get clear on how you are feeling and what your environment is triggering within you. It may just be the dawning of change; change in scenery or change within your relationships. But as we know, it always starts with you and the more you can hear yourself with unconditional acceptance and love, the stronger you will grow to create the necessary change. Remember emotions are harmless, as long as you can keep your head out of them and just feel.

When this place of safe expression is present within any relationship, the love, the trust and the connection deepens tremendously. We feel closer to this person, we feel safe and loved. This is the feeling of connection and belonging we all yearn for on the deepest levels of our Being. It will bring closeness to both parties, the one who speaks and the one who listens. Fueling ultimate connection in our humanity.

In the end it is our emotions that make us Human. It is the fearless sharing of these energies that interconnects us with others, brings us closer and illuminates our hearts with compassion and care. Emotions aren’t bad, scary or wrong. On the contrary, emotions are powerful communication tools to learn more about our environments and ourselves. So don’t hold them back but don’t unconsciously act them out either!

They are yours and they are sacred. Take responsibility for them first and then express them freely and courageously.

Watch what will happen!

With blessings of love and light to you and yours,




Open to abundance.

Pura Vida Retreat and Spa Costa Rica

Open up to abundance.

The human race has turned away from their soul connections and essence as “plenty” and has accepted the ego as their boss and slave driver. The insatiable ego will never have enough and if need be – destroy it’s own young driven by the need to be the most powerful.

On our quest for more we have begun to destroy the very instrument that was created to supply us with all we could ever need – Earth. 

It is through our connection to Mother Earth that we receive an abundance of material prosperity, energy, strength and support. It is the Earth’s elemental force through which all of our own manifestations are born. It is her frequencies and influence that transform energy into matter and lend form to all ideas and endeavors we choose to focus on. 

Anybody who has given attention to the concept of “manifestation” generally perceives it as a co-creation with source, light, god and the field of infinite possibilities. The spiritually conscious teachers seem to have forgotten about the fact that our incarnations into human bodies must work with the earth frequencies, it’s energy and grounding in order to manifest consciously; and recognize ego, when it’s at work!

When we are not resonating with the Earth and it’s grounding energies we can feel spacey, confused, light headed, impotent, and unable to function properly in our lives. 

 If you are feeling overly fearful of lack or loss, or are scarcity minded, chances are you are not resonating with our Earth’s energy support. 

We have come here into our human bodies so we may experience the Earthly realm and the fullness of a human existence. This Earth plane is supposed to fulfill and supply our every need. But we have turned away from having plenty and are focused on not having enough instead.

It is time to shift back into an honoring and belonging connection with our Earth, so that plenty will be the experience for all it’s children again; plant, animal and human.

In opening to the bounty of Earth’s energy, you are opening to the energy of abundance and prosperity.

It is through the Earth that we eliminate excess or unwanted energies. The unwanted energies often block us from receiving and feeling peaceful.

No incarnation is a mistake or happened by accident. Every single one of us is here with great intention and purpose. No matter your story or your life’s circumstances; you must claim and accept all that is present in your life right now first, as a communication, so that you may heal, grow, evolve and strengthen from it. I invite you to use the Earth’s grounding and strengthening energies to do so and to assist you in manifesting the shifts and changes you desire. 

And since it is summer time, the perfect time to be out in nature, here are a few ideas on how to reconnect deeper.

–  Walk barefoot on grass or on the beach in the sand. Breathe deeply and slowly as you focus on your energetic connection with Mother Earth. Visualize, imagine or make belief that you are growing roots into the Earth. Feel your roots, grow them deeply and breathe into your feet. Give permission to release any unwanted or unsupportive energies and let them flow through your roots down into Mother Earth, as if your roots are your personal drain. Mother Earth is on board. She is here to support you and will recycle all the energy back around into the universe, where it will be turned back into it’s essence love and light.

–  As you are cleansed and grounded ask yourself:

“What am I looking to manifest?”

“Is what I am aiming for an ego desire or my hearts desire?”

The Earth’s grounding will assist you in recognizing which part of you is inspiring the desire!

– Simultaneously receive inward through your roots Mother Earth’s support and strength so that you may have all that you need to manifest and create from an empowered place within.

Now, while you are connecting with Mother Earth breathe and become strong in your energy. You are extension of creator, deeply rooted in Mother Earth, here to manifest consciously and freely.

– Another wonderful way to work with Mother Earth is through swimming in the ocean. Dip under water completely from head to toe, 

7 times. This will clear your chakras and energy bodies.

May your relationship and connection with Mother Earth be strong. May you receive all the support you need and may your manifestations be conscious and heart driven.

With much love and blessings of light to you and yours.



Freedom to love.


Freedom to love.

“It isn’t about who you love but how you love”, said Lennon.    

 I agree with John 100%. Who we love isn’t the issue; in the end nobody can give us permission but ourselves.  

Gay, straight or whatever other preference there may be. The issue is “how are you loving”? 

“How deep can you go?”

We know that marriage is merely a protection, which is supposed to have the outer world “accept” the desired union. For example, in the case of a tragic accident, the one partner if not of the opposite sex now finally has the right to visit their loved one in the hospital. (Sad but true in the case of an emergency, if not married, one doesn’t have the rights to visit their loved one in the hospital. Crazy huh?)

But marriage doesn’t immediately equal love, as we all know plenty of unhappy marriages.

As always the heart of the issue moves away from the outer world, direction inward. We can always love more and we can always love deeper. Love is good for our soul, it makes us happy and healthy, it clears karma, it raises our vibration… it makes us taste life. Love is the greatest flavor of life, however do we really savor this flavor called LOVE? Do we actually give ourselves permission to LOVE fully and do we even know what this feels like?

We have all learned “how to” love differently.

Some of us have learned that love hurts, that it betrays, some that love nurtures, that it abandons and others that love is critical. We already know that we replay the stories we have perceived and the patterns we have learned since childhood. Surely we can all agree, there are always deeper and purer levels to love. We can always love more!

Why wouldn’t we want to care to love more fully and more deeply? Why is it perceived as a risk by so many? 

Because we have shut down, because we have closed up or built walls so tall that they appear indestructible! 

We are afraid to get hurt again. I have a client who promised himself to never open up and “let that happen again”!

 One client said to me “I told myself, the less I feel the less I can get hurt”. 

Another said “I don’t think that I can ever trust again”.

Those are pretty big statements and hold great repercussion.

You may not realize this but when we promise ourselves “to never let that happen again” or “to never feel that again”, we give an agreement, an unwritten contract to ourselves, which will forever change the way we love. This verbal contract with ourselves is what shuts down the heart, builds up the walls and shifts us from feeling fully into intellectualizing everything.

You will want to go back in memory lane and ask yourself “what promises have I made to myself”?

So perhaps it isn’t about needing anybody to give you permission to love, but rather to free yourself from the chains of the past? It is up to you, it is your choice to free yourself so that you may love fully again!

If you are wondering about your levels of love and if you are incapable of loving deeply, you certainly want to invest some time to dig. 

It could be an ancient and deeply buried contract you made with yourself. 

Maybe you didn’t even really mean what you said at the time and have forgotten all about it.

One clue for you is to rewind life and remember the times of devastation. Remember when you cried for weeks over the loss of love. Don’t worry, you will not relive the pain but hopefully remember how you felt about the experience. 

Try to remember if in those moments of pain you gave yourself bad advice or reacted with a protective statement. 

Ask your subconscious: “what are my agreements or contracts that I have made in regard to love and the pain it caused me? 

Have I put protection mechanisms into place that are keeping me from feeling safe and open to love?”

Wait, this may take a few days, even weeks, keep asking; keep listening. Listen within, the answers as well as the communication is there. It needs you to choose it, as it takes two to tango. The answers will come, stay persistent.

Once you have your answers you now must take freedom into your own hands.

 I suggest you void all old contracts by writing them down on paper and burning them in a fire (full or new moons are a perfect time). Release the past, free yourself by proclaiming “I release you into the universe. I release you back into love and light consciousness.”

Next, you write down a new contract with yourself, one that promotes love and the feeling experience of it. One that affirms your safety in love and in feeling it.  

After all, emotions are just energy. You either let them flow through or build and strengthen them with thoughts. 

Speak this new statement out loud every day for 21 days.

I promise you things will change. You will begin to feel freer and lighter. You will feel more open yet safe in this openness.

You will feel more LOVE!

Choose love, choose your freedom to love and choose to taste life in its fullness. You deserve it and you owe it to yourself.

May you love deeply and may you love gracefully.

Blessings to you and yours.

With love and light,


Your doorway into spiritual mastery, “self-discipline”.



March 2014 Blog

“Self-discipline”, your doorway into spiritual mastery.

Discipline is an important attribute that we must learn to love.  When we hear the word “discipline,” we generally resist, rather than welcome it as a quality to be honored and embraced.  I invite you to shift your perception.   Stop thinking of discipline as hard, strenuous or something you don’t have. That’s not true; and simply a limiting belief you’ve accepted as fact.

I invite you to see discipline as beautiful and self-nourishing. Let discipline be that guiding voice that has your best in mind, that voice that cares about how you feel and what you do.  Self-sabotage, procrastination or resistance are never who you are. You must never identify with these unsupportive trades. I hear people say “I am such a procrastinator”.  No you are not!  It is something you learned to do, it is your programming but never who you are.  When you identify with limitation you get to keep it!

As you can perhaps tell, self-discipline is very closely related to self-love and self-worth, and feeds both. It is the ability to monitor yourself on every level and in every way and to lovingly nudge yourself back into better thinking, supportive words, healthier choices and trust in yourself as brilliant, exceptional and deserving of all the blessings your heart desires.

Discipline is much more than making it to the gym or sticking to your new diet.  It runs so much deeper than what you have or haven’t done.  It is your doorway into spiritual mastery.

Self-discipline connects into self-observation and self-awareness.  If your goal is self-mastery, then you must strengthen your positive experience and relationship with your personal discipline.

It really isn’t about deprivation; discipline will re-establish your balance.  Once you understand this, your appreciation for life will expand.  You will learn to enjoy and live life to the fullest in new ways.

Your life will become richer and more fulfilling when you summon the courage to follow the inner-wisdom of self-discipline.

Take a few deep breaths, and close your eyes.  Tap into your goals, your visions, your dreams.  See yourself, feel yourself personally fulfilled.

Whatever it is that you are imagining right now, know that you will grow into it. Growth is part of life and serves your highest good, so that you may expand into strength and empowerment.   Now, imagine your journey from where you are today into this image of success.

–       Where did you have to create balance and smarter choices?

–       Which areas of your personality need to be enhanced?

–       Which negative voices, thought patterns and beliefs did you have to divorce in order step into greater possibilities?

Good, take note!  Know what steps are necessary for you to grow into this image of yourself and pay attention to those times when you are not in alignment.  You will quickly realize where your personal challenges lie!

The key is to stay focused on who and how you want to be.  Then you hold yourself accountable for recreating the image experience in every life situation.  And voila… you are practicing self-discipline in the way it is meant to be practiced; with enjoyment and immediate gratification!

Each time you consciously step towards your dreams and embody them, you will feel elated and invincible.   Always remember, the light is the strongest force in existence.

Enjoy all that you deserve :).

With all my gratitude, love and support,




Love is a perspective

IMG_1746February 2014 Blog

Hello my Love Muffin.  Happy Valentine’s day!!!  If you do not have a Valentine this year, guess what – neither do I! Should that stop us from celebrating love? NO.  Love is who I am and love is who you are.

The Human experience can be challenging, because we become trapped in an illusion that can easily be perceived as a painful reality.  I have been asked lately “Why is it so hard to choose the love perspective and so easy to choose the negative perspective of victim, disempowerment and hopelessness?”  My answer is that it is not difficult to choose the love perspective, but most people aren’t used to it.  It requires learning, understanding and practice.  Our thoughts are “programmed,” and the negative perspective is often the most active programming.  One choice disconnects, separates and isolates us more from feeling love and happiness, and the other choice unites, supports and strengthens us in connecting and feeling our true self- LOVE.  It’s not that one choice is easier or harder, they are both just choices. It is a matter of what we are used to, our comfort zone and norm.

As an example, I could choose to think and say to myself:  “Oh no!  Another year without a Valentine, without having a partner to share it with.  Poor me, I am all-alone, the only human on earth, alone.  Boooo Hooooo!!!

But instead, you can choose to affirm:  “I am great!  Some years I have a Valentine, other years I don’t.  This doesn’t define me.  I choose to celebrate the true meaning of love, and I have an abundance of of love in my life.  Love for my children, for family and friends, for my purpose, love for Humanity and love for Mother Earth.  Most important, “I Love myself”.

Try it!  Recognize and acknowledge that the moment you choose to see gratefully and honor the true abundance of love in your life, the way you feel immediately changes!Of course, this technique can be used for other experiences in life. How you think directly affects the way you feel.  The moment you seek the silver lining, you open up to learning from every experience, take charge, and feel stronger, empowered and capable.

For the critical thinkers among us, this doesn’t mean we are put on rose-colored glasses and appear to be “in denial”  about reality.  I am not in denial about the fact that I have no date for Valentines day.  I however have total control over how I choose to view it.   It does mean that the ultimate goal and purpose of the Human experience is to see through the illusion of negativity and suffering.  Not only is it unsupportive, it disconnects us from our essence, which is love, possibility and brilliance.

Once we have identified our “unsupportive” programming, we may seek a new, supportive, compassionate, accepting, self-loving and self empowering perspective.  This perspective frees us from taking things personally, from holding on to the past and from holding on to attachments to expectations. It lets us see from an observer point of view Once we become an observer, we reunite with the infinite space of love and wellness we already are. To see life through the eyes and perspective of our loving and infinite selves is the life experience we all yearn for deep down.

So this Valentines Day, lets celebrate Love in whatever shape or form it may come, and be present in your life.  Wherever you are and with whoever you may be, Love the one you’re with!  See every Human Being you may come across as their essence-Love!  Give gratitude for everything you do have in your life and smile.Celebrate life, celebrate YOU!

Happy Valentines Day my friend.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Be powerful!

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Marianne Williamson said “It is not our darkness that frightens us but our light”.  You know this to be true!

Imagine yourself brighter, lighter, stronger,  authentically empowered and filled to the brim with self-esteem and self-love.  What would you do?  Or better yet, what wouldn’t you do? Who would you be if you let your true power shine?   You can see where I am getting at, yes?

Fact is, you aren’t in your full empowerment yet!  Almost nobody is! You have to grow into it, it doesn’t shift from 0 – 100 overnight.  It is a process. A big aspect of this shifting is you not being afraid of your power.  You won’t abuse it because your heart is open and you will monitor yourself. Others may disapprove, get jealous or simply feel threatened by your light but guess what, too bad!

Think of a person whom you admire, a person who is balanced in their masculine and feminine power; such power is beautiful, isn’t it.  It is attractive, magnetic and inspiring.  It is time for you to reveal your power. Find the images and feelings of how you will be, act, speak, think and how it feels to be fully open to life!  You owe it to yourself, to Humanity and to our beloved planet.

You are an extension of source, you are made in God’s like, you are infinite possibilities incarnate.  Yes, of course you are powerful beyond measure and now the time has come for you to focus on it.  Remember you are energy and what you focus on grows, it is what you feed.  So feed your light and be who you have come here to be, powerful beyond measure!

With gratitude, love and light,



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