Desired Results

The Healing experience happens within a Zen, peaceful environment in which you are able to express yourself and feel completely safe and comfortable in doing so. I will assist you in helping you find the necessary tools within you to give you strength, balance, clarity, calm and authentic empowerment. You will exceed your expectations in becoming the Human that you desire to be. I shall guide your soul into making the right choices that best suit you and your journey.

My Profession

I am a certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master,  Imagery Master and Consciousness Consultant. As a “Light Worker” I use the energy and light I hold in walking my life path to assist my clients in balancing their mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies. Additionally, I use hypnosis in conjunction to work with the subconscious to help clients to reprogram pathways that keep them from accessing their own light.

My Commitment to You & Humanity

We are all here to shine in our own individual and very special way. Each of us is great, blessed and full of purpose, and I am here to assist others in claiming their true selves. Holding unconditional “sacred space”, I create a safe and secure environment that is gentle and loving yet firm. I never withhold the truth but always deliver it gracefully. I am here to help others recognize their own light. To readily accept responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions in order to reach their highest potential.

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