The peace of mind to become still. The patience to hear within.

This is when you begin to feel the love pulsating within every fiber of your Being.

It is in silence that you hear your truth, your desires, your passion, your inner voice and guidance.

And it is only in silence that you will find your Oneness with God, Source, Universe, infinity or greater Consciousness.

Feel your heart, hear your breath, open your eyes and see inside.

You are Love, be still, be silent.

Love and Light,




  1. Strange this life
    Whenever delve more discovered is inconceivable
    Fall and burn masks falsity and hypocrisy and deception
    One fact I believe today
    No human relations free of lying
    Either the interest or etiquette
    Thin cover of the meaning of fidelity and loyalty
    Summer cloud clears away
    Sayings not really Tgi vacuum
    The people dimension bigger booty
    Even if he is behind away a lot of longing
    But taming self a hundred times better than receiving shocks
    Hash .. Silence .. Nostalgia .. Longing .. The state of alert feelings
    Cruelty of the human heart made ​​me اغترب .. Aand resist
    Made me tear down the homes of familiarity Deep down
    Burning sensations good and innocence
    Create j, me (Saber) indestructible ..
    Man of mirage
    Filled with sediment and impurities
    Do not blame them
    After mom and dad do not reproach Ali A
    Will Ashan Hanan and not to accept pity
    Sazverhm and invite them deported from global
    Is no longer tempt me life and decoration colors
    World’s eye is universal
    Does not deserve to spend time on the balconies and open windows and doors
    I’m not from this universe
    These prospects are not my horizons
    I’ll start in the era of change
    Sahtab date and time lose Ehsasy
    Sasagtk Dear universe in the old wine Cup
    And Aogl travel to the distant past
    Ice age or jaahili
    And pause on the threshold of starting configuration
    Where there are only white colors
    Soon and probably not worth

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