Love your pain!

John Lennon It's all ok

Love your pain!

Spirituality has become almost trendy and the navel perspective is the new cool.  Many people feel the calling and have a knowing that it is the direction to go in…, “why” they don’t really know but it just seems to “feel” so right.

Of course there is a great reason as to why spirituality is influencing “main stream” and the pop culture of our time.

Earth is evolving, the vibrations are rising and nothing can or will stop this consciousness evolution as this time. The sound “OM”, which is the sound that penetrates everything here on earth used to be measured at 7.83 Hz.  This was also known as Mother Earth’s heart beat.  In the recent years we have seen an increase of the earth’s frequency up to 17.00 Hz, which affects our brain waves and has humanity “wake up” as a result.

This increase is also the reason why my 12-year-old daughter says to me, “Mom, time is moving so fast, please stop it and slow it down! I don’t want for it to go by so quickly!” The earth’s frequency increase is the reason why we have been experiencing “time flying by”.

We are becoming conscious, “YAY” but the transition isn’t always easy.This consciousness shift will take us out of the suffering of the illusion into awareness of living in the dream, or being the dreamer of your own dream.  But in order for us to transition, any density will have to be released, as it cannot sustain itself within the higher frequencies.

What does this mean you might ask? This means we have to grow and evolve and life will push us into it, whether we like it or not. The density I am speaking of are your emotions and mental patterns that keep you caught up in the illusion/drama and therefore in low energy frequency.

So then what will take you out of the lower “suffering” vibration into the higher frequencies of lighthearted living?

Acceptance and love!

You already know that judgment of the “suffering experience” doesn’t produce light!

You also know that denying or escaping the “suffering experience” will only result in blaming and shaming of somebody or something.

And you also know that living in fear, worry or doubt doesn’t support your well-being.

Even though these are just a few examples of how we stay stuck in the suffering of the illusion, they certainly are “normal” knee jerk reactions we all still indulge in.  Some people even justify their suffering as if addicted to the “known”.

It is your job and responsibility to  relax with the discomfort and learn to breathe into it!Only a relaxed state of acceptance will lighten the experience and only an unconditional perspective will heal and clear the old patterns.

As you already know it isn’t about the other person or circumstance that is causing your suffering; hence the “navel perspective”. Whatever suffering arises from within you was there before the present moment, otherwise it couldn’t have gotten triggered.

The way you unhook yourself from the victim mode of the illusion “things happening to you” and shift yourself into love and acceptance of your experience is by letting the discomfort point you inward to the place within, where low vibration is ready to be lifted and raised up.

In essence this means “learn to love your pain”.

No experience is ever bad and everything happens for you, so you must follow it inside of yourself and shine the light of wisdom and compassion into the suffering patterns that stand out like a sore thumb.

You want to learn to release the judgment from within you because your soul doesn’t judge, which will bring in light.

You also must face all emotions with unconditional acceptance because only love heals.

When you let go of attaching to fear because your soul doesn’t fear, you will make tremendous space for love and light (more of your essence).

Ultimately you will learn to love everything!  You already are infinite love and light and anything other than being your true self – just won’t do!

I wish there was a magic wand or a pill that I could give to you, so that you would master the art of loving every experience with unconditional acceptance, but I don’t have either. Please know – It is this way for a specific reason. You incarnated so you would do it for yourself.   It’s your incarnation to own and become powerful in.

Only by being love and unconditional acceptance will you strengthen within!

I know, I know, it’s easier said than done…. but as always, slow and steady wins the race. Do your best and you will naturally become stronger and better at it. Spirituality doesn’t mean you will feel “blissed out” everyday, it means you are consciously working on clearing and healing your soul; it means you are lifting yourself out of the suffering cycle of the illusion, because only you can!

Blessings of love and light to you and yours,


You are the project ;)



You are the project not your projects. 😉

You are the reason for your incarnation not your accomplishments; they are second. How well you maintain yourself in your own balance, stay in your center, focus on conscious co-creation, maintain inner peace whilst experiencing challenges and the level of honor and respect you give toward yourself and all other Beings is what really matters for you in this lifetime.  In essence, how well you are expressing your innate love-self is what defines your success.

Most of us are goal-driven, focusing on what we would like to accomplish: where we want to get in life, what school we want our kids to go to, how much money we wish to save before we retire, the completion of the program we are working on, how to get through the divorce, how to get a better job …  These is all appropriate deliberations and arguably essential to modern life.

But we so easily forget or simply don’t even know that the focus wants to be you!  You want to focus on yourself as you are moving through your steps toward your accomplishments.  How you respond rather than react to any challenge or person is what really matters.  This perspective is the most important focus of your life, really.  Yes, you wish to create your life a certain way but in the end it isn’t about what you accomplish, it is about how you accomplish it.

You – the project, is here to choose wisely and your choices are meant to reflect a reverence for all life and its creations.  The goal for your incarnation is not only to choose with the highest and greatest good for all in mind but also to respond to life and its challenges with patience and acceptance.

If you do not take the challenge to be the best “You” that you can be in this lifetime, you will re-incarnate into greater pressing life situations to make yourself the “project” once again.

Look out for personal challenges because when you feel challenged/triggered you have the greatest opportunity to practice expressing yourself through the love and light choice, which will be to the highest and greatest good for all involved.  You know when you feel tempted or driven to choose in a dishonoring way, don’t you.  You know when you feel urges to choose in non-supportive ways, don’t you.  You know yourself well, of course you do, you live with yourself every day.

So you must parent yourself and shift yourself to higher ground.  You– the wise and smart you, the bigger you, the generous you, the honest you, the kind you — must lead the way into better choices that in time will become your “norm”.  Allow for the bigger you to keep an eye on the “programmed” you and lovingly and unconditionally nudge you gently when necessary.

Do not minimize yourself by allowing old and unsupportive ways to represent YOU!

Take it step by step, choice by choice into greater alignment with your true identity self – unconditional love and light being. This is the only reason for you coming here!

Your presence here on earth is meant to reflect your true identity self, love and light.  Whenever you observe yourself not being the reflection of this energy exactly, you know that you have more work to do on the main project, “YOU”.

Have fun with the project “YOU” and enjoy the ride.




One random act of kindness a day!

I was watching a movie with my 9 year old daughter the other day and the big question of the movie was: “How do I make this world a better place?”  The answer was: “One random act of kindness a day!”

My little Naya immediately suggested: “I want to do that, I want to help! Mom, let’s go pick up the garbage on the beach”, and so we did.

But then what?

“What other random acts of kindness can we do Mom?” “What’s next?”

We were thinking about it together and we felt that it could either be doing something for another Being or giving something to another Being.  We set the intention for ourselves to affect life in a positive way on a daily basis through random acts of kindness.

We all want a better world.  We all need a better world.  My daughter wants a better world!  We cannot rely on politicians to do this for us!  Nobody can do it for us but ourselves!

So if children understand the importance of making changes and the ease and grace of giving kindness randomly to Beings in need, then why can’t we adults lead by example?

We do New Years Eve resolutions and commit ourselves to becoming better versions of ourselves.  Sometimes we even stick to our resolutions.  But generally we slip back into the old rut of the comfort zone of what we know.  We mainly focus on ourselves, our own lives and goals.  We get caught up in what we don’t have yet but want or even feel we need; Thinking that “achieving” or “getting” that will make our own world better and that’s when we’ll finally be able to help make a difference.

We all know that’s not going to happen!Feb 2013 Image

So how about for this year we all commit to doing one random act of kindness a day?

How about we become better versions of ourselves by giving kindness in some way, shape or form on a daily basis?

2013 must be different and 2013 must be special.  Only we can make it special and different ourselves.

Imagine if everybody would participate in one act of random kindness a day,!?  Not once but on a daily basis, letting “doing something for another” become a new habit, a new programming.  How great would that be!?  It would have a great impact on ourselves and on our surroundings.

And it is a wonderful exercise that you can focus on with your children or grandchildren.  What a wonderful activity to live with our children and teach our children (or let them teach us).  Children are so smart and the concerns of our world bother them, they understand that help is needed.  They also understand that two little hands do make a difference.

The impact that giving has on the self is tremendous.  It opens the heart, it lightens the energy, it promotes and increases love vibration, which results in greater health, better feeling, better thinking, which then results in making better choices, better speaking…. And so on.

It is priceless and in my opinion and the New Year resolution we all need.

I am committed, I am all the way in.  As a matter of fact I have already begun, why wait ;0)))

Lets make this world a better place, one random act of kindness a day!

With Love and Light,


What you need to know about forgiveness!

You know that forgiveness is the key to freedom and to opening your heart, yes? It is often a therapeutic topic and one of the main components to healing the self.  For some reason, however, forgiveness is easier said than done.

The major barrier to one being in the heart and allowing forgiveness is of course the good old mind.  The mind has a really hard time letting go of the “I am right, that was wrong”.  The mind does not want to lose control.  The way it maintains control is by rehashing the old story of what happened and this tack of course gets involved again and again the old feeling of hurt and pain, in effect reliving the experience.  In this way, there is a tendency for one to say, “I cannot forget and therefore I cannot forgive!”

The rewind of the mind is very unfortunate because it can hold you hostage and not allow you to feel light and free to be the whole and complete Being that you are here to be.

Lingering anger and resentment to a person or situation is like an energetic cord maintaining your connection to that person or situation.  This cord not only keeps you from moving on, but it continues to be a conduit for negatively.  It locks you to the past!  It shackles you like a prisoner.   Presented with such a visual, wouldn’t you want to cut this cord and free yourself?

Since you are maintaining this energetic cord through your resentful and angry thoughts, you are playing a role and you will continue to play this role in other situations and with other people; they may look different but really, it’s the same scenario freshly packaged.  Non-forgiveness is persistent; the emotions reintroduce themselves over and over, until you break the cord!

It is important for you to know and understand that forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to agree with what happened.  It also doesn’t mean that you have to be best friends or even be in touch with the person or situation from the past!  What it does mean is that you are choosing to release the person or situation from yourself so you may move into a happy future! Releasing the need to hold on, get even, hurt, be the judge and the jury.


Make a list of all people you may have harmed as well as all people that have harmed you.  Then say to each and every situation and person inwardly, “I release you from playing this role for me, go in peace”

Now visualize the energetic cord, which has been connecting you,  and watch it spiral free as it disconnects and sets both sides free to move on.

(Repeat as many times as you feel necessary!)

If and when your mind wants to reconnect the cord and relive the old story again, use this affirmation and continue to say to yourself:

“I accept the healing power of forgiveness into my life.”

Remember, you are the boss of you.  You are the Master of your mind.  You direct your thoughts into the direction of freedom and happiness!

This will release the Karmic ties to the past and clear you to move on into a future filled with new possibilities of experiencing your authentically empowered self.  Not condoning any actions that have been committed, you simply release both parties from perpetuating them further.

You will feel it when you try it out!

The more you cut those cords the lighter and freer you will feel!


With Love and Light,


Our Religion

Happy Holidays!!!
How this time of year comes around so quickly again and again amazes me.

I would like to dedicate this month’s blog to hopefully inspire a higher level of thought or bigger picture perspective on a very touchy subject: “Religion”.

I went to a Christian Church last Sunday. As I was raised Christian by my family in the north of Germany; we weren’t particularly “religious” but we were certainly “God fearing”.

Since this last Sunday I hadn’t been to a church in decades.  I hadn’t been to a church in all this time mostly because I had found my own “Church” inside of me and have developed wonderful communication and connection with Source without having to attend a designated building.  Also, I have chosen not to be affiliated with any belief group but instead to honor them all.  In this way I feel in closer alignment to my original truth-source.

As I was sitting there in church, in the midst of many people, I could feel their despair, their struggle and pain as well as their hope and longing to belong.  Next I could see the different religions of our planet flash in front of me (my mind’s eye) with all their different traditions. This is when I remembered, that no matter the religion, tradition or heritage, we all have similar pain and struggle. No matter what part of the planet we are from, no matter which religion, belief or tradition, we all suffer the same!  We all feel!
Therefore none of us are better or worse than the next.  None of us are more or less chosen.  We are equal; we are all extensions of source equally.  Yes, we are born into different religions, traditions and cultures but neither is better or worse, more right or wrong; There is no “right way” or “the only way”.  We may have different karma, purposes and intentions for our lifetimes but our essence is the SAME!

We need to unite as people belonging to the same race, not separate from each other because of the details (religion, cultures, traditions…etc.) of how we experience this life. These “details” are simply human illusion, ego-based limiting perceptions which will keep us separate for as long as we allow ourselves to remain blinded.  We are all special in our own right, every single one of us.

Yes, there are fanatics in all walks of this life and those radical extremists could easily be judged as dark or unconscious.  Who are we to judge?
Is it our job to judge?  How about we simply observe and bring the focus back to our own selves and ask for blessings straight from Source to penetrate these Beings. “May their hearts open and may their wounds heal”.

We are all the same, we are all one and we are all here together. 

It is time to focus on acceptance, unconditional co-existence and “equality”.  And the ones of us who consider themselves “special”, “chosen” or “right” ought to take more responsibility in finding ways in which to unify rather than separate any further. 
The more conscious you are the more responsibility you hold in choosing Love and “Oneness” consciousness.

For as long as there is still “separation consciousness” present on this planet we have not completed our purpose-individually as well as globally.

To all of you conscious beings regardless of religious belief orientations: “Be the leaders in this love-choice”.

Three Fingers Point Back

There is a great saying and it goes something like this: “When you point your finger, three fingers always point back at yourself.”

Try it now and see for yourself.

This should leave an excellent visual memory imprint in your brain that, if you choose, could be an anchor or reminder whenever you begin to point a finger whether you attempt to do so mentally or physically.

Okay, so back to our journey of conscious spiritual evolution … on your ultimate voyage toward self-awareness, by definition you need to check in with yourself in order to evolve. In this case, I am here to remind you that finger pointing has it’s own self-check mechanism.

What does it really mean to point a finger? In its simplest form, finger pointing is meant to bring attention to some person or thing. This “pointing out” however very often becomes a less innocent “act” and turns into blame and judgment. If and when one is serious or conscious about his or her journey one knows that blame and judgment are “consciousness traps” and require a bigger picture perspective that certainly includes the self.

When the time arrives where you do lovingly catch yourself as you are about to judge something as ”bad”, “less than” or “blaming”, you may now make the choice to notice your three fingers pointing back at yourself.  This is wonderful opportunity for you because you are wishing to grow and evolve, to shift out of those old, outdated and boring patterns into supportive, exciting and new preferred patterns.  This is your opportunity to follow your own three fingers back to yourself and to take responsibility. TAKE A LOOK! The three fingers are wanting to tell you, “Look at yourself, this is your own journey, don’t worry about anybody else’s journey, it’s about you.”

In Germany we have a saying which after translation goes something like this, “Don’t worry about your neighbors mess, clean up your own yard first.”
Now lets say that there is nothing on your end to take responsibility for…(rare, but it does happen), at a minimum you will be proud for “catching yourself” pointing a finger and you may also now practice compassion and clarity in seeing everything instead.

Talk about a win-win solution.

Namaste  (means- I see the light in you)

Acceptance, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm


Buddhist Pema Chodron believes that there are only three emotions we want to be operating out of when engaged in anything at all — they are:

  • Acceptance
  • Enjoyment
  • Enthusiasm

Not that I am a Buddhist but I do resonate with this statement very much and for me it is important to stay connected to all the teachings. This statement is connecting into what I had spoken about in previous blogs:  that no experience is bad in its own self, because it is solely meant for your growth and that it is all about the journey.

Again, we see the word “ acceptance.“  Does this mean we need to accept all?  Yes, it does.  Remember how I was talking about accepting what is in order to create change?  Once you accept what is, you have opened into a productive and empowered way to create change. We could also look at acceptance as complete surrender.  Surrender to the Divine, God, Allah … you pick your name for the consciousness that we all are a part of.  And surrender into “what am I supposed to learn here?”

What is the opposite of acceptance?  Resistance.  Try for yourself as you are moving through life to pay attention to which state you are being or operating out of.  If it is not acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm, do your best to get there.  Especially when you are encountering something that is “negative” to you, in your experience.  Notice if you are not accepting what is.  Most likely resistance and/or fear are holding you hostage.  The key here is that fear or resistance is the worst state to operate out of.  It is completely non supportive of you, on the contrary it holds you back, slows you down, and hinders you in creating change.

Acceptance permits the flow with life, the changes that are inevitable.  When we resist, we resist life and our learning lessons.  Resistance equals pain.  And what resists, persists.  As long as you are judging the experience or making it bad (resisting) it will not change.  If the situation does change even though you were resisting it, it will come back at another time in your life when you will be better equipped to handle the situation and use it to heal yourself through learning.  Only acknowledged and learned lessons allow you to release the old and truly move forward.

Let’s do look at enjoyment and enthusiasm for a moment.  Another extreme on the other side of the scale for example would be excessive highs, obsession, lust, thrills … which are out of balance emotions.  They are ego emotions and can be just as destructive as fear, anger or judgment.  As high as you go, that is how low you will go, hence the roller coaster.  Also here wanting to look for enthusiasm or the golden middle of balanced enjoyment.

Important to remember is the fact that we can only change ourselves.  I promise you that once you realize the empowerment that conscious choice will give you, it is something that you will not want to ever undo.  It is truly a balanced, perfect state of ease and grace of being.

So Imagine a world where all Beings operate only out of these three emotions.
Acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm.  What a wonderful world we would have.

Until next time,

Love and Light,


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