Think Energy.

energy healing
Energy knowledge.
When we consider that everything is energy, including the physical body, it becomes easier to translate our daily challenges into energy knowledge.
Close your eyes after you have read this paragraph and visualize everything as energy.  Make believe you are in the last scene of the 1st Matrix movie and everything, including yourself dissolves into tiny but visible particles of atoms and nucleons.
Become aware of yourself being able to affect the energy of your own space simply by knowing that you can affect it with ease and grace, move it around, see it shift.  Play with it for a few moments.
Oh yes,
you are an energy worker.
You influence and create your energy all day long.
The energy of your personal space, which includes your physical body as well as your auric field is shaped by your thoughts, actions, words, and by how you process your emotions.
Knowing that you are fully responsible for your own energy, it helps to know that any tension, worry, fear or stress does influence your energy flow and your space negatively.
We are used to the quick fix, rushing around and aiming for the next ‘feel good’ band aid, when in truth the fast pace gets our energy bunched up
like the proverbial knickers.
We hurry out of discomfort as if the energy of discomfort will magically turn itself into rose perfumed smelling, cotton candy look a like clouds.
Picture this; you are running around all day from one meeting to the next, from one challenge to another, just in time to pick up the kids and find something to make for dinner.  What do you think happened to your energy from your entire day of rushing around and dealing with the pressures of life?
Can you see how you have dragged all of these energies with you and as you did, they were building on top of each other, getting bigger and fuller, like tumble weeds?
Can you feel these energies at the end of your day, when you feel heavy, clouded, confused, overwhelmed and fatigued?
Of course you can.
What do you think will happen with these relatively dense energies over night?  Do you think they will turn themselves back into sparkling ferry dust or do you think it will stay there in your space for the most part and continue to affect you the next day?
Exactly, of course, most of it stays.  Some energy tension will relax with a good night sleep but most density will linger.
With the new paradigm comes consciousness, which puts you in the driver seat of your energy manifestation.
You and only you have the power to care for yourself on the energetic level day in and day out.  You care for your physical body.  You cream it’s skin, wash it’s hair and brush it’s teeth.  Your energy space is just as real and just as important.
Solution action;
Take the time to breathe deeply and slowly after a high stress, high tension or overloading period of time.
Close your eyes and visualize your energy bodies moving with every deep and slow in and exhale.
Now set the conscious intention and focus on clearing and freeing your energy from any density.
As your aura begins to flow, imagine any density dissolving back into pure energy, just because you are relaxing through the deep in and exhales.
Your clue here is relaxation through the deep and conscious breath,
plus your minds will and intention to move the energy accumulation toward release. Your intention, combined with your breath will clear your energy, simply because you are the master of your space and your energy.
The conscious breath moves your energy and energy must always be in motion for ease and grace to be present.
The moment we start holding our breath, tension manifests.
 You may even visualize the energy relaxing, the density unraveling and the lightness of your being taking hold again.
You are a Light Being and you are 100% in control of your clarity and your earthly experience in it’s lightness.
Blessings to you and yours.
With love and light,

Fears are foes.

So many of us are plagued by fears.  There is the fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of snakes, fear of water, fear of germs, fear of dentist etc.

Then there are more internal and intangible fears such as fear of loss, fear of abandonment, fear of success, fear of love, fear of commitment, fear of failure, fear of public speaking, just to name a few.

Here is the most common fear of all: “Fear of the unknown”.

All these fears feel real and can be quite debilitating. The strange this is … none of these fears are actually real.

Fears result from our conditioning or programming.  They stem from past experiences and the perceptions of those events.  You were born without fears (give or take a few fears from past life time’s carry over ;0).   Essentially, you were born fearless:  free to explore and with a clean slate.

So if fears are just programming and not who you are, then why do they hold such power over us?  It is almost as if our society has deemed fears as dangerous daemons, made them out to be bigger, smarter and more powerful than we are and could ever be.  Why do we so readily accept these fears and why do we identify with them as if they are something cool and interesting to share?  Fears have become a conversation piece for entertainment.  How many times have you dramatically shared your fear of heights for example?  How many times have you accepted another failed attempt at business or relationship because of your inability to give it your all? How many times have you let a fear hold you back?

You know fears are like a bad domino trick – you allow and accept one fear, which makes accommodation for another fear, and that for another – next thing you know your pillars of confidence are collapsing uncontrollably.  Fear breeds fear, it builds upon itself.

Fears are energy suckers, they literally drain the life force out of you.


The more predominant your fear, the more it weakens you.   At the moment that you know for example that you feel the need to change something but in reality you don’t because you are too fearful of the unknown, you are a little bit weaker than the previous moment.

And all because you haven’t realized yet that you give fear its power.

Without you fear is powerless!  It needs you to feed it, to accept it, to engage it and to keep it alive.  You feed it and keep it alive with your thoughts.  You justify and even identify with your fear through your thoughts, when in truth you are not your thoughts and you are certainly not your fears (because your fears don’t exist, remember?)

When you overcome your fear and you move through it to the other side you are strengthened.  You’ve taken back your power back.  You are less self-debilitated.  You’ve freed yourself from imprisonment.

You have to want it though.  You must choose to and desire to be liberated and more empowered than ever before.  Imagine yourself fearless!  What would you do?  What wouldn’t you do?

Once you can see yourself free from your fear, you are ready! You can feel it.  You are ready to move through it.

What you want to do is lean into your fear.  Get to know it.  Realize that without your thoughts, it has no substance.  Lean into it deeper still.

Iguana picture by Britta Dubbels

Feel your resistance to it and lean into that. By moving into it you are literally taken the power out of it.  It’s like stepping into a dark, cold and scary room, once you turn the lights and the heat on you will see that there is nothing scary about the room at all.  You may even begin to like the space of the room so much that it’ll become your new favorite hang out space.  When you lean into your fears, you will realize that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.  Your fears aren’t real unless you make them real.

So be bigger than your fears, be smarter and face them fearlessly because that is who you really are.  Make it real … let your siblings, your friends,  and your colleagues know that they can change their debilitating fears as well



The Aftermath; Parent-To-Parent



As a Mother I can barely imagine the torture of losing a child.  And it is perhaps not surprising that the shocking violence in Connecticut has touched the hearts of so many, initiating an outpouring of grief on a global scale.  The impact of this shocking massacre has stirred everyone, in Oneness.  We’ve seen children from as far away as Pakistan honoring the loss, crosses lining a beach in Brazil, and candles lit in countries around the world, all creating a sense of Union.

Grieving is, indeed, what needs to happen now.  The pain must be acknowledged and felt. There is no other way.

Following an incident filled with such horror and disbelief, we search for healing and for answers.  That healing can only be found through the practice of faith.  A faith that aligns us with our higher truth; a faith that assures us of our higher purpose.  We believe “time heals,” but time may not be enough to assuage such enormous grief.  Yet we can always trust in faith to sooth the soul.

The bereaved have so many questions.  Where are they?  How are they?  Will I ever see my child again?  How do I know that she is fine?  And how can I trust in this faith — I don’t have any proof!

If there is ever a time to believe, it is now.  We must trust in the knowledge that our spirits are infinite.  This trust is not reserved exclusively for those who follow organized religion.  Shaman, medicine men, Seers, Avatars, Spiritual Teachers and Masters can’t all be wrong, can they?   We have heard over and over again from those who have left their bodies, including myself.  It is stunning how each of them describe an almost identical experience; that of the awe-inspiring light, warmth and love that awaits us on the other side.  If you need proof you can find it.  There are documentaries, books and numerous accounts of near-death experiences, and each one shares striking similarities.

When you choose faith and choose to believe that you remain connected to your Loved one, your heart stays open.  You stay connected through the love in your heart.   You can pray, talk and cry with them, trusting that they are not only listening but also loving you in return, whilst they remain in a place of warmth, love, light and happiness. You may even be able to feel them, see them in your dreams and sometimes even hear them.  There is no pain on the other side, only love.

Without faith your heart may become so overwhelmed by loss and suffering, that it closes up.  This “closing up” must be avoided for your own sake, for the sake of your loved one and for the sake of all of Humanity.  When your heart closes up you will lose connection with your loved one, and with life itself.  Closing off the heart is like giving up on life.

Faith is free of religion, faith is greater than humanity, faith is Love.

Faith is trusting that the souls passed are stirring the hearts of Human Beings all around the world.  The loss is being felt in the hearts of all, uniting us all through love.  This is clear to see.   Faith is knowing that these souls live on through a union of hearts and faith, and choosing to believe that they continue to exist in another dimension.  Faith is trusting that their lives were not wasted, but, to the contrary, that their lives were given to a higher purpose more momentous and great than we can ever perceive.

I believe that purpose is for us to wake up and raise our awareness as a community. This awareness demands we pay attention to those who are commonly labeled  “different,” “troubled,” “edgy” or “borderline.” We must share responsibility for these beings, if the community itself is ever to evolve and thrive.   Awareness demands we reach out, without judgment, without fear, willing to offer a helping hand, willing to “get involved,” willing to bridge the separation, before separation and disconnectedness once again take over and lash out.

Pray that we may all unite through love, and that we may all feel and heal each other’s pain, as One.

Pray that all souls be in peace and rest in the arms of the Angels, of God, and in the warmth of our heartfelt support.

God bless all.


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