Have you been breathing lately?  You would be surprised how often I have to remind people to breathe.  The conscious, deep and slow breath is so beneficial in so many ways.  But like anything new, it takes getting used to, no matter how beneficial.

When you slow down your breath, you slow down your mind; science is confirming this.  When you are present to your breath, you are present to yourself and your life.  Conscious breathing promotes positive, win/win, solution focused thoughts and choices.                           Your breath gives you negotiation time with yourself.

You want a quick “feel good” boost and re-center yourself?  Take 10 slow and deep breaths, slowly in and out. Focus only on your breath for 10 breaths; see if you can slow down more with every next breath…. and voila….., welcome to clarity :).

Have a glorious day.  Blessings to you and yours.



The ease and grace of being.



Isn’t it amazing how we actually have to make an effort to drop the “to do” list and to remove ourselves from the computer and phone in order to be?  And then what?  What does one do when “just being”? What does it even mean anymore?

To “be” has become a forgotten practice in our modern society. Yet it is the oldest practice used to re center oneself.

The goal of “being” is to reconnect with your core self. The outside stimulants are not who you really are and are not meant to dictate your worth.  To make time to “be” is like pressing the “restart” button.  It is time to reconnect with who you really are, away from the outside impressions of who you think you are supposed to be.

Everybody has their own way of “being”. Depending on your situation in any given moment you can be flexible and find new ways of “being”. The easiest way is to find your breath, slow it down and let go of all thoughts. If only for a few minutes, be your essence, breathe yourself free from the world and reunite with your infinite possibility self.  Freedom to BE!

“Be” as often as necessary or desired.  Enjoy 😉

With Love and Light,



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