What is Love?

Love is the only way!

What is Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day my Friends.

How could I ignore the red heart shaped candy boxes and big-eyed teddy bears in every store, and not write about Love?

We all have experienced the butterflies in our stomachs, the romantic thoughts that keep us from focusing on that work project and the deep longing to see the other person again, as soon as possible.

But this is only the so-called “Honeymoon” phase of love. It is a chemical reaction that makes us feel “in love” with a person.

The question that arises is, “Is that really love”? Or is it a temporary hormonal rush that has us wear rose-colored glasses for a few months, when we can only see the best sides of each other?

Granted, we all have the ability to put our best foot forward and we all have that charming, perfect side, where we only show ourselves in the best light possible. But then “real life” kicks in eventually and we get caught up in our fears, doubts, insecurities and our coping mechanisms that begin to cover up the purity of perfection we were so enthralled with.

So the question remains, “what is true love?”

From a spiritual perspective love is an unconditional state of acceptance. Which means that we would be able to love every part of ourselves and the other person’s parts, no matter what!

This would mean loving our fears, doubts, insecurities and coping mechanisms just the same.

As you and I know so very well, most people do not love themselves unconditionally and therefore aren’t able to love another without limitation.

Through the light lens, “love” in this earthly game, is the coming together of two souls. And it is the chemistry activated by their souls that pulls them together in form of attraction. Both souls agreed to the encounter, as nothing ever happens without our higher-self permission. And both souls are here with a mutual contract to fulfill in this lifetime.

What might that contract look like?

From the light envision, the soul contract serves both souls equally to their highest and greatest good.

No two contracts are ever alike but depending on their contract, there may be karma to repay, or good karma to receive. Often souls have unfinished business with each other that carried over from other lifetimes. There could be many different reasons as to why two souls make a contract but it most often involves a commitment to growth and often to help each other onto their highest paths.

Of course, there are those few lucky souls that have been aiming to find each other for lifetimes but kept missing or loosing each other again and again. These two souls will finally get that lifetime, where they come together and never let go again thereafter. Sometimes very happy and strong partnerships can also happen because two souls have very positive karma in the area of romantic relationship.

The rest of us are here to learn and grow our way through relationship back into love; back into true love, because it is the essence of our existence, unconditional love and acceptance.

Your soul’s goal is to allow the dynamic of relationship to be your tool to heal, grow and enlighten deeper. The mission, to find within yourself that which keeps you away from love! This means that love is work, it is a practice, it requires paying attention, it deserves your focus and commitment not only to your partner but mainly to yourself. For as long as we are in these earthly bodies we must deal with the conditioning that covers up the love and closes our hearts. This is exactly where the growth lies. We have been trained to deny, excuse or ignore our love opposing conditioning but if you are serious about love, get into the essence of it and be the unconditional acceptance that will activate your light from within. We must learn to embrace and embody our love, which means acting like it.

Therefore it isn’t so much the “in love” chemicals that describe love but rather the actions and choices you take to keep yourself out of your own way. Yielding to keep an open mind and an open heart to the exchange happening between two souls incarnate and which buttons of yours shut you down.

It is fully and completely your responsibility to practice staying open, while experiencing your earthly conditioning, nicely centered and without reaction, being your true self – love!

In the end it is the devotion to love that will shine your way into the ocean of your essence. Celebrating yourself, your partner and your relationship for the coming together of two brilliant Beings, aiming to reach their infinite existence within a human body experience.

May your Valentine be filled with love. Love for the world, love for the earth, love for yourself and love for this crazy experience called, “Human Being”.

Blessings to you and yours,


Spirituality goes mainstream.


Spirituality goes mainstream.

We are so blessed. We get to live in a time, where spirituality is the new cool and ones growth game is what inspires!

Of course, this planet needs a lot more light and healing but we are ‘doing it’ and the consciousness shift is happening.

As to anything, there are many levels and it is no different with spirituality. There is always deeper to go and it is my hearts desire to inspire this within you.

On the deeper levels, spirituality is the relationship with the divine, within and without. It is a way of life and has no exclusivity with religion or belief groups anymore. On the contrary, it is how deeply you are able to identify with the divinity within you on a day-to-day basis.

In no way is a spiritual path an escape or a guarantee for a better, easier life. Generally it gets worse before it gets better. The famous cup often times gets emptied before it will be refilled. All those old energies that do not serve our brilliance must be converted; otherwise they would continue to be in the way! In the end, however, when the clearings have been completed, the awareness has been opened and the empowerment has been found within, the experience of life will have changed forever and for the better. Why?

Because you will see clearly; you will see the most perfect orchestration at play, in your very own life and in the lives of others. Spirituality means you are open to the invisible force of light running the show, where everything happens for a reason and is meant to prepare you for the next level of strength and courage. Spirit may push us at times but it always happens from a pure place of love, with the intention of healing, illuminating, shifting and wholeness.

Spirituality is a proclamation to self on the soul level that says, “I release control and step into the unknown. I trust in my higher self and the wisdom of my soul. I surrender my ego’s will to the highest and greatest good of my soul’s plan.”

When you choose for your soul, you foresee the consequences of every choice. It means you care more about the long-term results of inner strengthening, self-worth and peace, versus the quick fix gratifications that will zap your energy and dis-empower you in the long run, always. There comes a time when nothing is more important than your self-love, self-worth and self- respect.

And let’s face it, in the end there really isn’t any choice. We may perceive this to be the planet of ‘free choice’ and we may have the freedom to choose living in denial happily ever after, but our souls will continue to push toward awakening and healing as the ultimate goal. So yes, in the end there is only one choice and that is the truth of our own identity – divinity.

Our true identity is pure light, it is grace, it is divinity. This divinity is the essence of everything in existence, it is the Oneness that modern science has been confirming for decades, it is the warmth of love and the brilliance of our eternal light. And so it is the practice of self-observation, the keen and tireless effort to dodge oneself from treating self or others as anything less than divine.

Spirituality is the ultimate alignment with your true identity, which is unconditional acceptance and love. This means that the most difficult practice of them all lies within. To witness and observe oneself with unconditional acceptance and to support oneself with the upmost love and kindness is spirituality. To re-learn feeling with acceptance, to scrutinize and deny negative thoughts and voices in ones own head, to stop all judgment perceptions and to calm down all internal reactions, unless approved by ones soul is the ultimate level of spirituality. It is the continuous detangling from attachments into radical freedom and independence from all need.

To be devoted to bettering oneself continuously and to deepen the relationship with the higher-self aspect of ones spirit is radical acceptance. From this place the relationship with the inner divine will strengthen and deepen.   As all relationships it requires attention, time, communication and presence.

Spirituality is the ultimate game and it is the ultimate goal. Not reserved for a selected few, but openly discussed at parties and over dinner. Nobody is being burned at the stake anymore either, phew! J So let’s celebrate our freedom to explore our own depth and let’s see it for 2016! “How deep can you go?”

Sending blessings of love and light to you and yours,


Conscious manifestation.

bright light

Conscious manifestation.

Thankfully we are living in a dimension where not every thought immediately manifests itself into the physical reality. Just imagine all the angry, fearful, hateful and unhappy thoughts that are being thought daily by the 7 million Humans occupying this planet, manifesting instantly.  That would be horrible.  Thankfully, we are protected by this rather “low dimension” plane called Earth, since in higher dimensional planes every thought instantaneously manifests.  So we should be grateful that we are protected from ourselves.

If you think of us as energy, we look to create a physical manifestation from the energetic blueprint of our thoughts, beliefs, dreams and wishes.  We can only manifest what we have first created on the energetic level. The energetic blueprint for our manifestations not only gets created in our own minds, but it also gets created through the words we are speaking, the actions we are taking, and the choices we are making.

Obviously, it is crucial to hold your thoughts, beliefs, words, action and choices in alignment with what you want. So then do we manifest things we don’t really want?  Yes, all the time.  Why?  Because manifestation is the language of this universe and through our conscious or unconscious manifestations we see more clearly where we may be holding onto outdated desires, beliefs or perspectives; where we still may be saying things just to say them without awareness, or acting out of old and unconscious quick fix desires.

Science is showing how emotions are very important in regard to conscious manifestation. When we operate out of lack, need or fear, again we will manifest things that aren’t what we really want; especially in the long run.  For example, if the desire for success is driven by the negative ego, one will never be happy, no matter how great the success.   If the desire for expansion is driven out of ones hearts desire is to help more Beings, any growth manifestation will result in happiness and gratitude.

Therefore it is very important to know why you want what you want.  Ask yourself, “why do I really want this?” and listen with open honesty if you are serious about your growth and positive manifestation creations.

Your heart emits frequencies tens of thousands of times stronger than the mind.  Therefore, work with your heart and use your hearts desires as your measurement for what you truly want, and listen with great reverence.  Your number #1 manifestation tool is your heart! When you align your mind with your hearts desires, life will become the joyous experience it is meant to be.

And what does it really mean to get your “wants” into alignment with your hearts desires?  It means that you are conscious and evolved enough to surrender to your highest and greatest good!  Your hearts desires will never steer you wrong because they are connected into your soul.  Your soul wants to fulfill your highest potential here and now in this lifetime.  You are your soul.  This means that any and all ego driven wants are still the stuff you must face, reevaluate, and re-choose in order to be in your highest fulfillment for this most precious of all lifetimes.





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