“To Be Present”.

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“To Be Present”.

Just a few days ago a client of mine sat across from me and wondered if “being present” meant going with what life places in front of him. He quoted the metaphor of a stream flowing in front of him and wondered out loud “Am I meant to flow with the stream and go with whatever appears in the stream”?

“Is the stream and everything in it sent by the universe?”

My client referred to a particularly shocking and unexpected temptation, where a complete stranger offered spontaneous sex to him.

I must say that I was surprised at his confusion, as it never occurred to me to clarify this concept. Then again, everybody has their own definition of what it means “to be present”.           I immediately felt inspired to share my definition of “being present” with you.

Yes, the universe sends the stream and everything in it for us to work with. BUT, this does not mean that you have to/want to engage everything that is in it! There may very well be challenges and tests in the stream for you, just as there are opportunities and guidance within it. This is “why” we want to be present, because “being present” means to be conscious, to pay attention, to be aware! We are meant to be selective and conscious over the choices in front of us.

The goal is to be in sufficient self-control as this is where and when the growth and strengthening will occur.

The earthly experience is an unconscious journey for many and to run on automatic pilot is exactly what a spiritual practice will shift. Everything happens for us, always, and we are in constant communication with the universe, if we only become present to it.

We are meant to practice discernment; discernment between all choices within the stream. Of course no choice is good or bad from a spiritual perspective. However, only if the choice is a conscious choice and in alignment with one’s personal agreements and intentions for oneself, will the choice affect one positively.

When something comes along that triggers you mentally, physically or emotionally it is important to stay present to yourself and your inner workings.

Challenges and tests are wonderful opportunity for practice. This is when we get to observe our inner buttons being pushed and which ones. Being present to oneself is the most important practice on the path of growth and healing. My client for example was able to observe his inner “addict” reacting. Thankfully for him, he declined the strangers offer “to go and have sex”. What he was able to observe was the voice of this aspect of him that he had known all his life. It was the old, insatiable and addictive voice in him, fueled by the negative ego.

In the past, this voice would have easily moved him in his unconscious state toward doing something he would regret, as he is a happily married man. This time however, even though in hindsight still questioning his choice, he stayed present to himself and made a conscious decision to honor his personal empowerment, self-respect and commitment to himself. Bravo!!!

Now you may understand why I felt surprised at his confusion. He and I had discussed the energetic consequences of going against one’s conscious choice in an unconscious state plenty of times but it did show to me the power of an old and all too familiar voice.

Being present is a gift to yourself and to your loved ones. Everybody deserves your undivided attention, including yourself. This can only happen when you are aware of your breath and conscious of being present.

In today’s society, the level of distraction is outrageous. Life’s demands can be overwhelming and that stream seems to be rushing by faster and faster than ever before.

We are not separate from the universe or anything that surrounds us. To be present allows for a greater sense of connection with our environment as well as our individual alignment with our highest intentions for ourselves. The choices we engage matter as they affect our psyche and our energy. Our energy may lighten as a positive result or tighten, become denser and heavier as a negative result. This directly affects our state of well-being and quality of life.

Use your breath my dear friends. When you are consciously breathing deeply and slowly you can only be present to life, to yourself and every choice on every level and in every way.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Blessings of love and light to you and yours.


Your precious time. Make it count!


“Your precious Time”, spend it wisely!

A new year is always the opening for a new beginning, or for new beginnings.

As I was resonating about this blog and what to share with you, my guidance kept bringing me back to the concept of time as well as the importance of time. Also, this blog will be different in that I won’t tell (advise) you what to do but instead I will share what I will do in 2015!

Time is so precious! It is the one thing I can never get back!

I have been thinking about time a lot lately. Surely this has been influenced by many factors such as friends passing suddenly, time seemingly flying by and realizing that almost half of my lifetime is over!

I am quite happy with where and how I have spent my life’s time so far. But it is time to get even more into alignment with the force and to streamline myself further still. No more hanging out in relationships that are unsupportive, no more wasting time with fear indulgence and no more taking a single second for granted I say!

With 2015 opening up new doors of possibility I am committed to becoming even more present to the glory that my human experience holds.  Every minute is a miracle and where I put my time does matter! It’s all about conscious choice and for this New Year I am intending to choose my time involvements wisely.  Of course the healthy balance between enjoying my time as a Human Being, being a mother and devoting myself to my purpose, is the key.

So what are the changes I am looking to integrate into my life you may ask?

Here they are:

First: Time is my most valuable commodity and I will be even more selective and conscious about how I am going to spend it.

Second: I will trust my “feelings” or “gut” without a doubt so that however I choose to spend my time will make me feel good about myself and happy.

Third: I will stop resisting any and all change or discomfort, so that I may flow with the universe harmoniously.

Fourth: I will let go of all that which doesn’t serve me anymore, this includes people, places and things.

Fifth: I am fearlessly allowing myself to be, do and express my creativity and truth.

Sixth: I will make more conscious time to nurture, love and recharge myself.

Seventh:  I will find ways to make time work for me (like being present) and become more efficient in manifesting my visions onto this earthly realm.

How’s that for making time for time? J  Let’s not forget that time really is an illusion and doesn’t exist outside of our earth dimension.  So let’s become time Ninjas together and lets streamline our energy consciously toward what we are looking to grow, nurture and feed!

So if you are feeling inspired to manage your time more consciously, keep me posted. Send me an email at Britta@BrittaDubbels.com

There is always room for greater improvement and all challenges are relative. So don’t be shy!

Let’s make time count so that when the buzzer goes off we feel proud about how we’ve spent our divinely given time.

Blessings to all Beings.

May 2015 bring the positive change this world needs.

With Love and Light,


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