Spirituality goes mainstream.


Spirituality goes mainstream.

We are so blessed. We get to live in a time, where spirituality is the new cool and ones growth game is what inspires!

Of course, this planet needs a lot more light and healing but we are ‘doing it’ and the consciousness shift is happening.

As to anything, there are many levels and it is no different with spirituality. There is always deeper to go and it is my hearts desire to inspire this within you.

On the deeper levels, spirituality is the relationship with the divine, within and without. It is a way of life and has no exclusivity with religion or belief groups anymore. On the contrary, it is how deeply you are able to identify with the divinity within you on a day-to-day basis.

In no way is a spiritual path an escape or a guarantee for a better, easier life. Generally it gets worse before it gets better. The famous cup often times gets emptied before it will be refilled. All those old energies that do not serve our brilliance must be converted; otherwise they would continue to be in the way! In the end, however, when the clearings have been completed, the awareness has been opened and the empowerment has been found within, the experience of life will have changed forever and for the better. Why?

Because you will see clearly; you will see the most perfect orchestration at play, in your very own life and in the lives of others. Spirituality means you are open to the invisible force of light running the show, where everything happens for a reason and is meant to prepare you for the next level of strength and courage. Spirit may push us at times but it always happens from a pure place of love, with the intention of healing, illuminating, shifting and wholeness.

Spirituality is a proclamation to self on the soul level that says, “I release control and step into the unknown. I trust in my higher self and the wisdom of my soul. I surrender my ego’s will to the highest and greatest good of my soul’s plan.”

When you choose for your soul, you foresee the consequences of every choice. It means you care more about the long-term results of inner strengthening, self-worth and peace, versus the quick fix gratifications that will zap your energy and dis-empower you in the long run, always. There comes a time when nothing is more important than your self-love, self-worth and self- respect.

And let’s face it, in the end there really isn’t any choice. We may perceive this to be the planet of ‘free choice’ and we may have the freedom to choose living in denial happily ever after, but our souls will continue to push toward awakening and healing as the ultimate goal. So yes, in the end there is only one choice and that is the truth of our own identity – divinity.

Our true identity is pure light, it is grace, it is divinity. This divinity is the essence of everything in existence, it is the Oneness that modern science has been confirming for decades, it is the warmth of love and the brilliance of our eternal light. And so it is the practice of self-observation, the keen and tireless effort to dodge oneself from treating self or others as anything less than divine.

Spirituality is the ultimate alignment with your true identity, which is unconditional acceptance and love. This means that the most difficult practice of them all lies within. To witness and observe oneself with unconditional acceptance and to support oneself with the upmost love and kindness is spirituality. To re-learn feeling with acceptance, to scrutinize and deny negative thoughts and voices in ones own head, to stop all judgment perceptions and to calm down all internal reactions, unless approved by ones soul is the ultimate level of spirituality. It is the continuous detangling from attachments into radical freedom and independence from all need.

To be devoted to bettering oneself continuously and to deepen the relationship with the higher-self aspect of ones spirit is radical acceptance. From this place the relationship with the inner divine will strengthen and deepen.   As all relationships it requires attention, time, communication and presence.

Spirituality is the ultimate game and it is the ultimate goal. Not reserved for a selected few, but openly discussed at parties and over dinner. Nobody is being burned at the stake anymore either, phew! J So let’s celebrate our freedom to explore our own depth and let’s see it for 2016! “How deep can you go?”

Sending blessings of love and light to you and yours,


Communicate yourself into connection.


The deepest yearning that all of us souls share is the need for love, acceptance and connection. Yet the feeling of connection often seems to disappear when communication fails, taking with it the experience of love and acceptance.

All of us know what it feels like to experience that sense of disconnect from somebody we love. We can feel that there is something that the other person isn’t sharing. We feel the energy of what is being left unsaid. Emotions are energy at their core, as we are energy. When these emotional energies do not get processed this energy remains, builds up, thickens and ultimately will disconnect the individuals from themselves.

These are the “blocks” or “walls” people refer to when they feel stuck or have a sense that something is hindering them. Unprocessed and unexpressed emotions store and they can and will weigh you down.

When things do not get spoken we can almost see the pink elephant in the room. And as the elephant grows, the other person begins to feel more distant.

Many do not feel comfortable, safe or manly enough to calmly express how they are feeling. Most of us were never taught. This means, do not take the communication shortcomings of another person personal. It’s not that they don’t want to express themselves to you, they aren’t capable of expressing themselves to anybody.

Communication is the key to all successful relationships. ALL!

I am not suggesting screaming matches or break down temper tantrums. I am speaking of calm, elegant and safe expression of emotions or feelings about situations. Only speak your words when you have calmed down to the level of honoring and respectful conversation. Expression is not about blame or shame, that’s ego, but expression is about clearing the space of energy between two or more people.

Much of the art of communication has to do with being heard.

See, as we overcome any fear of sharing ourselves, there is nothing more rewarding and loving than another person genuinely interest in hearing what and how you feel. When a person is able to listen without judgment, simply for the sake of hearing you, deep healing is possible for both sides.

There is no need to offer solution, there is no need for advice; emotions don’t need advise.

Not everybody is conscious of the importance of expression as well as of hearing and understanding what the other is experiencing. If this is the case in your life and you find yourself surrounded by the lack of expression, low confidence in communication or the absence of somebody hearing you, then you must focus on expressing to and with yourself first.

Many of us do not process our emotions properly and most of us do not acknowledge or communicate what the experience meant to us on deeper levels. I encourage self-communication because it is an easy way of understanding and releasing what lies beneath the surface of what affected you. It is important to learn how to understand your own personal emotions first.

By expressing to yourselve, without censoring, you allow for the accumulated energy to flow and possibly teach you more about what you need to learn.

Get clear on how you are feeling and what your environment is triggering within you. It may just be the dawning of change; change in scenery or change within your relationships. But as we know, it always starts with you and the more you can hear yourself with unconditional acceptance and love, the stronger you will grow to create the necessary change. Remember emotions are harmless, as long as you can keep your head out of them and just feel.

When this place of safe expression is present within any relationship, the love, the trust and the connection deepens tremendously. We feel closer to this person, we feel safe and loved. This is the feeling of connection and belonging we all yearn for on the deepest levels of our Being. It will bring closeness to both parties, the one who speaks and the one who listens. Fueling ultimate connection in our humanity.

In the end it is our emotions that make us Human. It is the fearless sharing of these energies that interconnects us with others, brings us closer and illuminates our hearts with compassion and care. Emotions aren’t bad, scary or wrong. On the contrary, emotions are powerful communication tools to learn more about our environments and ourselves. So don’t hold them back but don’t unconsciously act them out either!

They are yours and they are sacred. Take responsibility for them first and then express them freely and courageously.

Watch what will happen!

With blessings of love and light to you and yours,




Understanding Forgiveness.


Understanding forgiveness.

I hear people say things like “forgiveness is overrated”, “why should I forgive that person” or “I am not ready yet”.

Most people have a misperception about forgiveness.

1) Some think that forgiving somebody will mean, they now condone what happened and that it is for the benefit of the other person, to relieve their guilt.

2) Others think that forgiving somebody must be the highest form of unconditional love and therefore if you truly forgive – you now should be able to be/spend time with this person again.

3) Then there are those who think that “to forgive is to forget” and all is just fine and dandy again.

None of the above is accurate!

1) Forgiveness NEVER means that you will condone what happened.  It isn’t about righting the wrong or having to bend over, not at all.  You never betray your truth!

Plus it really isn’t meant to benefit anybody else but YOU!      It’s not for the other person!

2) If and when you do forgive somebody, you may never ever see this person again, and that is ok.  Forgiveness is NOT about the other person and it doesn’t mean you have to be “bff’s” again.  One could actually consider it being a self-ish act, since the purpose is to free yourself from the other person by letting go of your own attachments!

3) If indeed this person is very close to you and you choose to forgive in order to keep the relationship intact, you cannot sweep it under the proverbial rug.

There is no “forgiveness button”. There is no timeline and there are no set rules.  It is not a “one time” action and there is no “quick fix” either. Forgiveness is a process that can take time and certainly requires repetition.  It is a choice that you must make to free yourself from the pain of the past; in other words, to keep “it” from marinating you in the suffering.

Forgiveness means there is always an abuser role and a victim role present.  Both require forgiveness.  Forgiveness will always include self-forgiveness, as, whether you like it or not, it always takes two to tango.  Perhaps you were the abuser, perhaps the victim.  Neither experience is positive nor is worth holding onto! Both are driven by fear!

True, it doesn’t change the past or what happened but it is the only way for you to move forward freely.

Everything is energy. We replay the mental story of what happened from our perspective as well as the emotional experience of how it made us feel. If you keep the story alive in your mind by engaging the old thoughts and voices, you are keeping yourself attached to the other person and the situation through energetic cords. These cords are the reason we want to aim for forgiveness… .

AND self-forgiveness will increase your awareness about yourself. As you recognize your – abuser or victim- aspects, you will change your behavior through change of action!!  You are taking responsibility for the victim or abuser – you.  This means as you forgive yourself through awareness you also set yourself free from the old pattern within and give yourself the permission to choose anew!

This is why forgiveness is hard and not for the weak of heart.  It takes gusto to take responsibility for your own patterns. Good/bad doesn’t matter, patterns are patterns and energy.

Imagine yourself reliving the story of your past in your mind over and over again.  Mostly when you are feeling particularly tired, sad, angry, weak and triggered by a similar experience that feels just like what happened in the past.  Not only are you staying in your story but what is even worse, you are unknowingly holding onto the other person through the energetic cords that connect you both!  Think about that! How many people are you holding onto? Imagine the weight! Imagine the energy it takes to maintain these cords!

You must break the cycle! It will not only change your programming and patterns but also disconnect your energetic cords and connections to the other(s).

How to forgive:

Whenever you feel the old emotions you breathe and stop the thought patterns from hooking you. Visualize the person that is under your mental attack. Then say out loud:

“I release you from playing this role for me.  Go in peace.

I release you!”

Simultaneously visualize the energetic cord getting cut on your end as you say “I release you”, leaving you free to be you and clearing the karma between you and the other.

This process must become your inner, private practice to repeat whenever you are feeling resentment toward another!

How about self-forgiveness?

When you witness yourself mentally blaming or shaming another, you are being the abuser.

If you are witnessing yourself blaming and shaming yourself, you are being the victim.

This may vacillate, as most of us have both patterns within.

Here you follow a similar process.  Breathe and feel through the emotions these thoughts or voices activated.

Remember; you have to feel it to heal it!

Now you say to yourself: “I forgive me (say your name) for playing this role”. “I am not this role”. “I free me from playing this role. “  “I am open to choosing a better role for myself!”

See, forgiveness is a mental practice; it is a mental act.  Whenever you are blaming, shaming and feeding resentment you want to pay attention. It is your cue to pivot and release.

If this particular person is in your life you certainly want to find the time and place for communication, for solution focused conversation and clarity.  This will give you the position to choose this person anew or change the dynamics. You are in charge, you are in control of your peace and self respect!

Don’t leave it to anybody else. Take it! Own it! Claim it!

Slowly but surely you will free yourself from the lack of love and the stories of lack from your past.  This will free you to move forward into a bright and joyous future because only when you are free, can you create anew!

Forgive as much and as often as you can.  It will clear your energy and open your heart. Creating your reality your way!

With much love and blessings of light to you and yours.


The Sound Of Music (August Blog)


Lately, I have become fascinated by sound.  A few weeks ago I organized a sound healing event for my friend, Tim The, a yoga teacher and shamanic sound healing facilitator who was visiting from Sedona.  When I first worked with Tim, I had an out of body experience!   This time — at our June event —  the sensations I felt as I surrendered to the sounds of all the instruments were different, but just as incredible.  I was experiencing movement within my body, but I wasn’t moving.  It was as if an invisible force was adjusting and shifting my physical body, yet I was laying as still as possible, simply observing and occasionally smiling.

Tim informed us that sound penetrates density with ease.  By “density” he meant the physical body, which is a highly dense manifestation of energy.

Of course, you know how music affects your mood.  The right musical tune can give you an energy boost like nothing else.  Music can lift your spirit, move your emotions, and give you courage.  It can activate your sexy side, your melancholy side, or your superhero side.

Can you believe that there is music within you?

Your voice is a magical musical instrument.  It carries vibration.  You may know that words carry vibration as well.  Here are some tips for “fine-tuning” (pun intended!)  yourself more consciously.  I’m also gifting you a crystal bowl mind clearing activation as a sample from my new program, “Light – Power – Action”.

*** The more consistently you speak your truth, the faster and more powerful your vibration becomes.  Speaking your truth assists the throat chakra to be open and clear, enabling you to speak from your highest wisdom.

*** Expressing your emotions in a calm and collected fashion also holds a very powerful vibration.  It’s as if you give your emotions a voice.  Every emotion can be shared and finds release when spoken from the heart in a calm manner.

*** Use your voice to speak your hearts desires out into the world.  It will create a resonance throughout your body, in your energy field and external environment.

Footnote:  It is important to see everything and also to express your feelings and truth.  Not everybody will always welcome your truth or what you have to share, especially if it isn’t what they want to hear.  That is OK.  It won’t affect your vibration negatively.  On the contrary, it will free you into stronger and lighter states of empowerment!

Use your voice consciously, and celebrate yourself through your sacred sounds.  Know that the words you speak are never “just words.”  Words hold tremendous power; the power to affect change, movement, emotion and connection with their vibration. Choose the place from which you create your words wisely.   There’s always time to pause and take a breath.  Communicate from a calm place.

Make music with your voice that will move you, inspire you, strengthen you, and build you into a fine-tuned instrument for the light.

As promised, here is the audio:



The quartz crystal singing bowl I am using in this audio is an A# note and stimulates the pineal gland as well as assists in clearing the mind.  As you know, clearing and mastering your mind is the most important practice for you to take on. Listen to this recording as often as possible, for instance first thing in the morning, on your way to work, on your lunch break, after work or before bed. It is only  7 minutes 40 seconds long.  Use it as a reset for yourself or as your daily meditation. However it fits you!







Have you been breathing lately?  You would be surprised how often I have to remind people to breathe.  The conscious, deep and slow breath is so beneficial in so many ways.  But like anything new, it takes getting used to, no matter how beneficial.

When you slow down your breath, you slow down your mind; science is confirming this.  When you are present to your breath, you are present to yourself and your life.  Conscious breathing promotes positive, win/win, solution focused thoughts and choices.                           Your breath gives you negotiation time with yourself.

You want a quick “feel good” boost and re-center yourself?  Take 10 slow and deep breaths, slowly in and out. Focus only on your breath for 10 breaths; see if you can slow down more with every next breath…. and voila….., welcome to clarity :).

Have a glorious day.  Blessings to you and yours.



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