Think Energy.

energy healing
Energy knowledge.
When we consider that everything is energy, including the physical body, it becomes easier to translate our daily challenges into energy knowledge.
Close your eyes after you have read this paragraph and visualize everything as energy.  Make believe you are in the last scene of the 1st Matrix movie and everything, including yourself dissolves into tiny but visible particles of atoms and nucleons.
Become aware of yourself being able to affect the energy of your own space simply by knowing that you can affect it with ease and grace, move it around, see it shift.  Play with it for a few moments.
Oh yes,
you are an energy worker.
You influence and create your energy all day long.
The energy of your personal space, which includes your physical body as well as your auric field is shaped by your thoughts, actions, words, and by how you process your emotions.
Knowing that you are fully responsible for your own energy, it helps to know that any tension, worry, fear or stress does influence your energy flow and your space negatively.
We are used to the quick fix, rushing around and aiming for the next ‘feel good’ band aid, when in truth the fast pace gets our energy bunched up
like the proverbial knickers.
We hurry out of discomfort as if the energy of discomfort will magically turn itself into rose perfumed smelling, cotton candy look a like clouds.
Picture this; you are running around all day from one meeting to the next, from one challenge to another, just in time to pick up the kids and find something to make for dinner.  What do you think happened to your energy from your entire day of rushing around and dealing with the pressures of life?
Can you see how you have dragged all of these energies with you and as you did, they were building on top of each other, getting bigger and fuller, like tumble weeds?
Can you feel these energies at the end of your day, when you feel heavy, clouded, confused, overwhelmed and fatigued?
Of course you can.
What do you think will happen with these relatively dense energies over night?  Do you think they will turn themselves back into sparkling ferry dust or do you think it will stay there in your space for the most part and continue to affect you the next day?
Exactly, of course, most of it stays.  Some energy tension will relax with a good night sleep but most density will linger.
With the new paradigm comes consciousness, which puts you in the driver seat of your energy manifestation.
You and only you have the power to care for yourself on the energetic level day in and day out.  You care for your physical body.  You cream it’s skin, wash it’s hair and brush it’s teeth.  Your energy space is just as real and just as important.
Solution action;
Take the time to breathe deeply and slowly after a high stress, high tension or overloading period of time.
Close your eyes and visualize your energy bodies moving with every deep and slow in and exhale.
Now set the conscious intention and focus on clearing and freeing your energy from any density.
As your aura begins to flow, imagine any density dissolving back into pure energy, just because you are relaxing through the deep in and exhales.
Your clue here is relaxation through the deep and conscious breath,
plus your minds will and intention to move the energy accumulation toward release. Your intention, combined with your breath will clear your energy, simply because you are the master of your space and your energy.
The conscious breath moves your energy and energy must always be in motion for ease and grace to be present.
The moment we start holding our breath, tension manifests.
 You may even visualize the energy relaxing, the density unraveling and the lightness of your being taking hold again.
You are a Light Being and you are 100% in control of your clarity and your earthly experience in it’s lightness.
Blessings to you and yours.
With love and light,

The Sound Of Music (August Blog)


Lately, I have become fascinated by sound.  A few weeks ago I organized a sound healing event for my friend, Tim The, a yoga teacher and shamanic sound healing facilitator who was visiting from Sedona.  When I first worked with Tim, I had an out of body experience!   This time — at our June event —  the sensations I felt as I surrendered to the sounds of all the instruments were different, but just as incredible.  I was experiencing movement within my body, but I wasn’t moving.  It was as if an invisible force was adjusting and shifting my physical body, yet I was laying as still as possible, simply observing and occasionally smiling.

Tim informed us that sound penetrates density with ease.  By “density” he meant the physical body, which is a highly dense manifestation of energy.

Of course, you know how music affects your mood.  The right musical tune can give you an energy boost like nothing else.  Music can lift your spirit, move your emotions, and give you courage.  It can activate your sexy side, your melancholy side, or your superhero side.

Can you believe that there is music within you?

Your voice is a magical musical instrument.  It carries vibration.  You may know that words carry vibration as well.  Here are some tips for “fine-tuning” (pun intended!)  yourself more consciously.  I’m also gifting you a crystal bowl mind clearing activation as a sample from my new program, “Light – Power – Action”.

*** The more consistently you speak your truth, the faster and more powerful your vibration becomes.  Speaking your truth assists the throat chakra to be open and clear, enabling you to speak from your highest wisdom.

*** Expressing your emotions in a calm and collected fashion also holds a very powerful vibration.  It’s as if you give your emotions a voice.  Every emotion can be shared and finds release when spoken from the heart in a calm manner.

*** Use your voice to speak your hearts desires out into the world.  It will create a resonance throughout your body, in your energy field and external environment.

Footnote:  It is important to see everything and also to express your feelings and truth.  Not everybody will always welcome your truth or what you have to share, especially if it isn’t what they want to hear.  That is OK.  It won’t affect your vibration negatively.  On the contrary, it will free you into stronger and lighter states of empowerment!

Use your voice consciously, and celebrate yourself through your sacred sounds.  Know that the words you speak are never “just words.”  Words hold tremendous power; the power to affect change, movement, emotion and connection with their vibration. Choose the place from which you create your words wisely.   There’s always time to pause and take a breath.  Communicate from a calm place.

Make music with your voice that will move you, inspire you, strengthen you, and build you into a fine-tuned instrument for the light.

As promised, here is the audio:



The quartz crystal singing bowl I am using in this audio is an A# note and stimulates the pineal gland as well as assists in clearing the mind.  As you know, clearing and mastering your mind is the most important practice for you to take on. Listen to this recording as often as possible, for instance first thing in the morning, on your way to work, on your lunch break, after work or before bed. It is only  7 minutes 40 seconds long.  Use it as a reset for yourself or as your daily meditation. However it fits you!




Your purpose happens now.



The latest spiritual craze has been about “manifesting your purpose”.  Humans are awakening to the desire to be and feel of purpose.  This is a great development, except for the fact that it adds unnecessary pressure.

Where you’ll go, that’s where you’ll be.  So regardless of what you are actually “doing”, you will be subject to your personal life’s lessons. Lets not forget that it isn’t all about what you do but how you do it.

The truth is that we all have higher callings. We evolve into these callings and they may shift and change as we grow into them.   These callings will find us when we are ready.  We do not need to wreck our brains to figure out what we are “supposed to be doing”.  This energy can actually be quite misleading.

In essence we are in our purpose in every moment of every day.  Every time we remember to breathe slowly and deeply, when we give a smile or a random act of kindness, when we open our hearts to love and forgiveness, when we focus on possibilities and follow our guidance we will naturally and intuitively be led into our next place in life.

As you know, life unfolds in its own time and space :).  Flow with life and allow for every moment to be meaningful.  This way you will be prepared and guided into the highest and greatest experiences your soul has already laid out for you.  And by allowing for every moment to be of purpose you are already living the greatest one, life!

Thank you for joining me. Have a glorious day.

Blessings, Britta

Relocation Therapy. A Blog inspired by Ken Torrino for Douglas Elliman


Relocation Therapy.

Change is always opportunity.

To reinvent oneself is a sign of intelligence. Studies show that Harvard graduates reinvent themselves an average of 3 times throughout their lifetime.
We don’t need to be Harvard graduates to know that life presents itself through cycles. As life changes so do we, and as we change so does life.
From a spiritual perspective nothing is as certain as change. In fact it is the only constant.

This is not a one size fits all universe. Thankfully. Homes and apartments are as vastly individual as we are as humans. Some even say that homes and apartments have their own characters, feelings, memories and energies.
As we change and as our lives change, our needs and requirements for living space changes. We find new matches to our changing energies.

The key to all of this changing is to go with it; to flow with it. This is when the experience of moving becomes positive and highly therapeutic. Science is confirming that we are energy and energy must be flowing and in motion. When energy becomes stagnant or stands still we turn unhappy and frustrated.

Therefore to flow with the changes of life and to move into a new environment is always opportunity for expansion, growth, healing and renewal. What can be better than accepting and embracing a new chapter of ones life and to express that newness by putting it into a new living space.

Life is what we make of it. How we perceive life situations and circumstances is what we will experience.

One clear trend I have been able to observe is the desire to live in nature. More and more city folks are seeking healthier lifestyles and connection with the peace and serenity nature gives us.
From a spiritual perspective nature living is much healthier. Living in a large city compresses the aura, which is the space surrounding the physical body. Everybody has an aura, which is filled with energy.
In the city this aura is subject to tons of unwanted and stressed energies. Close living quarters and the energy overload coming from riding on the crowded subway, walking down a busy and fast paced sidewalk or working in a large office with small personal space are examples on how the aura gets compressed and crowded with other people’s energy.
Being in the country and taking walks through nature clears and releases the aura from the density and stress accumulated. Mother nature assists in expanding the aura and energizing it. More and more people are beginning to feel this difference and are simply making to “feel good” a priority in their lives; hence moving outside of the city into suburbs or even deeper into the countryside.

Then again depending on where you are at in your life cycle, it may be time to pick it up a few notches and get back into the swing of things.
This is when relocation to a denser population situation is the right step for you. Perhaps your life has changed to where you want to have easier and faster access to friends, family, life, socialization and culture.
Maybe you are ready to get busy, be busy and enjoy a fast paced life again. This is when your aura will adjust to a more compressed state and will thrive within this denser but faster energy flow for as long as it makes you feel good and remains exciting to you.
It is always helpful to have a nature escape location when living in the city.

Your attitude is your altitude in all things of life. To pack up your belongings and to move into a new beginning may seem scary to many people. It is however the most potent and exciting time, filled with new possibilities. Embracing change is you saying “Yes” to uplifting yourself into a power position of trusting the flow of life and choosing your perspectives into higher grounds.

This Blog was inspired by Ken Torrino, for Douglas Elliman real estate,

Until next time and thank you for joining me again.
Blessings, Love and Light to you and yours,

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