You are a multifaceted Being.  You are a spiral; there is nothing linear about you.  Imagine yourself in energetic form, expanding as a beautiful spiral into endlessly evolving wisdom.

This ever-expanding spiral signals your personal growth and evolution.  Evolution is cyclical, and cycles govern all facets of life.  As you evolve and grow, with each cycle we aspire to become wiser and make better choices.  In order to choose a “higher way,” it helps to know which part of the cycle you are in!  Various areas of your life may be at different stages of change and maturity.

Small cycles bring quick change, fleeting experiences and shifts into your life.  They go as quickly as they come. Large cycles rework, unearth and transform you and your life in massive, transformative ways.  For example, if you are building a new business, this is a large cycle of expansion.  It will take considerable time to build and grow, but the rewards will be substantial and sustainable.

Visualize large field, lush and green, stretching out before you. The field symbolizes your business.  First, you ready the earth  for planting.  You loosen it up, add fertilizers, and tend to the field with water and love.  This is the time you are developing your business idea, taking classes, writing the business plan and perhaps enrolling supporters or investors.

Next comes the planting stage of your endeavor.  You are clear on which plants you are looking to grow. You buy the seeds and get busy embedding these seeds of hope into your field with great intention.

You are signing the lease, buying equipment, and perhaps hiring help.

The next phase is probably the most challenging phase for all!

You wait.  The greater the endeavor, the longer the period of gestation. This is the nurturing phase.  You see the seedlings sprouting.  Small and fragile, your plants are beginning to reach through the earth aiming toward the sun. You water your seedlings; you feed and protect them from predators and bad weather as best as you can.

This nurturing phase could take years, depending on the scope of your enterprise.   This is the time to grow.  As without, so within.  You will be forced to dig deep to find patience, willpower, stamina, and all kinds of inner resources to see this phase through.  There are no shortcuts. You cannot force the growth of your plants.  They grow at their own speed.  Of course, the more focused your attention, the more beautiful and strong your plants will grow.

Finally, the harvest has arrived!  Your plants are gorgeous, thick, juicy, healthy and ripe.  All the worries, the what if’s, and doubts are left behind. You didn’t give up, and stayed strong even on days when you thought you may never get to see your dream manifest. You stayed the course, unwavering, and matured into a more fearless, grounded and empowered Being through this waiting period. You matured!

Once harvest is complete it’s time to rest, take inventory, extend gratitude — and celebrate!  Take time to savor and ACKNOWLEDGE your growth, because from this growth will spring a yet greater cycle of expansion.  This growth involves new plants, new employees, and greater responsibility.  The moral is to enjoy each phase of every cycle.  The more you are able to accept the phase you find yourself in, the greater your ability to focus on what matters most, right now.

Be at ease, and trust that the longer the nurturing phase, the greater the harvest.  Never give up, and never abandon your field, as it is the extension of your inner process and growth.

With deep love and gratitude,




Acceptance, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm


Buddhist Pema Chodron believes that there are only three emotions we want to be operating out of when engaged in anything at all — they are:

  • Acceptance
  • Enjoyment
  • Enthusiasm

Not that I am a Buddhist but I do resonate with this statement very much and for me it is important to stay connected to all the teachings. This statement is connecting into what I had spoken about in previous blogs:  that no experience is bad in its own self, because it is solely meant for your growth and that it is all about the journey.

Again, we see the word “ acceptance.“  Does this mean we need to accept all?  Yes, it does.  Remember how I was talking about accepting what is in order to create change?  Once you accept what is, you have opened into a productive and empowered way to create change. We could also look at acceptance as complete surrender.  Surrender to the Divine, God, Allah … you pick your name for the consciousness that we all are a part of.  And surrender into “what am I supposed to learn here?”

What is the opposite of acceptance?  Resistance.  Try for yourself as you are moving through life to pay attention to which state you are being or operating out of.  If it is not acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm, do your best to get there.  Especially when you are encountering something that is “negative” to you, in your experience.  Notice if you are not accepting what is.  Most likely resistance and/or fear are holding you hostage.  The key here is that fear or resistance is the worst state to operate out of.  It is completely non supportive of you, on the contrary it holds you back, slows you down, and hinders you in creating change.

Acceptance permits the flow with life, the changes that are inevitable.  When we resist, we resist life and our learning lessons.  Resistance equals pain.  And what resists, persists.  As long as you are judging the experience or making it bad (resisting) it will not change.  If the situation does change even though you were resisting it, it will come back at another time in your life when you will be better equipped to handle the situation and use it to heal yourself through learning.  Only acknowledged and learned lessons allow you to release the old and truly move forward.

Let’s do look at enjoyment and enthusiasm for a moment.  Another extreme on the other side of the scale for example would be excessive highs, obsession, lust, thrills … which are out of balance emotions.  They are ego emotions and can be just as destructive as fear, anger or judgment.  As high as you go, that is how low you will go, hence the roller coaster.  Also here wanting to look for enthusiasm or the golden middle of balanced enjoyment.

Important to remember is the fact that we can only change ourselves.  I promise you that once you realize the empowerment that conscious choice will give you, it is something that you will not want to ever undo.  It is truly a balanced, perfect state of ease and grace of being.

So Imagine a world where all Beings operate only out of these three emotions.
Acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm.  What a wonderful world we would have.

Until next time,

Love and Light,


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