“This is your dream! Just go for it!”

What is your dream? Everybody has one! But if your dream hasn’t been present in your mind for a while, perhaps this is the time to reactivate it.

It’s so easy to postpone our most cherished dreams, and often we even bury them deep inside rather than admit we no longer believe they are possible.  What if life is a dream in itself?  And you are the dreamer!  The truth is, you are in control of your dream and it’s direction.

When I was a little girl I would fly in my dreams alNov Blog Photo Brittamost every night.  Sometimes I would shoot through the air like Superwoman, but most of the time I would fly by doing breast-stroke, as if I were swimming.  I noticed that it was harder to fly when my mind was troubled by something.  I found it challenging to stay up high in the air, and had to stay really focused on maintaining altitude.  And then on better days, I would make a few attempts and soar effortlessly into flight again.

This attitude hasn’t changed much for me in my real life.  I keep going, focusing, believing, trusting and breathing J.  It is my commitment to myself to maintain a high altitude for myself. And “yes,” some days I have to really focus, the way I used to in my dreams in order to maintain a high altitude, which is achieved by the right attitude.

Haven’t you ever dreamt that you were running, but no matter how hard or fast your legs worked you didn’t actually move?  Our “sleep dreams” aren’t so different from living the Human dream.  Our sleep dreams can be challenging, frustrating — but also invigorating, exciting and brilliant.  And within our sleep dreams as well as within our Human lives, our attitude will always define our altitude. If you have flown once, you can do it again. If you have succeeded once, you can do it again.  If you have been happy and fulfilled once you can do it again. The one thing we can never stop doing is to keep “going for it”.

When we exit our Human bodies, when our time here is done and we wake up into our real selves, acknowledging how real that dream felt; we don’t want any regrets!  No wishing you would have persisted more, pushed harder, trusted more, and kept going! You owe it to yourself to follow your dream.  At least you will be able to respect yourself for “going for it.”  Sometimes it really takes a long time to manifest dreams but that is a part of the dream game.  You have to risk, be courageous, ignore the “nay sayers” and follow your gut!

You must persist!

And guess what?  You will get your dream! You will get your dream because you are the dreamer and you are in charge of moving it forward, into the desired direction.  Believe it!

So now all you need to do is start dreaming again.

What’s your dream baby?

Thank you for your energy. Until next time.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Your dreamer and friend,


How to stay balanced!

When you are in balance with yourself you are present, you see clearly and you are grounded.

Since we are both, the masculine and the feminine within and we are divine energy/love/light Beings incarnated into a Human experience, it is clear to understand that maintaining your personal balance is essential to a happy and fulfilled life experience.

To maintain your balance wants to be an easy and joy filled experience.

You will notice how good it feels to be in balance in comparison to when you are out of balance. To be out of balance really is an awful and unstable place to reside in.

But when you do take the necessary steps to regain your balance you will find the beauty in this process as well as the feeling of relief, strength and authentic empowerment that it will give to you.

In essence claiming your ability and response- ability to be in charge of your happiness and well-being.

Lets start with the focus point for your balance.  It is your 2nd chakra or the power point about 2 inches below your navel.  The best and easiest way to activate this power place within you is to breathe slowly and deeply into the bottom of your belly.

This will ground you into your body, it will shift you into being present and it will connect you into your energy/love/light self.  This is very important and an exercise you want to maintain all day every day J.

As you are aware of your breath and your conscious connection into yourself you have the ability to self observe.

Here is a small check list to go over:

Ask yourself:

1) Have I maintained a balance between my mind and simply being?

Meaning, if you have been over thinking and been occupied with an overload of thoughts, it is time to disengage from all thoughts and give yourself a mental break; peace of mind.  This is when you will become aware of any stored emotions; breathe-feel-don’t think!

2) Have I maintained a balance between work mode and enjoy/relax mode? Meaning; too much of anything isn’t a good thing.

3) Have I maintained a balance between giving and receiving?

Meaning; if you only give you will deplete yourself and if you only receive you overwhelm yourself.  We all must give and we all must receive.  It is the balance of the masculine and the feminine within us.

It is easy to find ways to give but harder to receive when it depends on another.  Don’t depend on another!  Give to yourself!!!  Refill, recharge and love yourself.  Anything above and beyond coming from another will be a positive extra J.

4) Is this choice going to support my balance?

Meaning; Only you know what you need and what you have been lacking.  This could be a food choice to – vacation choice – to taking “you time” choice.  No matter how large or how small the choice, it wants to balance you on the smaller level as well as on the bigger life picture level.

Sept Blog Picture Britta DubbelsThe more present you become to keeping yourself in balance the happier you will be!  It is true J.

Of course sometimes we get out of balance, when life sweeps us away.

Recognize this and pay attention to how you feel when imbalanced.

Then find the ways to rebalance yourself and notice the difference in well being within yourself.  Pay attention to your feeling/guidance/ intuition when you ask yourself:

“What do I need/want to rebalance myself?”

The stronger you become in your conscious balance the more authentically empowered you will be when life throws curve balls at you.  Because you know it will, that is how you get to practice maintaining your center.

Have fun with taking responsibility and make it playful!

Until next time.

Love and Light,


Negativity, no more!

We have entered a time when we can no longer afford to hold onto negativity, let alone feed it.

As of this past Monday, July 29th — with the exception of the Sun and Uranus — all other planets in our solar system lined up to form a magnificent sextile (or, pentagram), around the earth.  The energy of this extraordinary planetary alignment will accelerate our manifestations, and support us in achieving our goals and dreams for the next 12 months.  This celestial event will not happen again for another 100 years!

However, the Universe does not differentiate between supportive and unsupportive manifestations. It is therefore imperative that we clear ourselves of negative perspectives.  In other words, what we create, will accelerate – no exceptions.  Negative, as well as positive.

We must therefore be ever-mindful of where we place our focus. That doesn’t mean we should be afraid to acknowledge or, worse still, try to ignore negative feelings and thoughts when they come up.  However, what we must not do is dwell, obsess or feed heavy perspectives or states of mind that diminish our emotional well-being.

So, what do you do when you have sour thoughts? What if a friend or family member said or did something that really made you feel bad?  Or, perhaps your boss is impossible to deal with, and you’ve had a lousy day at work? All these negative experiences affect us and the effects can linger long after, as a continuous replay of thoughts and voices in our heads.  It’s in these times we need to apply some mental discipline.  We must literally parent and stop ourselves.  We must acknowledge the thought, feel the emotion, and then release it.

Ultimately, know that anything — even something “terrible” — can be viewed as an opportunity for growth, healing and trust.

If you have worked with me, you know that my favorite tool is the breath.  I personally breathe through negativity and am able to transform it that way.  It takes practice to do this however.  So, if you need something more active or tangible, how about using physical action to help purge negativity from your system?

august blog imageStart by picking any sport or physical activity you enjoy.  For example, if you like to play tennis, every time you hit that ball “give it away.”  In yoga, set an intention to squeeze the toxic energy out of your mind and body.  If you like to walk or run, set an intention for every step to release negativity into Mother Earth.  Mother Earth will recycle it back around into the universe.   Allow your imagination to run wild, and visualize yourself getting “cleared out” mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. The key is to release the negativity from your mind and heart.

The time is ripe for conscious awareness, and for the creation of positive vibration in our lives.  Keep in mind that from a spiritual perspective negativity isn’t even real. It is part of the illusion, mind created.

So, what are you letting go of? Nothing that is worth holding onto anymore J because you deserve better.  We all deserve better!

Namaste my friend.

May you be the Master of creation you have come here to be!


A clean slate

IMG_1059I invite you to feel confident in your own ability to turn around a bad moment or even a bad day.  It is not at all necessary that a single adverse situation needs to affect the remainder of your day in a negative way.  You have the choice to create a clean slate in any moment of every day.

You can create a clean slate in very big ways.  You can also create a clean slate in very small ways.  This blog is about the very small ones.

Start by setting the right intention as soon as you wake up.  If need be, wake up 10 minutes earlier than normal.  Breathe and set the energy for the day.  See yourself moving through your day with ease and grace.  Welcoming any challenge with your breath and a smile on your face.

Visualize yourself dodging your drama reactions knowing that those temptations are not worth the trouble.  Instead, shift your perspective to solution, to possibility and a “better way”.  Then, start your day feeling good about yourself and ready to be strong in your light.

As your day progresses remember your breath.  As long as you are consciously breathing you are in charge of how you perceive every moment.

Let’s say a moment arises where you want to blow your lid, or you are feeling incredible frustration arising from inside of you about a co-worker.  Notice it and as you are taking deep, slow, inhales and exhales. Revisit your morning in your minds eye.  Feel the peace, feel the energy to which you have committed yourself, calm yourself right back into that sweet, warm feeling of your bed.  Re-create your happiness.

From here it will be easier to choose a “better way” to think, to respond and to communicate.

Congratulations!  You have just created a new slate for yourself in responding to your surroundings in an empowering way.

In your taking responsibility for your own well-being and your inner peace, you have just strengthened the positive and desired programming within the biology of your body.  You are promoting a healthy nervous system, regular blood pressure and an all around well-balanced body.

Never forget, you are the boss of you and you are in charge of your responses as well as physical well-being.  Taking this kind of responsibility for yourself will strengthen you in your self-respect, self-love and authentic empowerment.

Hopefully you will choose to create many, many more clean slates throughout your days and shift yourself into glorious amounts of strength.

Thank you for joining me.

Blessings, Love and Light,


Fears are foes.

So many of us are plagued by fears.  There is the fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of snakes, fear of water, fear of germs, fear of dentist etc.

Then there are more internal and intangible fears such as fear of loss, fear of abandonment, fear of success, fear of love, fear of commitment, fear of failure, fear of public speaking, just to name a few.

Here is the most common fear of all: “Fear of the unknown”.

All these fears feel real and can be quite debilitating. The strange this is … none of these fears are actually real.

Fears result from our conditioning or programming.  They stem from past experiences and the perceptions of those events.  You were born without fears (give or take a few fears from past life time’s carry over ;0).   Essentially, you were born fearless:  free to explore and with a clean slate.

So if fears are just programming and not who you are, then why do they hold such power over us?  It is almost as if our society has deemed fears as dangerous daemons, made them out to be bigger, smarter and more powerful than we are and could ever be.  Why do we so readily accept these fears and why do we identify with them as if they are something cool and interesting to share?  Fears have become a conversation piece for entertainment.  How many times have you dramatically shared your fear of heights for example?  How many times have you accepted another failed attempt at business or relationship because of your inability to give it your all? How many times have you let a fear hold you back?

You know fears are like a bad domino trick – you allow and accept one fear, which makes accommodation for another fear, and that for another – next thing you know your pillars of confidence are collapsing uncontrollably.  Fear breeds fear, it builds upon itself.

Fears are energy suckers, they literally drain the life force out of you.


The more predominant your fear, the more it weakens you.   At the moment that you know for example that you feel the need to change something but in reality you don’t because you are too fearful of the unknown, you are a little bit weaker than the previous moment.

And all because you haven’t realized yet that you give fear its power.

Without you fear is powerless!  It needs you to feed it, to accept it, to engage it and to keep it alive.  You feed it and keep it alive with your thoughts.  You justify and even identify with your fear through your thoughts, when in truth you are not your thoughts and you are certainly not your fears (because your fears don’t exist, remember?)

When you overcome your fear and you move through it to the other side you are strengthened.  You’ve taken back your power back.  You are less self-debilitated.  You’ve freed yourself from imprisonment.

You have to want it though.  You must choose to and desire to be liberated and more empowered than ever before.  Imagine yourself fearless!  What would you do?  What wouldn’t you do?

Once you can see yourself free from your fear, you are ready! You can feel it.  You are ready to move through it.

What you want to do is lean into your fear.  Get to know it.  Realize that without your thoughts, it has no substance.  Lean into it deeper still.

Iguana picture by Britta Dubbels

Feel your resistance to it and lean into that. By moving into it you are literally taken the power out of it.  It’s like stepping into a dark, cold and scary room, once you turn the lights and the heat on you will see that there is nothing scary about the room at all.  You may even begin to like the space of the room so much that it’ll become your new favorite hang out space.  When you lean into your fears, you will realize that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.  Your fears aren’t real unless you make them real.

So be bigger than your fears, be smarter and face them fearlessly because that is who you really are.  Make it real … let your siblings, your friends,  and your colleagues know that they can change their debilitating fears as well



Enjoy your Human experience with ease and grace!

The message from the highest realms is: Enjoy your Human experience with ease and grace!

The ascension process is in action.  We are evolving into 5th dimension.

This ascension will take us all, globally from 3rd, through 4th into 5th dimension.  Most of us are still somewhere between the 3rd and the 4th dimension. Some of us already are living within the 5th dimension experience. This ascension will happen gradually, where some of us will evolve into this new experience of 5th dimension while in the body, then more and more will follow.  Until eventually a mass evolution ascension will happen.

This 5th dimension experience will be while you are in your physical body and your current life, with all your loved ones.  What will change will be your own individual experience of life.  You will be in awareness and consciousness of your own divinity.   You will be in your love and light self whilst living a Human experience on Earth.  This will include continuous growing and healing of your own soul as well as the collective of Oneness.  Of course you will remain in your same body but in a new Human experience, which will have you live in new and different ways.  There will be less of the Human dynamics at play for you with less focus on the sensory fulfillment as one example. 

The “ascensionary” message is:  Enjoy yourself, enjoy your Human relationships, spend time with loved Ones, create memories, soak it up while you have it!  There is much to be said for the 3rd and 4th dimensional experiences.  Have fun while it lasts!  Good, clean fun!

After all, despite all the current pain and suffering on our planet, and all the fear energy and judgment, it is a blessing to be here!  You are meant to make the best of every moment.  You are meant to live and laugh as much as possible. 

Stay present to what really matters.  Do not waste your energy with worry and what ifs!  Let go of the should’a, could’a, would’a! Fully embrace moments of beauty and grace.

See the beauty of our Mother Earth, see the light in the eyes of others, make your loved ones laugh often and enjoy touch, your favorite food, exercising your body and the company of like-minded and uplifting Humans.

All is well, you are safe and everything will unfold exactly the way it is meant to.  Breathe and stay present to the good things in your life!

I am wishing you and yours and our entire planet a blessed, healthy, abundant, happy, graceful and “ascending” 2013!  May the Light illuminate all!



The Next Step: Getting to know your higher Self!

What is your “Higher Self”?  Your Higher Self is the aspect of you that is aware of the totality of your Being.   It exists outside of your physical reality, between your mind and your soul. Your Higher Self-You is the part of you that co-creates for you every experience, encounter, challenge, opportunity and/or karmic situation.  It is You!

The part of you unattached to Human wants, ego or conditioning.

It always has your best interest at heart.

Imagine yourself being in connection and understanding with your Higher Self!  What would that be like?

Well, you would bypass all Human struggle illusion and be in Oneness with Your Divine Will and guidance.  You would be in your purpose; you would feel happy and peaceful, manifesting everything you need easily and effortlessly and shine your light onto this earthly plane!

And guess what?  It’s not that difficult to accomplish!  It is rather the next easy step toward your personal consciousness evolution — flowing in harmony with your own personal Higher and Divine Will.  No more resistance, no more pain.  This path to your Higher Self involves training yourself to heed to your Higher Self guidance and communication. The voice of the Higher Self may be heard, felt and known by you through your awareness of your physical body as well as from the clearness of your mind.

Once you fully realize your body’s role in such awareness, you may want to choose to treat it with more reverence. You will want to consider diet, exercise habits or other lifestyle choices that may be affecting the quality of transmission from your Higher Self.  And, as your body stores old emotion trauma, conditioning and attachments, you will want to do what you can to cleanse and heal emotionally.

Your mind is your greatest tool to receive higher communication but only if it is clear enough to accommodate.  You will want to practice clarity of mind.  Yoga and meditation are commonly prescribed for this, but simple taking time for you outside of the duties of parent and/or provider will take you a good part of the way there.

Does this thought make you feel uncomfortable?  Do you feel like you would possibly lose yourself?  What if this Higher Self Divine You doesn’t have the same ideas, desires and wants that you have?

If yes, know this is ego at it’s finest!

The ultimate goal, the ultimate way for your existence and your soul’s evolution within a body is when you surrender to the Higher Will!

It is still your Will, just ego and illusion conditioning free!  The process may challenge you because the ego doesn’t want to loose its grip on you but it is inevitable!  Sooner or later, this lifetime or another you will choose to let go and be free!

Hopefully the intention to be free and happy will be yours soon 😉

The time is now and the time has never been more perfect.  See you in your light!

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Blessings, love and light to all!


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