“This is your dream! Just go for it!”

What is your dream? Everybody has one! But if your dream hasn’t been present in your mind for a while, perhaps this is the time to reactivate it.

It’s so easy to postpone our most cherished dreams, and often we even bury them deep inside rather than admit we no longer believe they are possible.  What if life is a dream in itself?  And you are the dreamer!  The truth is, you are in control of your dream and it’s direction.

When I was a little girl I would fly in my dreams alNov Blog Photo Brittamost every night.  Sometimes I would shoot through the air like Superwoman, but most of the time I would fly by doing breast-stroke, as if I were swimming.  I noticed that it was harder to fly when my mind was troubled by something.  I found it challenging to stay up high in the air, and had to stay really focused on maintaining altitude.  And then on better days, I would make a few attempts and soar effortlessly into flight again.

This attitude hasn’t changed much for me in my real life.  I keep going, focusing, believing, trusting and breathing J.  It is my commitment to myself to maintain a high altitude for myself. And “yes,” some days I have to really focus, the way I used to in my dreams in order to maintain a high altitude, which is achieved by the right attitude.

Haven’t you ever dreamt that you were running, but no matter how hard or fast your legs worked you didn’t actually move?  Our “sleep dreams” aren’t so different from living the Human dream.  Our sleep dreams can be challenging, frustrating — but also invigorating, exciting and brilliant.  And within our sleep dreams as well as within our Human lives, our attitude will always define our altitude. If you have flown once, you can do it again. If you have succeeded once, you can do it again.  If you have been happy and fulfilled once you can do it again. The one thing we can never stop doing is to keep “going for it”.

When we exit our Human bodies, when our time here is done and we wake up into our real selves, acknowledging how real that dream felt; we don’t want any regrets!  No wishing you would have persisted more, pushed harder, trusted more, and kept going! You owe it to yourself to follow your dream.  At least you will be able to respect yourself for “going for it.”  Sometimes it really takes a long time to manifest dreams but that is a part of the dream game.  You have to risk, be courageous, ignore the “nay sayers” and follow your gut!

You must persist!

And guess what?  You will get your dream! You will get your dream because you are the dreamer and you are in charge of moving it forward, into the desired direction.  Believe it!

So now all you need to do is start dreaming again.

What’s your dream baby?

Thank you for your energy. Until next time.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Your dreamer and friend,


How to stay balanced!

When you are in balance with yourself you are present, you see clearly and you are grounded.

Since we are both, the masculine and the feminine within and we are divine energy/love/light Beings incarnated into a Human experience, it is clear to understand that maintaining your personal balance is essential to a happy and fulfilled life experience.

To maintain your balance wants to be an easy and joy filled experience.

You will notice how good it feels to be in balance in comparison to when you are out of balance. To be out of balance really is an awful and unstable place to reside in.

But when you do take the necessary steps to regain your balance you will find the beauty in this process as well as the feeling of relief, strength and authentic empowerment that it will give to you.

In essence claiming your ability and response- ability to be in charge of your happiness and well-being.

Lets start with the focus point for your balance.  It is your 2nd chakra or the power point about 2 inches below your navel.  The best and easiest way to activate this power place within you is to breathe slowly and deeply into the bottom of your belly.

This will ground you into your body, it will shift you into being present and it will connect you into your energy/love/light self.  This is very important and an exercise you want to maintain all day every day J.

As you are aware of your breath and your conscious connection into yourself you have the ability to self observe.

Here is a small check list to go over:

Ask yourself:

1) Have I maintained a balance between my mind and simply being?

Meaning, if you have been over thinking and been occupied with an overload of thoughts, it is time to disengage from all thoughts and give yourself a mental break; peace of mind.  This is when you will become aware of any stored emotions; breathe-feel-don’t think!

2) Have I maintained a balance between work mode and enjoy/relax mode? Meaning; too much of anything isn’t a good thing.

3) Have I maintained a balance between giving and receiving?

Meaning; if you only give you will deplete yourself and if you only receive you overwhelm yourself.  We all must give and we all must receive.  It is the balance of the masculine and the feminine within us.

It is easy to find ways to give but harder to receive when it depends on another.  Don’t depend on another!  Give to yourself!!!  Refill, recharge and love yourself.  Anything above and beyond coming from another will be a positive extra J.

4) Is this choice going to support my balance?

Meaning; Only you know what you need and what you have been lacking.  This could be a food choice to – vacation choice – to taking “you time” choice.  No matter how large or how small the choice, it wants to balance you on the smaller level as well as on the bigger life picture level.

Sept Blog Picture Britta DubbelsThe more present you become to keeping yourself in balance the happier you will be!  It is true J.

Of course sometimes we get out of balance, when life sweeps us away.

Recognize this and pay attention to how you feel when imbalanced.

Then find the ways to rebalance yourself and notice the difference in well being within yourself.  Pay attention to your feeling/guidance/ intuition when you ask yourself:

“What do I need/want to rebalance myself?”

The stronger you become in your conscious balance the more authentically empowered you will be when life throws curve balls at you.  Because you know it will, that is how you get to practice maintaining your center.

Have fun with taking responsibility and make it playful!

Until next time.

Love and Light,



Self-confidence is an essential ingredient to creating any happy and well functioning Human Being.  The dictionary describes self-confidence as:  morale, confidence, self-assurance, assertiveness, self-reliance, self-possession and composure.

What really builds confidence? I have often found people wondering where this confidence derives from.  Clients want it; they ask me, “How do I increase it?”

If you observe people with lots of self-confidence, you will recognize their ability to be autonomous.  They would be independent thinkers, leaders, and doers.  Self-confident people trust themselves and are determined to make their own choices.  Real confidence is prominently displayed when individuals take unpopular public positions, when they speak out against injustice or stand up for those that can’t defend themselves. Confident people don’t need approval, they approve of themselves.

How does one “self-possess” or come to achieve this state of “self-approval?”

In my opinion, there are two major ingredients to this: 1) to be “right” with yourself, your choices and your actions and 2) the ability to listen to, trust and follow your own guidance.

Lets look at the first ingredient for a moment.  Being right with yourself can only happen if you are consistently making choices that make you feel good about yourself.  Achieving this demands a whole host of functional behaviors, from maintaining a positive, grateful, solution-focused, healing and growth mindedness, to following a commitment to speak your truth, to set healthy boundaries for yourself and practice honor for all Beings.  To feel right with yourself and to be positive about the choices you make will naturally bring out the experience of self-approval.  Of course it takes practice to drive the high road, but you will always know the “right” way when that is your focus and intention.

july image blog 13The second ingredient involves a subject that I cannot write enough about: listening to, trusting in and following your higher self-guidance.  If you really want to be generally happy are truly ready to fully embrace your life, this is the only way to be.   The “higher you” will never steer you wrong.  Only you know what you have come here to accomplish on Earth . Only you know what “soul contracts” are still outstanding and which experiences will teach you in the easiest and most gentle way.  The higher “You” has your best interest at heart, always and will never steer you wrong!

So being self-confident you see is actually easy … you just have to decide to be so.  You have to be “all in.”  Being self-confident strengthens your relationship with your “gut”, “instinct”, “intuition” or “guidance.”  As you are self-confident, you continually realize that the choices you make put you into a place of strength and confidence within yourself, and chances are they put in such a place with others as well.  As you are self-confidence, you could not imagine letting your head tell you “No” when your intuition says “Yes,” ever again.

To follow your higher self-guidance really is the ultimate level of self-trust.  It is the ultimate level of strengthening your self- approval, moral, self-possession, self-reliance and self- confidence.

Only you can make yourself happy.  Your choices mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually will shape your destiny.  Go ahead; allow a great, happy life to become your destiny!

With Love and Light,


One random act of kindness a day!

I was watching a movie with my 9 year old daughter the other day and the big question of the movie was: “How do I make this world a better place?”  The answer was: “One random act of kindness a day!”

My little Naya immediately suggested: “I want to do that, I want to help! Mom, let’s go pick up the garbage on the beach”, and so we did.

But then what?

“What other random acts of kindness can we do Mom?” “What’s next?”

We were thinking about it together and we felt that it could either be doing something for another Being or giving something to another Being.  We set the intention for ourselves to affect life in a positive way on a daily basis through random acts of kindness.

We all want a better world.  We all need a better world.  My daughter wants a better world!  We cannot rely on politicians to do this for us!  Nobody can do it for us but ourselves!

So if children understand the importance of making changes and the ease and grace of giving kindness randomly to Beings in need, then why can’t we adults lead by example?

We do New Years Eve resolutions and commit ourselves to becoming better versions of ourselves.  Sometimes we even stick to our resolutions.  But generally we slip back into the old rut of the comfort zone of what we know.  We mainly focus on ourselves, our own lives and goals.  We get caught up in what we don’t have yet but want or even feel we need; Thinking that “achieving” or “getting” that will make our own world better and that’s when we’ll finally be able to help make a difference.

We all know that’s not going to happen!Feb 2013 Image

So how about for this year we all commit to doing one random act of kindness a day?

How about we become better versions of ourselves by giving kindness in some way, shape or form on a daily basis?

2013 must be different and 2013 must be special.  Only we can make it special and different ourselves.

Imagine if everybody would participate in one act of random kindness a day,!?  Not once but on a daily basis, letting “doing something for another” become a new habit, a new programming.  How great would that be!?  It would have a great impact on ourselves and on our surroundings.

And it is a wonderful exercise that you can focus on with your children or grandchildren.  What a wonderful activity to live with our children and teach our children (or let them teach us).  Children are so smart and the concerns of our world bother them, they understand that help is needed.  They also understand that two little hands do make a difference.

The impact that giving has on the self is tremendous.  It opens the heart, it lightens the energy, it promotes and increases love vibration, which results in greater health, better feeling, better thinking, which then results in making better choices, better speaking…. And so on.

It is priceless and in my opinion and the New Year resolution we all need.

I am committed, I am all the way in.  As a matter of fact I have already begun, why wait ;0)))

Lets make this world a better place, one random act of kindness a day!

With Love and Light,


The Next Step: Getting to know your higher Self!

What is your “Higher Self”?  Your Higher Self is the aspect of you that is aware of the totality of your Being.   It exists outside of your physical reality, between your mind and your soul. Your Higher Self-You is the part of you that co-creates for you every experience, encounter, challenge, opportunity and/or karmic situation.  It is You!

The part of you unattached to Human wants, ego or conditioning.

It always has your best interest at heart.

Imagine yourself being in connection and understanding with your Higher Self!  What would that be like?

Well, you would bypass all Human struggle illusion and be in Oneness with Your Divine Will and guidance.  You would be in your purpose; you would feel happy and peaceful, manifesting everything you need easily and effortlessly and shine your light onto this earthly plane!

And guess what?  It’s not that difficult to accomplish!  It is rather the next easy step toward your personal consciousness evolution — flowing in harmony with your own personal Higher and Divine Will.  No more resistance, no more pain.  This path to your Higher Self involves training yourself to heed to your Higher Self guidance and communication. The voice of the Higher Self may be heard, felt and known by you through your awareness of your physical body as well as from the clearness of your mind.

Once you fully realize your body’s role in such awareness, you may want to choose to treat it with more reverence. You will want to consider diet, exercise habits or other lifestyle choices that may be affecting the quality of transmission from your Higher Self.  And, as your body stores old emotion trauma, conditioning and attachments, you will want to do what you can to cleanse and heal emotionally.

Your mind is your greatest tool to receive higher communication but only if it is clear enough to accommodate.  You will want to practice clarity of mind.  Yoga and meditation are commonly prescribed for this, but simple taking time for you outside of the duties of parent and/or provider will take you a good part of the way there.

Does this thought make you feel uncomfortable?  Do you feel like you would possibly lose yourself?  What if this Higher Self Divine You doesn’t have the same ideas, desires and wants that you have?

If yes, know this is ego at it’s finest!

The ultimate goal, the ultimate way for your existence and your soul’s evolution within a body is when you surrender to the Higher Will!

It is still your Will, just ego and illusion conditioning free!  The process may challenge you because the ego doesn’t want to loose its grip on you but it is inevitable!  Sooner or later, this lifetime or another you will choose to let go and be free!

Hopefully the intention to be free and happy will be yours soon 😉

The time is now and the time has never been more perfect.  See you in your light!

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Blessings, love and light to all!


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