What is healing?  The larger meaning is to get better, to become whole or to improve well being.                                                                          What can that mean to you on a personal level?

The word healing has mainly been associated with physical injuries or with mystical healing ceremonies.  The time has come however to bring “healing” into our mainstream awareness and personal use.  Anybody can heal and use healing.  Most of us have healing abilities, even if unacknowledged at this moment.

Healing occurs when you help out a person in need, it occurs when you listen to somebody who needs to vent.   Healing occurs when you recognize your state of mind as unsupportive and shift it. You can set the intention of healing and breathe deeply and slowly for 5 minutes. When you exercise, go for a walk or stretch, set the intention for a specific healing. When you hug a friend, bring healing into the experience.  Shake somebody’s hand with the intention of healing. Prepare food with healing intentions.

In short, healing isn’t only reserved for “special occasions” or “special people”, it is apart of you and you can access it at any time. 😉  Remember, science confirms that you are energy and that what you focus on manifests.  You are powerful.

When you bring the intention of healing into a conversation, a meeting, your day or a doing, healing will occur. It is another Universal law. You are a Healer, you can create healing within others as well as within yourself.

Let’s heal together!  One for all and all for one!

Until next time. Thank you for joining me.

Love and Light,




Your Practice

“It’s all about the practice.”

This month’s blog is stretching the importance of the “practice.”We have a wonderful saying in our culture: “Practice makes perfect.”A strong practice will ensure the proper placement of new habits, abilities and goals.

We are living in a world where the pursuit for instant gratification has left very little room for space and time to engage with the self on an internal level. Ironically, instant gratification may take a lifetime. Permit me to illuminate the choice presented here: chasing after instant gratification over and over again to only find very brief relief that soon needs more of the same, sucked into a vicious cycle, vs. staying committed to growing and developing the self, taking the time it may take to find permanent relief, accomplishment and a real sense of satisfaction.

The point is that change takes time, it happens slowly and gradually, especially change that you have purposefully, willfully chosen. Whatever your heart desires for yourself, it is in the steadfast pursuit and practice of this pursuit that you will come to manifest that which you are consciously choosing. The nature of your pursuit does not matter; you have to prepare for it, and practice it every day! At the very least think about it, visualize it, every day!

I hear the same excuse over and over and it is: “Yeah I tried it for a few days but it didn’t work … so I stopped.” “Practice makes perfect.” You must practice, every day, if you wish to create permanent results. Keep it in the frontal lobe, in your consciousness mind; keep going since it takes 21 days to program a new habit.

Everything is a practice by the way. Whether you wish to breathe more consciously, focus on eliminating negative thoughts exchanging them with positive ones, change behaviors, exercise more, improve nutrition, be writing more, be singing more, be more present, work better … Your success lies in the practice!

Now once you put your mind to it and you keep at it you will notice results, there is no other way! So let’s say you do focus on your practice and you begin to feel good about your results; you are growing! It can happen that something in your life occurs and you become distracted for a long enough period of time for you to slip back into the old comfort zone. This is when you want to know that the new programming you have created is still there and all you need to do is start focusing on it again, coming back into the practice and you will find yourself experiencing the same result, perhaps even more so, an even stronger sense of memory and establishment. This is when you may want to keep going. Two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward one step back…!

Practice is what keeps you young, alert and alive.

Love and Light,


Hello everybody.

This months blog wants to focus on the subject of Intention.

Intention is the glue that holds it all together. Without Intention, short or long-term, the path would be a never-ending labyrinth. It is in the intention that everything finds meaning and purpose.  Although mostly used in Buddhist practice I believe the tool of Intention to be one that fits for all Beings on all paths.

Since we are all Energy (science is proving this), think about Intention as one of the tools for manifestation or creating change. As Energetic Beings, every thought we think manifests because these thoughts are also Energy and vibrate out into the Universe to create this very thought. Thoughts regarding another person travel to that person, good or bad.  You are thinking about someone and the phone rings, sure enough it is this someone.  Energy follows Intent.

Intent really works for all areas of life.  The key, and this is important, is to FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU WANT.  If you can become clear in this, you may be astonished at how people and other lesser-known forces gather behind your cause.

You can have plenty of Intentions, again in different areas, but you will want one or two Master Intentions that govern all other “sub”-Intentions.  The Master Intentions do not have to last a lifetime, yet some most certainly do.

For example, my Master Intention is “Transformation of the planet.”  This Intention, which has grown over time, is now guiding my personal and business choices every day.  Transformation of the planet of course includes my own Transformation on an ongoing basis. Then, there are plenty of smaller sub-Intentions that resonate with the Master Intention, for example: taking actions that are supporting my Intention of expanding within my gifts, and; being fully present with my daughter, or; being more available to my friends, etc…

Since, Intentions tend to grow and evolve, begin with smaller more personal ones if you like. The important thing to understand is that Intention gives structure.  Our busy lives sometimes sweep us deeply into the swift current of Human reality.  In the heart of that current, your Intention will provide an outstretched branch to grasp onto and guide you to safer ground.  Taking only a few minutes a day to remind yourself of your Intentions will keep them at the surface, providing tools at your ready disposal for building the human existence that you clearly envision.

You can see how it would be important to have your sub-Intentions resonate with the Master Intention, yes? One could not have the Intention of  “Enjoying the journey of life” for example, when the sub-Intentions of the ego or of your programming proclaim: ”I will make more money, no time to stop now, don’t even think about taking a break,  you can have fun when you’ve got X,Y,Z…”

Please do not judge yourself if there is a moment where you are not in alignment with your Intention.  On the contrary, if you find yourself noticing such a misalignment, for in the mere act of the noticing, you are most assuredly on the right path and should be thankful.  Simply make the “higher” choices guided by your Intention and your Master self.  And you will feel power in this.  In the combined self-reminding of your Intentions and the practice of acting, thinking, being, and speaking in alignment with your Intentions, you will be forming a new programming/conditioning of your choice.

So what do you want from life?

Keep checking in with yourself to make sure that your actions, thoughts and words are in alignment with the greater you.  And step by step your being in this alignment will feed you, it will give you energy, make you feel good about and proud of yourself.  You are going to find more meaning in your life … and can’t you just begin to imagine the possibilities from there?

P.S. Remember to breathe 🙂

Love and Light,


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