The Aftermath; Parent-To-Parent



As a Mother I can barely imagine the torture of losing a child.  And it is perhaps not surprising that the shocking violence in Connecticut has touched the hearts of so many, initiating an outpouring of grief on a global scale.  The impact of this shocking massacre has stirred everyone, in Oneness.  We’ve seen children from as far away as Pakistan honoring the loss, crosses lining a beach in Brazil, and candles lit in countries around the world, all creating a sense of Union.

Grieving is, indeed, what needs to happen now.  The pain must be acknowledged and felt. There is no other way.

Following an incident filled with such horror and disbelief, we search for healing and for answers.  That healing can only be found through the practice of faith.  A faith that aligns us with our higher truth; a faith that assures us of our higher purpose.  We believe “time heals,” but time may not be enough to assuage such enormous grief.  Yet we can always trust in faith to sooth the soul.

The bereaved have so many questions.  Where are they?  How are they?  Will I ever see my child again?  How do I know that she is fine?  And how can I trust in this faith — I don’t have any proof!

If there is ever a time to believe, it is now.  We must trust in the knowledge that our spirits are infinite.  This trust is not reserved exclusively for those who follow organized religion.  Shaman, medicine men, Seers, Avatars, Spiritual Teachers and Masters can’t all be wrong, can they?   We have heard over and over again from those who have left their bodies, including myself.  It is stunning how each of them describe an almost identical experience; that of the awe-inspiring light, warmth and love that awaits us on the other side.  If you need proof you can find it.  There are documentaries, books and numerous accounts of near-death experiences, and each one shares striking similarities.

When you choose faith and choose to believe that you remain connected to your Loved one, your heart stays open.  You stay connected through the love in your heart.   You can pray, talk and cry with them, trusting that they are not only listening but also loving you in return, whilst they remain in a place of warmth, love, light and happiness. You may even be able to feel them, see them in your dreams and sometimes even hear them.  There is no pain on the other side, only love.

Without faith your heart may become so overwhelmed by loss and suffering, that it closes up.  This “closing up” must be avoided for your own sake, for the sake of your loved one and for the sake of all of Humanity.  When your heart closes up you will lose connection with your loved one, and with life itself.  Closing off the heart is like giving up on life.

Faith is free of religion, faith is greater than humanity, faith is Love.

Faith is trusting that the souls passed are stirring the hearts of Human Beings all around the world.  The loss is being felt in the hearts of all, uniting us all through love.  This is clear to see.   Faith is knowing that these souls live on through a union of hearts and faith, and choosing to believe that they continue to exist in another dimension.  Faith is trusting that their lives were not wasted, but, to the contrary, that their lives were given to a higher purpose more momentous and great than we can ever perceive.

I believe that purpose is for us to wake up and raise our awareness as a community. This awareness demands we pay attention to those who are commonly labeled  “different,” “troubled,” “edgy” or “borderline.” We must share responsibility for these beings, if the community itself is ever to evolve and thrive.   Awareness demands we reach out, without judgment, without fear, willing to offer a helping hand, willing to “get involved,” willing to bridge the separation, before separation and disconnectedness once again take over and lash out.

Pray that we may all unite through love, and that we may all feel and heal each other’s pain, as One.

Pray that all souls be in peace and rest in the arms of the Angels, of God, and in the warmth of our heartfelt support.

God bless all.


What you need to know about forgiveness!

You know that forgiveness is the key to freedom and to opening your heart, yes? It is often a therapeutic topic and one of the main components to healing the self.  For some reason, however, forgiveness is easier said than done.

The major barrier to one being in the heart and allowing forgiveness is of course the good old mind.  The mind has a really hard time letting go of the “I am right, that was wrong”.  The mind does not want to lose control.  The way it maintains control is by rehashing the old story of what happened and this tack of course gets involved again and again the old feeling of hurt and pain, in effect reliving the experience.  In this way, there is a tendency for one to say, “I cannot forget and therefore I cannot forgive!”

The rewind of the mind is very unfortunate because it can hold you hostage and not allow you to feel light and free to be the whole and complete Being that you are here to be.

Lingering anger and resentment to a person or situation is like an energetic cord maintaining your connection to that person or situation.  This cord not only keeps you from moving on, but it continues to be a conduit for negatively.  It locks you to the past!  It shackles you like a prisoner.   Presented with such a visual, wouldn’t you want to cut this cord and free yourself?

Since you are maintaining this energetic cord through your resentful and angry thoughts, you are playing a role and you will continue to play this role in other situations and with other people; they may look different but really, it’s the same scenario freshly packaged.  Non-forgiveness is persistent; the emotions reintroduce themselves over and over, until you break the cord!

It is important for you to know and understand that forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to agree with what happened.  It also doesn’t mean that you have to be best friends or even be in touch with the person or situation from the past!  What it does mean is that you are choosing to release the person or situation from yourself so you may move into a happy future! Releasing the need to hold on, get even, hurt, be the judge and the jury.


Make a list of all people you may have harmed as well as all people that have harmed you.  Then say to each and every situation and person inwardly, “I release you from playing this role for me, go in peace”

Now visualize the energetic cord, which has been connecting you,  and watch it spiral free as it disconnects and sets both sides free to move on.

(Repeat as many times as you feel necessary!)

If and when your mind wants to reconnect the cord and relive the old story again, use this affirmation and continue to say to yourself:

“I accept the healing power of forgiveness into my life.”

Remember, you are the boss of you.  You are the Master of your mind.  You direct your thoughts into the direction of freedom and happiness!

This will release the Karmic ties to the past and clear you to move on into a future filled with new possibilities of experiencing your authentically empowered self.  Not condoning any actions that have been committed, you simply release both parties from perpetuating them further.

You will feel it when you try it out!

The more you cut those cords the lighter and freer you will feel!


With Love and Light,


Put a smile on your face ;)

Are you smiling enough?

Children smile about 400 times a day; the average adult only 15 times a day.  Is that enough?  I do not think so! ;0))))

A smile goes a long way!

Research is showing that your body does not know the difference between a real smile and you faking a smile.  Any smile affects the body in the same positive ways, so fake it till you make it!

The positive effects a smile or laughter has on your biology are abundant.  Not only does laughter reduce the level of stress hormones, it also increases your antibody production and helps strengthen your immune system.

Habitual smiling provides a fabulous mechanism for release of emotions you’ve been keeping in storage.  A smile on your face will also help you shift your perspective on your life or a personal challenge.  Cracking a smile when your mind is telling you “Life sucks” will communicate into your biology “all is well”; it will also help shift your mental perspective into a more positive outlook such as “solution thinking” or positive self talk and support.  By you producing a smile and holding it for just a few minutes will redirect your focus from negative to positive!!!!

From a social perspective a smile is way more inviting to an outsider than a frown or unhappy face.   The positive benefits of a smile and laughter have been successfully used through laughter therapy, laughing yoga and even in anger management and stress management groups.   It is not a well kept secret.

Do yourself the favor and smile the next time you are upset, angry or stressed for example.  Try it out and see for yourself how it will help you shift into a more positive attitude about everything!  Allow yourself to take everything with a grain of salt, life is too short not to smile and life is too short not to take it with some humor!

It may seem strange to you to smile even though you naturally feel like crying or screaming in the moment but remember that your body does not know the difference.   A smile will activate a lighter and more positive energy within you.   A smile will open up your heart and make you feel more love, compassion and hope.

So make your life a smiling event!  Watch funny movies, meet happy friends and see the humor in the drama.  Put a smile on your face…

Do it now ;0))))))  Laughing…. After all, it is the best medicine!!!!

Have a laughing, smiling day!

With Love and Light,


Resist no more!

I am sure you have heard the saying “what resists persists”.

So whether it is an emotion, a circumstance or a personal entanglement; whether you like what is happening or you don’t, you want to accept what you are experiencing unconditionally.  The more you try to ignore, pretend it isn’t happening, try to stop it, make it go away or live in denial, the more energy you are losing completely without effect.  YES, resisting what is, persists in keeping you from where you want to be!!

Why fight “what is”?  Don’t you trust in God, the universe, your higher self or greater consciousness?  Why should everything be easy?

Life is not meant to be easy peasy!  Isn’t it your responsibility to learn and grow from certain experiences?

So then why is it that us Humans have such a hard time dealing with discomfort? Because that is what we are resisting, isn’t it?

Curmudgeons aside, we never really resist feeling good and happy!  But as soon as we feel a little bit of discomfort we want to run for the hills or take something to make it go away!  That’s resisting.  And it won’t make it all go away. You may ease the pain and even put discomfort into remission but at another time in your life, it will return, repeatedly, until you are ready to face the challenge and receive the lesson.  The circumstance may be slightly different next time, the person may look and seem different but the emotions that will get triggered will always be the same, until you do the work to get past it!

Life gets much easier when you begin to accept “what is”.  In other words, accepting your part in all creation, and choosing face its challenges, is what will make it go away for good.  Once you have learned your lesson and you’ve passed the tests, the emotion will heal and each particular point of discomfort will lose its power!

See, by resisting you give undo power to “what is.”  Resisting something will make it grow.  Judging “what is” as bad, or good takes us from our path of creation onto the raggedy road of reaction.

In the end everything just “is”.  There really is no good or bad.

Perhaps you are feeling happy about something, but why are you really feeling happy about it?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?

It is your perception of what makes you happy that is pleasing to you or your ego.

From the bigger picture perspective every experience wants to be pleasing to you.  Everything is a gift and an opportunity for you to heal, grow and evolve; for you to find the perspective of acceptance.  So, in this context, resistance is not your friend.

We are simply conditioned to resist discomfort.  That’s all.  In fact, there are many not-so-cottage industries developed around so assisting us in our resistance.  Pay attention to yourself when you are resisting.  Just notice your resistance, don’t just it.  Breathe and feel the emotions present.  It may take less courage that you imagine.  Do not think!

You will find that the less you resist the easier life becomes!!!!

You will find out how much easier it is to flow with life and to trust in what is being given to you.   All is as it should be, always.  Trust and feel your energy growing and enhancing as you embrace unconditionally your lessons for a better, stronger, smarter, happier and energetic YOU! 😉

Keep flowing.

Love and Light,


Spirituality is a practice

A few blogs ago, we recognized that spirituality is at the core of everything in existence including each one of us.  We also established that there is no exclusivity to spirituality; everybody has the same spiritual potential irrespective of her particular religious devotion.

Yet, if this is all true, then why isn’t this planet healthy?  Why isn’t there enough food to eat for everybody?  Why isn’t there peace?  Because manifesting oneself as a spiritual Being is a choice – spiritual potential does not imply spiritual reality.

How often do you feel frustrated with a person or situation?  And in that moment, do you feel like being all Zen and peaceful-like?  Do you even think about it? Probably not!  In a moment of emotional stirring you somewhat feel entitled to your feelings, don’t you?  But why? You are supposed to be this spiritual Being?!?  So what’s the problem?

Truth be told, it is so much easier to be friendly and forthcoming, charming and interested when we are feeling good, positive or at ease.

But boy isn’t it so much harder to stay cool and collected, calm and under control when the heat is on!  (And yes, you must always feel all emotions unconditionally but that’s a different blog ;0) )

Spirituality is a practice!!!

It is a conscious choice again and again and again, for the rest of your life – a journey of consciousness one might say.  The practice of spirituality is all about an awareness of you, preferably on all levels of yourself.  It is an awareness of choosing the right frame of mind, the frame of mind that will be supportive to you and others. It is an awareness of right and wrong in the context of what will lead you to being more spiritual rather than less.

You know when you are choosing something that will affect another Being or yourself in a negative way.  You know when you are reacting. You know when you are being impatient.  You know when you can’t say “No” even though you wanted to.  You know when you are closing up… etc.  And if you don’t know yourself that well yet or you don’t care about the effects of your choices, then this is opportunity for you to want to pay closer attention to yourself, because life has a way of pushing one into growth, like it or not.  This is when one has to learn certain lessons the hard way.  This is, by the way, also apart of the spiritual practice.

We must evolve.  It is inevitable.  Sooner or later everybody will, in this lifetime or another.

You don’t even have to call this practice “spiritual”.  But why wait for the universe to hold the mirror up to your face when you are much better of practicing to be a better version of you by your choosing?  Focusing on this awareness and monitoring your frame of mind can actually be really fun, exciting and super cool.  It isn’t easy but it certainly is empowering and it will free you into heights you could have not imagined.

But who am I really kidding… hi hi hi … we all need spirituality in our lives, yes we do!  Without it we are incomplete! Why?  Because you ARE  a spiritual Being.  You are IT!  The more you practice, the more of IT you ARE.  That’s the practice in a nutshell.  So lets practice being spiritual… LOL!!! 

Imagine yourself as the true you, the real you, and how does the true and infinite all-wise, all-knowing you handle, welcome and accept lives challenges?  You are off to a great start when you ask yourself, “ What would the fearless me, the courageous me, the unconditional me, the light me do in this moment?”

It is not easy and hence takes PRACTICE YAY ;0)… because we are so used to what we know and what we are comfortable with. It takes practice to NOT do the same old same old again and again… ;0)))

But practicing to be the “real you” will make you feel light and grounded at the same time.  It will give you courage you never had before.

It will change your life for the better, it will change you for the better.

What do you have to loose, is what you are holding onto really worth it?

Take it easy, feel and observe!

By the way, this “practice” I am referring to may happen in the midst of real life situations.  You may sit on the bus or subway, stand in line at the grocery store, drive your car or do the dishes.  It is a general self reflection, unconditionally of course.  Take yourself in and direct your self supportive thoughts toward the great and infinite possibility YOU!

NO stress, just you practicing to focus on being better; That in itself will stir up and begin shifting just like the “domino effect” all areas of your life for the better.

All the blessings to you and yours,

Love and Light, Britta

What is spirituality?

I feel that it is time for the free thinkers and consciousness revolutionaries amongst us to redefine old attachments and meanings to certain words.  One of these words is “spirituality”.

When I googled the word “spiritualist,” I found this description, “A person who communicates with spirits and promotes churches …” Interesting.  The definition seems to fit popular perception that a spiritual person is either a witch or a person devoted a particular religion  Either perspective can create the view of a spiritual person as a self-marginalized individual.

To me, the word “spiritual” is infinitely less limiting – I see everything as spiritual: the ocean, the forest, animals, laughter, communication, a hurricane or a baby being born.

To me, at the deepest level of the meaning of spirituality is the essence of everything in existence.  One may call it the grid, or the matrix or the energetic web of pure potential and possibility that interconnects us all.

I do feel spirituality to be of a love and light vibration.  Spirituality holds for me the quality of “goodness,” of “doing the right thing” and of treating every Being is an honest, respectful manner.  Does this sound naïve and if so does it then marginalize me as a Pollyanna? Or worse, does it marginalize me as an atheist?

Is spirituality free from religion!  Free from ritual or liturgy?

I say no.  Spirituality is ALL of these things and more.  It is uber-inclusive, uber-non-marginalizing.  It is the superset of all other.   Spirituality is not religion, but religion is a form of spirituality practice. Spirituality doesn’t care if you are a witch or a zealot.  It doesn’t care where you live, what you do for work and how much money you make. Everybody is able to choose spirituality, no matter which religion, place of birth, place of occupation or skin color.

On the conscious Human level, I believe spirituality is about choosing to be your true best self.  No matter who you are, I see you as spiritual in your essence. Spirituality is a practice.  Through practice you learn who you are and why you are here.  Your practice helps you make conscious choices that shape a life that make this self-realization possible.

A conscious, spiritual practice really gets challenged when something negative, dark or bad happens.  It is easy or easier to remain spiritual when all is well and one feels good but what happens when things go “bad”?  This is when a spiritual perspective is needed more than ever in my opinion.

In this light then, we can go further.  In fact everything has potential to be accepted as spiritual or even made spiritual through the power of perception.  A person practicing spirituality sees everything as spiritual in its essence  – he/she sees a world of potential even as seemingly dark and negative events and people present themselves.  This shift in perspective is the key to unlocking levels to which a Human Being can consciously choose spirituality.

Again, it is not about being in denial or acknowledging the pain and suffering which often occurs through challenges.  It is rather about aligning with the grid of the unconditional love perspective that pierces through the immediate experience into the depth of the truth. It is that any challenge is truly opportunity for growth, for healing and for activating more love and light potential, all of which awaits at the core of the experience.  Most often this also requires a solid dose of compassion for all involved.

Again, no matter who we are or where we are, we all have the power to reach for perspectives that bring out the good in everybody and everything.  Then, a spiritualist is a person who consciously chooses to seek out the highest possible perspective within any other Being or situation.  A Being who challenges the self to let go of judgment of any person or situation and who understands which choice in perspective will feed darkness and which choice in perspective will feed light. In this way, all who choose to find this alignment with compassion, unconditional love and wisdom activate the grid of pure love potential, activating the light.   This would make in my opinion a spiritualist a light worker ;0)))

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

Not too long ago my man and I were discussing on which side of his bed the crystal that I gave him for his birthday should go.

This conversation went something like this.

“Should the crystal go on the left or the right side of the bed?,” I asked. 

“You mean the right side I sleep on?,” he asked.

“You don’t sleep on the right side, you sleep on the left side,” I corrected. 

“Well standing in front of the bed, I sleep on the right side,” he insisted. 

“Yes, but when in bed you sleep on the left,” I pursued.

It really is such a great everyday example of how misunderstandings, confusions and misperceptions can occur in all areas of life.

I am sure you have experienced such a phenomenon where your sense of “how it all went down” in a situation and the other person’s sense of “how it all went down” are vastly different.  I always find it somewhat mindboggling. It can cause great frustration and even create great distance between people that generally care for each other.  As witnessed on the world stage, it wreaks even more havoc when countries are somewhat suspect of each other to begin with.

What does all this tell me?

It says that we ought to clarify. We ought to ask questions.   We ought to check our assumptions.

We ought to make an effort to understand the other person’s perspective in order to grasp completely his or her intentions so that you can respond appropriately and at very least you can agree to disagree. 

From my perspective, ultimately it is all about peaceful, unconditional co-existence on this earth.

So, even though you may not always agree with the other person’s experience, perception or opinions, by trying to understand the other you will hopefully open doors that will encourage empathy and mutual respect.

With Love and Light,



Comfortable in your Skin

Hello again : )

This month’s blog is about your skin … and whether or not you are comfortable in it!?

One of my clients said the other day: “All the work I have been doing on myself, has been so worth it! I am actually becoming comfortable in my skin.  I am being myself and I am ok with it!!!”

I loved my client’s comment and felt very inspired by it. Because ultimately isn’t it one of the most important aspects to being and happiness, to be happy in one’s own skin?!?

I assume that most of you who are reading this blog are on the path of bettering yourselves and practicing consciousness of being.  Are there ever times when you do feel uncomfortable in being you, unsure of yourself or insecure for example?  Do you ever feel uncomfortable in your skin?  I am sure this happens to you; it happens to everybody! These are the times and moments filled with valuable material for you!  The moments and times want to be keenly observed and worked with. Never judge! Breathe!!!

Always using the breath, try not to think or intellectualize what you are experiencing! If you are feeling something uncomfortable, then just feel it.  Remember you have to feel it to heal it!

Only if you feel your emotions unconditionally in the moment will you not store it.  Do not think while you are acknowledging to yourself what it is you are feeling.  This allows the emotion to flow right through you and then move on.  Emotions are energy and so are you.  Once the emotion has passed through you is it ok to turn back to your mind. 

Now you may ask yourself: “Where did this uncomfortable emotion come from? Was I judging myself?  Was I judging another Being or a situation? Was this perhaps old conditioning/programming showing itself?” “Did I judge myself through other people’s eyes, perhaps?”

By being honest with yourself you will now be able to identify this experience through the use of your mind and register what indeed created this discomfort in being you and/or being in your own skin.  From here you will have gained great conscious knowledge of yourself so that when it does happen again you will be better equipped to handle it:  better equipped to recognize the pattern which you have identified and stop it, and stop yourself in your tracks! 

Stop your thoughts, whether superior ego or victim ego and say “NO”!  “This is not an acceptable conditioning anymore, I refuse to engage in these thoughts!” Breathe and distance yourself from those old pattern thoughts for as long as you need to, no thoughts, just breath.

The key is to breathe and continuously shift away from those thoughts, knowing it is only conditioning, it is not who you really are!!! Take control of your mind!  Because you can! J
Enjoy working toward a more comfortable skin to live in as you are honoring your journey.

Namaste everybody,
Love and Light,

Our Religion

Happy Holidays!!!
How this time of year comes around so quickly again and again amazes me.

I would like to dedicate this month’s blog to hopefully inspire a higher level of thought or bigger picture perspective on a very touchy subject: “Religion”.

I went to a Christian Church last Sunday. As I was raised Christian by my family in the north of Germany; we weren’t particularly “religious” but we were certainly “God fearing”.

Since this last Sunday I hadn’t been to a church in decades.  I hadn’t been to a church in all this time mostly because I had found my own “Church” inside of me and have developed wonderful communication and connection with Source without having to attend a designated building.  Also, I have chosen not to be affiliated with any belief group but instead to honor them all.  In this way I feel in closer alignment to my original truth-source.

As I was sitting there in church, in the midst of many people, I could feel their despair, their struggle and pain as well as their hope and longing to belong.  Next I could see the different religions of our planet flash in front of me (my mind’s eye) with all their different traditions. This is when I remembered, that no matter the religion, tradition or heritage, we all have similar pain and struggle. No matter what part of the planet we are from, no matter which religion, belief or tradition, we all suffer the same!  We all feel!
Therefore none of us are better or worse than the next.  None of us are more or less chosen.  We are equal; we are all extensions of source equally.  Yes, we are born into different religions, traditions and cultures but neither is better or worse, more right or wrong; There is no “right way” or “the only way”.  We may have different karma, purposes and intentions for our lifetimes but our essence is the SAME!

We need to unite as people belonging to the same race, not separate from each other because of the details (religion, cultures, traditions…etc.) of how we experience this life. These “details” are simply human illusion, ego-based limiting perceptions which will keep us separate for as long as we allow ourselves to remain blinded.  We are all special in our own right, every single one of us.

Yes, there are fanatics in all walks of this life and those radical extremists could easily be judged as dark or unconscious.  Who are we to judge?
Is it our job to judge?  How about we simply observe and bring the focus back to our own selves and ask for blessings straight from Source to penetrate these Beings. “May their hearts open and may their wounds heal”.

We are all the same, we are all one and we are all here together. 

It is time to focus on acceptance, unconditional co-existence and “equality”.  And the ones of us who consider themselves “special”, “chosen” or “right” ought to take more responsibility in finding ways in which to unify rather than separate any further. 
The more conscious you are the more responsibility you hold in choosing Love and “Oneness” consciousness.

For as long as there is still “separation consciousness” present on this planet we have not completed our purpose-individually as well as globally.

To all of you conscious beings regardless of religious belief orientations: “Be the leaders in this love-choice”.

Take it as it comes

“Take it as it comes”

“Life will give to you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.For the experience you need, is the experience you are having at this moment.”

I encourage you to carefully consider this aphorism. Read it again.  Its says nothing about cars, jobs, mortgages, and 401k plans, but instead speaks of the “evolutionary of your consciousness.”  If this is not your goal, read no further …

In fact, this aphorism may be only true in the realm of a consciousness evolution perspective, as most of the things that we believe we need otherwise are mere distractions.  Choosing this perspective removes the clutter and helps you see and clearly accept what it is that you are experiencing in this moment. 

With all the economic challengers that we are experiencing in our lives today, this perspective is a breath of fresh air, especially compared to the alternative paths of “giving up,” “self pity,” “I am a loser,” “I am a victim,” etc.

When you remind yourself that everything happens for a reason, you start looking for the meaning of events instead of simply dealing with their ramifications; you start operating on a level where you stop reacting and begin to realize how you are in fact have a heavy hand in “co-creating” events in your life.

Recognizing that everything has a reason, gives your life reason; it will make life so much easier and more purposeful for you!!!   After all, no one wants to suffer without a cause, meaning or purpose! Plus I guarantee you that if you choose this perspective and let the events of your life take you inside of yourself with the intention of evolving on a conscious level, you will do so!!!
In this way a perception of suffering will turn into a new perspective of “what am I supposed to learn here?”

If you aren’t entirely convinced that everything happens for a reason, or that such a perspective change could significantly brighten your life, its really okay.  All that I ask is that you stay open to this possibility.  Try it out. The next time a problem arises, right it down on a piece of paper and tuck it away someplace safe.  Then come back to it in a week or two and look to see if any opportunities were created for you by it.

You are in charge of your mind. You are the boss of you.  Always remember, repetition is the mother of success.  Keep reinforcing what you want/choose and you will manifest it.  Do not deny yourself the right to choose, you owe it to yourself.

With Love and Light,

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