The day after – The Election.

light -what we are
Trust in the Light.
Today is the day after –
The Election.
Congratulations Mr. Trump.
Many people are still in outrage, protesting and feeling fear, sadness and betrayal;
but there are others, who are celebrating and foreseeing a great new future with blessed possibilities.
Only you know how much and how deeply this election affected you! All of you have felt it, in different ways of course but this has been impactful way beyond the candidate him/ herself.
This was much bigger than just an election.
It moved every single one of you for your own individual reasons.
You all voted your little hearts out with intention for a better life!
This is important, this is significant.
No matter who you voted for, you felt that you were making the correct decision for your own life and this country.
That is beautiful in itself.
And I want to acknowledge this.
This is our common denominator and we cannot loose track of this. But more importantly, we cannot place all our personal reasons into the hands of “The Donald.”
Your reasons, the reasons why you voted still matter to you and still deserve your focus and commitment.  Do not think for one second that anybody can fix these reasons but “You.”
This is a major call to action for all of us.  We must stay aware and present.  Nobody is rolling over here and we’re all going to play nicely together, as a unity, as a nation, as a collective and as
human Beings.
We must stay present to fairness, respect and equality. This is only the beginning of deep healing that must occur for the light vibration to increase.  We are squeezing the proverbial global pimple.  This process involves all of us, every single one of us, in unity. We are all from the same source, from the same love and from the same light.
I do want to address the

ight perspective.
I trust in the light wholeheartedly.
I love the light and I am in full devotion to the Light.
I also know with all my heart and fiber of my Being that the light orchestrates everything!  Everything!
The Light is always as many steps as you need ahead of any fear or density, which is only possible in a low vibration frequency dimension.
Fear and density are apart of this earthly consciousness experience, and we are all here together, to illuminate it with the light of our very own souls.  Nobody can do it for us, no president, no leader, no healer, no guru, only all of us together!
So I encourage you all to focus on your own light. This will not restrict any action or choice you will make toward your very own reason for voting.
On the contrary, this will encourage and support your vision… .
Choose wisely however, much darkness is circulating around.  If you feel anger, blame or hatred for another race, person, situation or circumstance, know, you are not in your full light alignment, guarantee.
Just know it. Don’t beat yourself up, don’t justify it either.  Just sit with the awareness for a moment.
We make our own choices –
for our own light.
“As lightworkers, we are only as good as our ability to maintain our emotional center.”
We must show compassion, be the pillars of light and lead by example.  It has always been the people that created the necessary change,
not the politicians.
Yesterday, 27 years ago, the Berlin wall came down.
This happened because people were tired of the separation and put pressure on the governments.  It has always been this way… let’s continue.
In the end we all want to live peacefully.  We all want for our children to laugh, feel safe, loved and abundant.
We all have plenty of light – let’s give a little!
With so much Love and Blessings to all,

Open to abundance.

Pura Vida Retreat and Spa Costa Rica

Open up to abundance.

The human race has turned away from their soul connections and essence as “plenty” and has accepted the ego as their boss and slave driver. The insatiable ego will never have enough and if need be – destroy it’s own young driven by the need to be the most powerful.

On our quest for more we have begun to destroy the very instrument that was created to supply us with all we could ever need – Earth. 

It is through our connection to Mother Earth that we receive an abundance of material prosperity, energy, strength and support. It is the Earth’s elemental force through which all of our own manifestations are born. It is her frequencies and influence that transform energy into matter and lend form to all ideas and endeavors we choose to focus on. 

Anybody who has given attention to the concept of “manifestation” generally perceives it as a co-creation with source, light, god and the field of infinite possibilities. The spiritually conscious teachers seem to have forgotten about the fact that our incarnations into human bodies must work with the earth frequencies, it’s energy and grounding in order to manifest consciously; and recognize ego, when it’s at work!

When we are not resonating with the Earth and it’s grounding energies we can feel spacey, confused, light headed, impotent, and unable to function properly in our lives. 

 If you are feeling overly fearful of lack or loss, or are scarcity minded, chances are you are not resonating with our Earth’s energy support. 

We have come here into our human bodies so we may experience the Earthly realm and the fullness of a human existence. This Earth plane is supposed to fulfill and supply our every need. But we have turned away from having plenty and are focused on not having enough instead.

It is time to shift back into an honoring and belonging connection with our Earth, so that plenty will be the experience for all it’s children again; plant, animal and human.

In opening to the bounty of Earth’s energy, you are opening to the energy of abundance and prosperity.

It is through the Earth that we eliminate excess or unwanted energies. The unwanted energies often block us from receiving and feeling peaceful.

No incarnation is a mistake or happened by accident. Every single one of us is here with great intention and purpose. No matter your story or your life’s circumstances; you must claim and accept all that is present in your life right now first, as a communication, so that you may heal, grow, evolve and strengthen from it. I invite you to use the Earth’s grounding and strengthening energies to do so and to assist you in manifesting the shifts and changes you desire. 

And since it is summer time, the perfect time to be out in nature, here are a few ideas on how to reconnect deeper.

–  Walk barefoot on grass or on the beach in the sand. Breathe deeply and slowly as you focus on your energetic connection with Mother Earth. Visualize, imagine or make belief that you are growing roots into the Earth. Feel your roots, grow them deeply and breathe into your feet. Give permission to release any unwanted or unsupportive energies and let them flow through your roots down into Mother Earth, as if your roots are your personal drain. Mother Earth is on board. She is here to support you and will recycle all the energy back around into the universe, where it will be turned back into it’s essence love and light.

–  As you are cleansed and grounded ask yourself:

“What am I looking to manifest?”

“Is what I am aiming for an ego desire or my hearts desire?”

The Earth’s grounding will assist you in recognizing which part of you is inspiring the desire!

– Simultaneously receive inward through your roots Mother Earth’s support and strength so that you may have all that you need to manifest and create from an empowered place within.

Now, while you are connecting with Mother Earth breathe and become strong in your energy. You are extension of creator, deeply rooted in Mother Earth, here to manifest consciously and freely.

– Another wonderful way to work with Mother Earth is through swimming in the ocean. Dip under water completely from head to toe, 

7 times. This will clear your chakras and energy bodies.

May your relationship and connection with Mother Earth be strong. May you receive all the support you need and may your manifestations be conscious and heart driven.

With much love and blessings of light to you and yours.



Freedom to love.


Freedom to love.

“It isn’t about who you love but how you love”, said Lennon.    

 I agree with John 100%. Who we love isn’t the issue; in the end nobody can give us permission but ourselves.  

Gay, straight or whatever other preference there may be. The issue is “how are you loving”? 

“How deep can you go?”

We know that marriage is merely a protection, which is supposed to have the outer world “accept” the desired union. For example, in the case of a tragic accident, the one partner if not of the opposite sex now finally has the right to visit their loved one in the hospital. (Sad but true in the case of an emergency, if not married, one doesn’t have the rights to visit their loved one in the hospital. Crazy huh?)

But marriage doesn’t immediately equal love, as we all know plenty of unhappy marriages.

As always the heart of the issue moves away from the outer world, direction inward. We can always love more and we can always love deeper. Love is good for our soul, it makes us happy and healthy, it clears karma, it raises our vibration… it makes us taste life. Love is the greatest flavor of life, however do we really savor this flavor called LOVE? Do we actually give ourselves permission to LOVE fully and do we even know what this feels like?

We have all learned “how to” love differently.

Some of us have learned that love hurts, that it betrays, some that love nurtures, that it abandons and others that love is critical. We already know that we replay the stories we have perceived and the patterns we have learned since childhood. Surely we can all agree, there are always deeper and purer levels to love. We can always love more!

Why wouldn’t we want to care to love more fully and more deeply? Why is it perceived as a risk by so many? 

Because we have shut down, because we have closed up or built walls so tall that they appear indestructible! 

We are afraid to get hurt again. I have a client who promised himself to never open up and “let that happen again”!

 One client said to me “I told myself, the less I feel the less I can get hurt”. 

Another said “I don’t think that I can ever trust again”.

Those are pretty big statements and hold great repercussion.

You may not realize this but when we promise ourselves “to never let that happen again” or “to never feel that again”, we give an agreement, an unwritten contract to ourselves, which will forever change the way we love. This verbal contract with ourselves is what shuts down the heart, builds up the walls and shifts us from feeling fully into intellectualizing everything.

You will want to go back in memory lane and ask yourself “what promises have I made to myself”?

So perhaps it isn’t about needing anybody to give you permission to love, but rather to free yourself from the chains of the past? It is up to you, it is your choice to free yourself so that you may love fully again!

If you are wondering about your levels of love and if you are incapable of loving deeply, you certainly want to invest some time to dig. 

It could be an ancient and deeply buried contract you made with yourself. 

Maybe you didn’t even really mean what you said at the time and have forgotten all about it.

One clue for you is to rewind life and remember the times of devastation. Remember when you cried for weeks over the loss of love. Don’t worry, you will not relive the pain but hopefully remember how you felt about the experience. 

Try to remember if in those moments of pain you gave yourself bad advice or reacted with a protective statement. 

Ask your subconscious: “what are my agreements or contracts that I have made in regard to love and the pain it caused me? 

Have I put protection mechanisms into place that are keeping me from feeling safe and open to love?”

Wait, this may take a few days, even weeks, keep asking; keep listening. Listen within, the answers as well as the communication is there. It needs you to choose it, as it takes two to tango. The answers will come, stay persistent.

Once you have your answers you now must take freedom into your own hands.

 I suggest you void all old contracts by writing them down on paper and burning them in a fire (full or new moons are a perfect time). Release the past, free yourself by proclaiming “I release you into the universe. I release you back into love and light consciousness.”

Next, you write down a new contract with yourself, one that promotes love and the feeling experience of it. One that affirms your safety in love and in feeling it.  

After all, emotions are just energy. You either let them flow through or build and strengthen them with thoughts. 

Speak this new statement out loud every day for 21 days.

I promise you things will change. You will begin to feel freer and lighter. You will feel more open yet safe in this openness.

You will feel more LOVE!

Choose love, choose your freedom to love and choose to taste life in its fullness. You deserve it and you owe it to yourself.

May you love deeply and may you love gracefully.

Blessings to you and yours.

With love and light,


The deeper your grounding…


“The deeper your grounding the greater your access….to everything you want!”

Grounding, as spiritual and hippyisch as the word may sound to many, is a real experience and thing. It isn’t illusive at all and mandatory if you take your growth, healing and expansion seriously.

My favorite image to use is the tree. The deeper the roots, the more magnificent the branches, leaves and fruit. The tree needs both energies to thrive. Earth’s nutrients and minerals, earth’s strengthening support for safety and security against the elements and it’s energy, in order to be of the earth.
It also needs the light! It needs the light’s life-force to grow. It needs the light’s vitamins and nutrients, and of course it’s energy.
You are no different from this tree. You, as an energetic Being must be rooted in order to be present to life in your physical body as well as have access to higher realms of your higher mind-guidance and truth.

Another great example for the importance of grounding is lightning. Below this blog I have posted some really cool and short videos for you. They show how lightning needs tracers that come up from the ground, or up and through fixtures to be an anchor for the lightning. In other words, the lightning doesn’t find it’s way all the way down to the earth without “a grounding” opposite to connect with. The earth’s energy reaches up and welcomes heaven’s energy, so the two may merge. Love it! It’s almost romantic!

As we are expanding in consciousness and are amidst this current paradigm shift, grounding will assist you to access your higher self, your soul and your divinity. These higher energies and light frequencies are your power, are your strength, your creativity and deepest joy. You want those energies to be able to reach you! You need those inspirations from the light for your expansions. Just as much as you want to be present to every moment of your life.

4 Easy steps to grounding:

1) Come into your breath. Slow it down, bring your awareness to it. Aim to reach the air into your belly, as deeply and as slowly as you comfortably can.

2) Now focus on your feet. You could be on an airplane, which does not make a difference. Energy is everything and everywhere in an instant!
But if you can, place your feet flat on the floor. Visualize, imagine or make belief that you are opening up through the soles of your feet and are growing energetic roots into our beloved mother earth.

3) Visualize, imagine, feel it, sense it or make believe that you are receiving in, through your roots, earth’s powerful strength and grounding energy. (Practice makes perfect!)

4) You are still breathing and receiving earth. Next you open up through body posture and awareness. Depending on where you are in the moment, it could be as simple as a straight back, shoulders down and back, chest out and head reaches up with the chin slightly tucked. Because your mind is clear, your breath is flowing, your grounding is established and your body posture is adjusted; you are now open to receiving light.
(- This may require repetition and practice for some. That’s ok.
Let go of expectations. Everybody is different, and so, how you will feel and experience it is yours to learn and find out. )

5) Receive and “Be”!
Once you have become comfortable with your grounding the process of connecting and receiving will become easier and faster every time.
You are now able to “be” because it requires a quiet mind.
To be present to the moments of life is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Further more, you are now aligned to seek out a higher perspective, access your higher mind or even allow higher guidance/inspiration to enter through your mind, which is your natural antenna. You are being the vessel through which earth and divine light flow with ease and grace.

This simple exercise will become easier and faster for you to do, I promise. The more you practice it, the easier it will become. I use this technique at any time and anywhere, within 4 seconds now.

I hope you will benefit from it greatly. May all your endeavors be blessed. May your heart be as open as the sky.
Until next time.
With Love and Light,

The Sound Of Music (August Blog)


Lately, I have become fascinated by sound.  A few weeks ago I organized a sound healing event for my friend, Tim The, a yoga teacher and shamanic sound healing facilitator who was visiting from Sedona.  When I first worked with Tim, I had an out of body experience!   This time — at our June event —  the sensations I felt as I surrendered to the sounds of all the instruments were different, but just as incredible.  I was experiencing movement within my body, but I wasn’t moving.  It was as if an invisible force was adjusting and shifting my physical body, yet I was laying as still as possible, simply observing and occasionally smiling.

Tim informed us that sound penetrates density with ease.  By “density” he meant the physical body, which is a highly dense manifestation of energy.

Of course, you know how music affects your mood.  The right musical tune can give you an energy boost like nothing else.  Music can lift your spirit, move your emotions, and give you courage.  It can activate your sexy side, your melancholy side, or your superhero side.

Can you believe that there is music within you?

Your voice is a magical musical instrument.  It carries vibration.  You may know that words carry vibration as well.  Here are some tips for “fine-tuning” (pun intended!)  yourself more consciously.  I’m also gifting you a crystal bowl mind clearing activation as a sample from my new program, “Light – Power – Action”.

*** The more consistently you speak your truth, the faster and more powerful your vibration becomes.  Speaking your truth assists the throat chakra to be open and clear, enabling you to speak from your highest wisdom.

*** Expressing your emotions in a calm and collected fashion also holds a very powerful vibration.  It’s as if you give your emotions a voice.  Every emotion can be shared and finds release when spoken from the heart in a calm manner.

*** Use your voice to speak your hearts desires out into the world.  It will create a resonance throughout your body, in your energy field and external environment.

Footnote:  It is important to see everything and also to express your feelings and truth.  Not everybody will always welcome your truth or what you have to share, especially if it isn’t what they want to hear.  That is OK.  It won’t affect your vibration negatively.  On the contrary, it will free you into stronger and lighter states of empowerment!

Use your voice consciously, and celebrate yourself through your sacred sounds.  Know that the words you speak are never “just words.”  Words hold tremendous power; the power to affect change, movement, emotion and connection with their vibration. Choose the place from which you create your words wisely.   There’s always time to pause and take a breath.  Communicate from a calm place.

Make music with your voice that will move you, inspire you, strengthen you, and build you into a fine-tuned instrument for the light.

As promised, here is the audio:



The quartz crystal singing bowl I am using in this audio is an A# note and stimulates the pineal gland as well as assists in clearing the mind.  As you know, clearing and mastering your mind is the most important practice for you to take on. Listen to this recording as often as possible, for instance first thing in the morning, on your way to work, on your lunch break, after work or before bed. It is only  7 minutes 40 seconds long.  Use it as a reset for yourself or as your daily meditation. However it fits you!




Light connection!

female dancing in sunset


Light connection.

Summer has arrived and most of us are feeling ready for a blissful time of sunshine, ocean, outdoor life and buoyant views in the precious weeks ahead.

This is a wonderful time to expand and open your mind, with the intention of merging with Mother Earth.  The purity of energy connection you receive from nature is the closest you can come to source energy, other than connecting directly with source/ God/light consciousness.  Not only do you have the opportunity to connect with flawless light, you also get to open and cleanse your mind!!!  Ahhhh… J

Imagine yourself walking along a beach.  Notice the ground you are stepping on; perhaps it is rock, shell or fine ground sand. Or, perhaps you are walking through a forest.  Look around and feel the life in the trees around you. Notice the vibrancy of all the colors!  The rich and luscious greens, the yellows, purple and red shades.

When you connect with Mother Earth, you let go of your thoughts and relax into the grid. As you are breathing and soaking up the peace, every single cell of your body begins to take in this awareness of light connection.

If you squint your eyes and relax, you can see the grid…a field of interconnected and brilliant lights. In this moment you salute to your essence, your source self, your light and infinite expansive self.  Free to expand through the connection of Oneness into infinite expansion!

Of course, all of this can only happen through a clear and open mind.  Logic, information, rational thought and understanding are good and important, but cannot “intellectualize” the experience for you. It is an experience and must be felt!

There has to be a balance between all the thinking you do, and the space you consciously create to open and expand your mind. Remember, you aren’t your thoughts, and thoughts are simply old programming.  There is so much more to you than your mind and connecting with nature will assist you in opening, clearing and aligning with refreshed inspiration.

I invite you to play with your clear-minded expansion, in the magnificent presence of nature’s bounty! Become one again, and soak up the healing light vibrations you loved so much and connected with when you were a little kid!

Enjoy this magical time of year of outside frolicking with a more conscious curiosity.

Blessings, love and light,




Own your personal power.



You may not always feel so UBER powerful but deep down in your core, in your essence you always are.  And the way to connect with your inner authentic personal power is in choosing a perspective that is active and places you “in charge” of your mind and your responses.

For example, you may be facing a situation in your life that is triggering fear, worry, what if or hopelessness in you.  This experience doesn’t feel great and in the past may have told you that you “just can’t win” and “what were you thinking”.   This is when you take in your deep, slow and conscious in/exhales and you remind yourself that it is time to shift perspective. How?                 Remind yourself that there is a silver lining, a blessing in disguise in every experience.  Everything happens FOR YOU!

At this point your logical mind will probably have a really hard time with the concept of everything “happening for you”! This is when you choose to trust that it is the truth. Blind faith! Personal power develops when you can tell your thoughts to go away and not come back.  Those doubting, fear and drama creating no good thoughts …. tell them “Go away!”. Focus back onto your breath.

Now allow your inner knowing, your deep wisdom to tell you what it is you are meant to gain from this situation! Where in all this  is your golden nugget of wisdom?  It could be you having to learn greater levels of patience, forgiveness, compassion or it could be that you are being called to trust that something better is right around the corner for you! Just because something didn’t work out or had an unexpected outcome doesn’t mean you are on the wrong track. Maybe you were thinking too small or maybe you were caught up in your ego’s wants and attachments!

Personal power develops and strengthens when you choose to instill trusting thoughts into your mind.  Trust in a higher wisdom and a greater knowing, much greater than your own Human brain. Thoughts are human and therefore limiting. Personal power is to choose your alliance with the infinite source of power within you, waiting for you to relax into it! Knowing that everything always works out for the better and that at a bare minimum you were clearing karma.

You own your personal power when you remind yourself that you are so much bigger than the Human drama. You are so much better than those thoughts that make you feel bad! You disempower yourself when you give drama/fear/doubt thoughts power.     You are infinite love consciousness, here to have a ball with your Human experience and to play big, really big!

Steer your thoughts into alignment with your inner wisdom and guidance.  This is where your true and authentic personal power originates from!  Claim it because only you can and relish in your well deserved results!  🙂

Thank you for spending your time with me.                                                                                                                                                                     With Love and Light,                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Britta


A spiritual perspective on Boston.

Blessings, Love and Light to Boston.                                                                                                                                                                                  Our hearts go out to all who suffer.

When my 9 year old daughter came home from school yesterday I asked her how she felt about what happened in Boston.                   She replied: “It is very scary mom and I feel really bad for the people.  I think that whoever did it is really stupid and negative and couldn’t control themselves.”

Our compassion extends itself to the ones hurt and the families and friends of those who have passed or are injured.   We feel their pain and the horror of an innocent and beautiful event being violated.  Most people had beautiful intentions and ran for a cause.     It was a positive event, filled with loving support, friends and families cheering on the runners; until it got disrupted by violence.

Who did it?  Who would do such a thing? And why?                                                                                                                                                            Whoever did it is not in a healthy place.  No human who has a happy heart and a peaceful mind would cause harm to others, period. Anybody who causes harm to another Being is mentally, emotionally and spiritually in the wrong place and disconnected from the “right” place.  The amount of suffering has never been greater on our planet.  From my spiritual perspective of Oneness consciousness, it is this “disconnect” that causes the pain in the first place.

Science is confirming and proving to us that we are One!  We are energetically interconnected and literally One.  Any harm or negativity we cause or wish upon another, we cause and wish upon ourselves.  The time has come to think as One, to act as One and to feel as One.  It is necessary to teach this Oneness because modern science and spirituality are One and teaching us new truths. (Not really new but new to most Humans).  It is up to us to listen and learn; and to use it positively.

Therefore we must extend our Love and Light wishes not only to the ones who were hurt, suffering and shocked but also to the ones who did it.  We have to stop the cycle of drama, violence, blame, hatred, fear and focus on love.                                                              Only love heals!  Love is the only answer.

“May their pain and suffering be healed.  May they find peace and connection to their light.”

Lets stand as One in Healing and Love. We are the masses, we hold the strength and the power in numbers; If we only focus on our Oneness, Love and Light as strength. Science is confirming that we create our reality and that what we focus on manifests.  This is the only way we will transcend the fear/negativity into love and light experience on our beloved planet.

It is a challenging shift for us Humans because this perspective seems so “far out”.  I invite you to sit with it, resonate with it.  Research quantum physics. Find the truth!  Do not stay stuck in fear and drama.  Move beyond it, rise above.  The time has come.

Blessings, Love and Light to all Beings.






Striving for wholeness is the path of enlightenment.  And yet what you are striving to become is in essence already who and what you are. It is who you always have been and who you always will be.

The path toward wholeness is a journey inward. Because the Human illusion has programmed layers upon layers covering up and distorting your already existing wholeness and light.

This journey moves deeper and deeper toward your core as you are opening up and letting the light shine into places you may have forgotten or not yet questioned. This may require a profound recognition, radical honesty in admitting to yourself something you have long denied.

The most important aspect to this wholeness is your acceptance of your origin, your source, god or greater consciousness. As you allow that divinity to love you, support you, guide you and heal you, you will feel free to illuminate all limiting aspects of yourself unconditionally.  Free to be whole, to be love and to be you….. finally ;0))).

Blessings to all.  Thank you for joining me.



I would like to invite you to join this preecast tonight at 7.30pm.

Greetings my friends,

Blessings on this cold winter day, here in Southampton, NY.

I would like to invite you to join me this evening at 7.30pm for a spreecast with Eszter Vajda. You will be able to ask me question and get into active dialog with all participants.
The topic will be “a conversation with Britta”, which will revolve around Love, Light, Truth and Spiritual empowerment.
For more information please click on the link below.

I hope to see you there.
With Love and Light,

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