Conscious manifestation.

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“Conscious” Manifestation!

I hear the slogans out there within the spiritual communities, “you can manifest anything you want, right here, right now!”

“All you have to do is want it and allow it!! I laugh!

I don’t laugh because it is impossible, I laugh because we think we are in charge!

We get so caught up with “wanting” and “needing” change that we trip ourselves up and miss the process of the unfolding, which is meant to teach us and is happening for a reason.

Every moment of our lives is a manifestation, whether we like it or not. And trying to escape the discomfort is basically escaping the growth.

Plus, spirituality has become a money-making industry, which is suggesting to us that we can change our circumstances NOW!

This results in people blaming and shaming themselves as incapable or not worthy because they aren’t able to manifest as quickly as some others suggest.

For example, I heard a woman say with resignation in her voice, “I guess I am just not a good enough “manifester”. Maybe I am not meant to manifest?”

That’s not what spirituality is about and not what it is meant to do for us. Spirituality is not about racing ahead, pushing the river or to prove how powerful we are.

Surely we are “manifesters” and are powerful incarnations of gods and goddesses, but we are here to evolve on a soul level first and foremost. If something you really, really want is not to your highest and greatest good, guess what, you’re not going to get it. Or, you may get a washed down version of what is possible by forcing and willing it into existence that will only backfire and serve you as yet another lesson.

Manifestation only serves us if and when we are consciously manifesting from our souls wisdom. This co-creation requires a relationship with our higher self. As any healthy relationship it requires trust and listening, it takes time and attention. When we are aware of this relationship with the part of our soul that knows our intentions for incarnating, we feel when it is time for action, for preparation or for patience.

When we are in relationship with our higher self, manifestation becomes a dance, a rhythm and enjoyable. We do not need to push the river anymore or aim to stroke the ego by having to impress. We trust that all manifestations will materialize, when the timing and all circumstances are in perfect alignment to assure success and greatest impact. This way, manifestation becomes a dance that is effortless, confident and empowered.

As with everything here on earth, the concept of manifestation is a wonderful tool to measure our inner connection with our higher guidance. In the end this entire earth play is just an illusion and made up out of energy.

The second we get caught up in the manifestation drama of how and when we want it to happen, we are caught up in the illusion and have lost our true self connection. Meanwhile we miss out on the lessons and the growth we gain mostly from uncomfortable experiences.

“Yes,” so maybe it does suck, not to be able to pay your rent on time. I’ve been there! And it made me stronger! I learned to trust in myself and in the light.

I gained in self-respect, patience and persistence. There is a higher orchestration governing everything and the ultimate way of manifesting is to learn to connect with its energy. To step into the flow of right timing means to pay attention to what we feel deep within. And we may very well feel the passion and excitement that comes with creating something meaningful to us, only to become disappointed by it not working out the way we had hoped it would. Again, I have been there! To get shut down on an idea and creation of mine many, many times over before it finally came into flow was highly frustrating and deflating. But it served me in the long run, it strengthened me, it broke my ego, it gave me perseverance and most importantly – myself.

In the end this is what all manifestations are meant to give to us – ourselves. No matter how big or small the manifestation, it will take us through a process and give to us what we need the most spiritually and on our soul level. It is not about the accomplishments, they will be there if you keep following your passion and inspiration. It is about the journey of healing, growth, trust, strengthening and authentic empowerment that comes with every manifestation.

Whatever your hearts desires may be, know that most likely you will be taken through a unique process, distinct to your souls evolution. The manifestations that take the longest will be the ones worth working and waiting for, because they will stand the test of time. And, the longer the process the stronger you will be to own your responsibilities that come as a package deal.

Trust that what is meant to be yours will appear in your reality. The soul that you are is always aiming to steer you onto the highest path of your potential for this lifetime, in all areas of your life.

With blessings of love and light,


Ask for what you want!


You must declare to God, the Universe, Source, your partner, your friend, your co-worker, etc. what it is you want.

I grew up not being able to ask for much.  My mom was a single mom, working 2-3 jobs to be able to pay the bills, my dad was unavailable, so I learned or got programmed not to ask for things. Only later in life did I re-learn or re-program myself to express myself and better yet to ask for what I want and need.  And let me tell you, it is so important to express your desires in every way!

When you ask for what you want, need and desire out loud to God as well as to your fellow Humans, you are honoring yourself.           You deserve everything your heart desires. Of course you need to know what it is you really want and desire.  Sometimes it may be a great idea to make a list of everything you desire.  Make it a “wish list” or “list of desires”. Go into specifics.

Speak the words out loud: “I am ready and open to receive …X….Y….Z….. in every way and on all levels; this or something better.”

Imagine the Universe as a great big restaurant where you must speak your orders in order to be heard, so you may receive them 😉                 Have fun speaking your orders, own what you want and deserve.  And hold onto the positive expectation that your order will be up as soon as possible. It is a Universal law.

Have a blessed day,

Love and Light,


“We are all the same, but different”

So many of us feel like we are not as special as some others. Some feel they are more special than others. We often put others on pedestals and while at time we are self exalting.

This is certainly the work of the ego and it is the ego’s force that seeks out to divide us.  The ego feeds the illusion perspective of separation.  Science is proving, however, that we are all energetically interconnected and therefore literally One.   Oneness is the truth perspective and ego is the false and illusion based perspective of the Human drama play.

As we are One, we are all the same.  We are all equally the same.  We are all equally extensions of source.  No one of us is more or less than another.  We enjoy total equality.

The ego will want to say things like, “Ok but I make $10 million a year and that makes me better than someone who makes $10 thousand.”  “She is a movie star, I am not as special as she — she is extraordinary.”

“I have no skills, I am a loser.”  “I wish I was as great and successful as he.”  And the list goes on and on for most of us.  Of course there is a wide range of higher to lesser extremes on the scale.

As you can clearly see, it is the negative side of the ego, which has us compete, see ourselves as better or less than another, which promotes separation from our innate equality.

It is your personal job to recognize when your ego wants to separate you from your true Oneness and equality with all other Beings.  As you allow your ego to run its divergent course, you suffer the consequences.  When you allow the ego to run your thought patterns and beliefs into separation you will naturally feel unhappy, lonely, frustrated, angry, depressed, anxious, etc.  On this path, you will very likely speak words and take actions that will dislodge you more from your true core self and from others while causing an even deeper sense of separation and darkened mood.

It is up to you to keep your ego in check.

When you manage to stop the ego thoughts you will begin to feel comfortable in your individual differences.  You will then begin to thrive in the truest sense of the word because there is less remaining pressure to compete, to fight for, to outshine, to control, to separate yourself from anybody.  On the contrary, you will realize that there is plenty for everybody and everybody fits perfectly into the grid of Humanness and supports you as well as the whole with their individual differences.

The key for you is to understand that you are different, in a good way.

The difference is obvious in looks, likes and dislikes, preferences, behaviors, gifts, certain abilities, talents, quirks, habits, skills, etc. Yes you are different in so many wonderful ways but still equal to all other Human Beings.  We are all different but the same!!!!

It is worth the effort to shift yourself into your true self and out of the illusion of separation.  It will make for a better and healthier life in every way and on all levels.  When you free yourself from the negative ego and allow the equality with everybody you will begin to thrive emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Always remember, you are the same as every other Human.  You may be different but surely the same and certainly very special. ;0)))

With Love and Light,



Hello everybody 🙂

I wise being has said, “Patience is the silken cord on which are strung the pearls of virtue.”  Edmund Burke said, “Our patience will achieve more than our force.” Why is it a strength or moral goodness to endure difficulty or hardship without complaint?

Well, from the bigger picture perspective, time doesn’t even exist.  Everything already “is” in form of potentiality.  So in order to have the opportunity to practice patience, one would have to be in the experience of the “Human” perspective, bound by time and by attachments to outcomes.

Really, patience is part of the manifestation process. We as Humans manifest all the time; more often unconsciously than consciously.  But, when we do want something consciously and are focused on “making it happen,” we are attached to the end result and to a certain time frame within which impatience may rear it’s ugly head.  This is what we could call “collective consciousness programming;” everybody experiences it in relation to their individual surrender and trust in a higher purpose and good for all involved.

Meaning, do all you can on all levels and then let go and let God have his way with you.

Most of the time when it seems that nothing is happening everything is happening.  This is also exactly the time when things go sadly wrong – people give up thinking that nothing is happening and they stop focusing on their manifestation. 

Remember, positive change is trust versus doubt. 
Change takes time, manifestations can take time. Often involved are so many factors, often much more then we are able literally to imagine at our current state of development. 

Energies, dynamics, openings and opportunities are being created and often if one avenue doesn’t pan out an even greater and much more appropriate one is being prepared. As long as you keep up your end of the bargain and focus on positive thinking, speaking, doing, acting and remembering that every challenge already has an opportunity or solution attached to it, you are doing your part. At least twice a day, permit your self to wallow in your senses, transport yourself into the very “feel good” experience that you are seeking. 🙂 Breathe and trust 🙂 and do not allow impatience to disrupt your energy or divert the many manifestations that you are co-creating.

With Love and Light,

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