Slow and steady wins the race ;)



We all have wants and desires, goals and intentions; and it is so easy to want it “now”!                                                                            Patience is truly a virtue when it comes to manifestation.

How much commitment and will power does it take to change a pattern within yourself?!? A lot! Right?!?                                            You changing and influencing yourself is easy because “you” are the only thing that you have full control over!   Now think about your goal or desire, it involves the outside, doesn’t it? It involves outside circumstances to fall into place.  And yes, the universe is working with you and supporting you but the universe has no control over other Humans.   Outside manifestations always involve other Humans. Sometimes you have to wait for other Humans to “get it”.  If one Human doesn’t, another will, that’s the good news.

Sooner or later we will always get what we want. Meanwhile stay steadfast in holding the focus, maintaining positive expectation and trusting that when the timing is right, everything will fall into place.  It is a universal law.   The key is for you not to loose your focus.  Do not give into negative thoughts that may tell you “it’ll never happen”. If you believe those thoughts you cancel out all the manifestation you have created so far.

Keep going, slow and “STEADY” wins the race!

Blessings, Love and Light,


You are the project ;)



You are the project not your projects. 😉

You are the reason for your incarnation not your accomplishments; they are second. How well you maintain yourself in your own balance, stay in your center, focus on conscious co-creation, maintain inner peace whilst experiencing challenges and the level of honor and respect you give toward yourself and all other Beings is what really matters for you in this lifetime.  In essence, how well you are expressing your innate love-self is what defines your success.

Most of us are goal-driven, focusing on what we would like to accomplish: where we want to get in life, what school we want our kids to go to, how much money we wish to save before we retire, the completion of the program we are working on, how to get through the divorce, how to get a better job …  These is all appropriate deliberations and arguably essential to modern life.

But we so easily forget or simply don’t even know that the focus wants to be you!  You want to focus on yourself as you are moving through your steps toward your accomplishments.  How you respond rather than react to any challenge or person is what really matters.  This perspective is the most important focus of your life, really.  Yes, you wish to create your life a certain way but in the end it isn’t about what you accomplish, it is about how you accomplish it.

You – the project, is here to choose wisely and your choices are meant to reflect a reverence for all life and its creations.  The goal for your incarnation is not only to choose with the highest and greatest good for all in mind but also to respond to life and its challenges with patience and acceptance.

If you do not take the challenge to be the best “You” that you can be in this lifetime, you will re-incarnate into greater pressing life situations to make yourself the “project” once again.

Look out for personal challenges because when you feel challenged/triggered you have the greatest opportunity to practice expressing yourself through the love and light choice, which will be to the highest and greatest good for all involved.  You know when you feel tempted or driven to choose in a dishonoring way, don’t you.  You know when you feel urges to choose in non-supportive ways, don’t you.  You know yourself well, of course you do, you live with yourself every day.

So you must parent yourself and shift yourself to higher ground.  You– the wise and smart you, the bigger you, the generous you, the honest you, the kind you — must lead the way into better choices that in time will become your “norm”.  Allow for the bigger you to keep an eye on the “programmed” you and lovingly and unconditionally nudge you gently when necessary.

Do not minimize yourself by allowing old and unsupportive ways to represent YOU!

Take it step by step, choice by choice into greater alignment with your true identity self – unconditional love and light being. This is the only reason for you coming here!

Your presence here on earth is meant to reflect your true identity self, love and light.  Whenever you observe yourself not being the reflection of this energy exactly, you know that you have more work to do on the main project, “YOU”.

Have fun with the project “YOU” and enjoy the ride.





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Patience has always been a tuff one for me.  I really had to learn the practice of patience.  I have learned that I cannot push the metaphorical river.

The practice of patience also infers that you have trust in the creation process of the divine, of source, God, Love, Light or whatever you feel comfortable naming this greater consciousness. It always co creates with you and it is always concerned for your highest and greatest good.

Science is confirming that you are here to create your own reality.  It is however essential that in the face of challenge you maintain a positive expectation despite what your ego thoughts will tell you. It is your job and your responsibility to hold the positive vibrational space for the creation of your desire to fit into.

Remember to breathe deeply and slowly, it will help you to let those negative ego thoughts float by.

Good things do come to those who wait and patience does pay in the end. It is a universal law.

Thank you for joining me today.

Blessings, Love and Light,



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