Love your pain!

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Love your pain!

Spirituality has become almost trendy and the navel perspective is the new cool.  Many people feel the calling and have a knowing that it is the direction to go in…, “why” they don’t really know but it just seems to “feel” so right.

Of course there is a great reason as to why spirituality is influencing “main stream” and the pop culture of our time.

Earth is evolving, the vibrations are rising and nothing can or will stop this consciousness evolution as this time. The sound “OM”, which is the sound that penetrates everything here on earth used to be measured at 7.83 Hz.  This was also known as Mother Earth’s heart beat.  In the recent years we have seen an increase of the earth’s frequency up to 17.00 Hz, which affects our brain waves and has humanity “wake up” as a result.

This increase is also the reason why my 12-year-old daughter says to me, “Mom, time is moving so fast, please stop it and slow it down! I don’t want for it to go by so quickly!” The earth’s frequency increase is the reason why we have been experiencing “time flying by”.

We are becoming conscious, “YAY” but the transition isn’t always easy.This consciousness shift will take us out of the suffering of the illusion into awareness of living in the dream, or being the dreamer of your own dream.  But in order for us to transition, any density will have to be released, as it cannot sustain itself within the higher frequencies.

What does this mean you might ask? This means we have to grow and evolve and life will push us into it, whether we like it or not. The density I am speaking of are your emotions and mental patterns that keep you caught up in the illusion/drama and therefore in low energy frequency.

So then what will take you out of the lower “suffering” vibration into the higher frequencies of lighthearted living?

Acceptance and love!

You already know that judgment of the “suffering experience” doesn’t produce light!

You also know that denying or escaping the “suffering experience” will only result in blaming and shaming of somebody or something.

And you also know that living in fear, worry or doubt doesn’t support your well-being.

Even though these are just a few examples of how we stay stuck in the suffering of the illusion, they certainly are “normal” knee jerk reactions we all still indulge in.  Some people even justify their suffering as if addicted to the “known”.

It is your job and responsibility to  relax with the discomfort and learn to breathe into it!Only a relaxed state of acceptance will lighten the experience and only an unconditional perspective will heal and clear the old patterns.

As you already know it isn’t about the other person or circumstance that is causing your suffering; hence the “navel perspective”. Whatever suffering arises from within you was there before the present moment, otherwise it couldn’t have gotten triggered.

The way you unhook yourself from the victim mode of the illusion “things happening to you” and shift yourself into love and acceptance of your experience is by letting the discomfort point you inward to the place within, where low vibration is ready to be lifted and raised up.

In essence this means “learn to love your pain”.

No experience is ever bad and everything happens for you, so you must follow it inside of yourself and shine the light of wisdom and compassion into the suffering patterns that stand out like a sore thumb.

You want to learn to release the judgment from within you because your soul doesn’t judge, which will bring in light.

You also must face all emotions with unconditional acceptance because only love heals.

When you let go of attaching to fear because your soul doesn’t fear, you will make tremendous space for love and light (more of your essence).

Ultimately you will learn to love everything!  You already are infinite love and light and anything other than being your true self – just won’t do!

I wish there was a magic wand or a pill that I could give to you, so that you would master the art of loving every experience with unconditional acceptance, but I don’t have either. Please know – It is this way for a specific reason. You incarnated so you would do it for yourself.   It’s your incarnation to own and become powerful in.

Only by being love and unconditional acceptance will you strengthen within!

I know, I know, it’s easier said than done…. but as always, slow and steady wins the race. Do your best and you will naturally become stronger and better at it. Spirituality doesn’t mean you will feel “blissed out” everyday, it means you are consciously working on clearing and healing your soul; it means you are lifting yourself out of the suffering cycle of the illusion, because only you can!

Blessings of love and light to you and yours,


A spiritual perspective on Boston.

Blessings, Love and Light to Boston.                                                                                                                                                                                  Our hearts go out to all who suffer.

When my 9 year old daughter came home from school yesterday I asked her how she felt about what happened in Boston.                   She replied: “It is very scary mom and I feel really bad for the people.  I think that whoever did it is really stupid and negative and couldn’t control themselves.”

Our compassion extends itself to the ones hurt and the families and friends of those who have passed or are injured.   We feel their pain and the horror of an innocent and beautiful event being violated.  Most people had beautiful intentions and ran for a cause.     It was a positive event, filled with loving support, friends and families cheering on the runners; until it got disrupted by violence.

Who did it?  Who would do such a thing? And why?                                                                                                                                                            Whoever did it is not in a healthy place.  No human who has a happy heart and a peaceful mind would cause harm to others, period. Anybody who causes harm to another Being is mentally, emotionally and spiritually in the wrong place and disconnected from the “right” place.  The amount of suffering has never been greater on our planet.  From my spiritual perspective of Oneness consciousness, it is this “disconnect” that causes the pain in the first place.

Science is confirming and proving to us that we are One!  We are energetically interconnected and literally One.  Any harm or negativity we cause or wish upon another, we cause and wish upon ourselves.  The time has come to think as One, to act as One and to feel as One.  It is necessary to teach this Oneness because modern science and spirituality are One and teaching us new truths. (Not really new but new to most Humans).  It is up to us to listen and learn; and to use it positively.

Therefore we must extend our Love and Light wishes not only to the ones who were hurt, suffering and shocked but also to the ones who did it.  We have to stop the cycle of drama, violence, blame, hatred, fear and focus on love.                                                              Only love heals!  Love is the only answer.

“May their pain and suffering be healed.  May they find peace and connection to their light.”

Lets stand as One in Healing and Love. We are the masses, we hold the strength and the power in numbers; If we only focus on our Oneness, Love and Light as strength. Science is confirming that we create our reality and that what we focus on manifests.  This is the only way we will transcend the fear/negativity into love and light experience on our beloved planet.

It is a challenging shift for us Humans because this perspective seems so “far out”.  I invite you to sit with it, resonate with it.  Research quantum physics. Find the truth!  Do not stay stuck in fear and drama.  Move beyond it, rise above.  The time has come.

Blessings, Love and Light to all Beings.



Lets redefine spirituality.



What is the new experience of spirituality?

The modern understanding of spirituality is free from religion.  It is free from “the only way” attitude.  It allows unconditional co-existence within all choices available for Humans to pick from. Spirituality is kind and compassionate whilst strong and able to give tuff love.  It has nothing to do with being “weak”, a “push over”, an “air head”, a “hippy freak” or a tree hugger.  (However I do hug trees and I love it).  ;0)

Spirituality is not poverty, on the contrary it allows oneself to be apart of the vast ocean of abundance.  It accepts Money as an energy and when used in the right way, an asset to all.

Spirituality is a mind set, an attitude.  Just because one chooses the path of spirituality doesn’t mean he/she is now perfect and won’t make mistakes. It is hard work and a commitment that will take you as deep as you are willing to go.

It is the most rewarding journey because it focuses on bettering the self. No outside person necessary to connect with spirit for you,  you connect directly with God, Source, Greater Consciousness, Universe…. all by yourself. Because you can and because it is who you are.  An extension of infinite possibilities incarnated, having a temporary Human experience.


Enjoy the Love,




Spirituality is a practice

A few blogs ago, we recognized that spirituality is at the core of everything in existence including each one of us.  We also established that there is no exclusivity to spirituality; everybody has the same spiritual potential irrespective of her particular religious devotion.

Yet, if this is all true, then why isn’t this planet healthy?  Why isn’t there enough food to eat for everybody?  Why isn’t there peace?  Because manifesting oneself as a spiritual Being is a choice – spiritual potential does not imply spiritual reality.

How often do you feel frustrated with a person or situation?  And in that moment, do you feel like being all Zen and peaceful-like?  Do you even think about it? Probably not!  In a moment of emotional stirring you somewhat feel entitled to your feelings, don’t you?  But why? You are supposed to be this spiritual Being?!?  So what’s the problem?

Truth be told, it is so much easier to be friendly and forthcoming, charming and interested when we are feeling good, positive or at ease.

But boy isn’t it so much harder to stay cool and collected, calm and under control when the heat is on!  (And yes, you must always feel all emotions unconditionally but that’s a different blog ;0) )

Spirituality is a practice!!!

It is a conscious choice again and again and again, for the rest of your life – a journey of consciousness one might say.  The practice of spirituality is all about an awareness of you, preferably on all levels of yourself.  It is an awareness of choosing the right frame of mind, the frame of mind that will be supportive to you and others. It is an awareness of right and wrong in the context of what will lead you to being more spiritual rather than less.

You know when you are choosing something that will affect another Being or yourself in a negative way.  You know when you are reacting. You know when you are being impatient.  You know when you can’t say “No” even though you wanted to.  You know when you are closing up… etc.  And if you don’t know yourself that well yet or you don’t care about the effects of your choices, then this is opportunity for you to want to pay closer attention to yourself, because life has a way of pushing one into growth, like it or not.  This is when one has to learn certain lessons the hard way.  This is, by the way, also apart of the spiritual practice.

We must evolve.  It is inevitable.  Sooner or later everybody will, in this lifetime or another.

You don’t even have to call this practice “spiritual”.  But why wait for the universe to hold the mirror up to your face when you are much better of practicing to be a better version of you by your choosing?  Focusing on this awareness and monitoring your frame of mind can actually be really fun, exciting and super cool.  It isn’t easy but it certainly is empowering and it will free you into heights you could have not imagined.

But who am I really kidding… hi hi hi … we all need spirituality in our lives, yes we do!  Without it we are incomplete! Why?  Because you ARE  a spiritual Being.  You are IT!  The more you practice, the more of IT you ARE.  That’s the practice in a nutshell.  So lets practice being spiritual… LOL!!! 

Imagine yourself as the true you, the real you, and how does the true and infinite all-wise, all-knowing you handle, welcome and accept lives challenges?  You are off to a great start when you ask yourself, “ What would the fearless me, the courageous me, the unconditional me, the light me do in this moment?”

It is not easy and hence takes PRACTICE YAY ;0)… because we are so used to what we know and what we are comfortable with. It takes practice to NOT do the same old same old again and again… ;0)))

But practicing to be the “real you” will make you feel light and grounded at the same time.  It will give you courage you never had before.

It will change your life for the better, it will change you for the better.

What do you have to loose, is what you are holding onto really worth it?

Take it easy, feel and observe!

By the way, this “practice” I am referring to may happen in the midst of real life situations.  You may sit on the bus or subway, stand in line at the grocery store, drive your car or do the dishes.  It is a general self reflection, unconditionally of course.  Take yourself in and direct your self supportive thoughts toward the great and infinite possibility YOU!

NO stress, just you practicing to focus on being better; That in itself will stir up and begin shifting just like the “domino effect” all areas of your life for the better.

All the blessings to you and yours,

Love and Light, Britta

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