Negativity, no more!

We have entered a time when we can no longer afford to hold onto negativity, let alone feed it.

As of this past Monday, July 29th — with the exception of the Sun and Uranus — all other planets in our solar system lined up to form a magnificent sextile (or, pentagram), around the earth.  The energy of this extraordinary planetary alignment will accelerate our manifestations, and support us in achieving our goals and dreams for the next 12 months.  This celestial event will not happen again for another 100 years!

However, the Universe does not differentiate between supportive and unsupportive manifestations. It is therefore imperative that we clear ourselves of negative perspectives.  In other words, what we create, will accelerate – no exceptions.  Negative, as well as positive.

We must therefore be ever-mindful of where we place our focus. That doesn’t mean we should be afraid to acknowledge or, worse still, try to ignore negative feelings and thoughts when they come up.  However, what we must not do is dwell, obsess or feed heavy perspectives or states of mind that diminish our emotional well-being.

So, what do you do when you have sour thoughts? What if a friend or family member said or did something that really made you feel bad?  Or, perhaps your boss is impossible to deal with, and you’ve had a lousy day at work? All these negative experiences affect us and the effects can linger long after, as a continuous replay of thoughts and voices in our heads.  It’s in these times we need to apply some mental discipline.  We must literally parent and stop ourselves.  We must acknowledge the thought, feel the emotion, and then release it.

Ultimately, know that anything — even something “terrible” — can be viewed as an opportunity for growth, healing and trust.

If you have worked with me, you know that my favorite tool is the breath.  I personally breathe through negativity and am able to transform it that way.  It takes practice to do this however.  So, if you need something more active or tangible, how about using physical action to help purge negativity from your system?

august blog imageStart by picking any sport or physical activity you enjoy.  For example, if you like to play tennis, every time you hit that ball “give it away.”  In yoga, set an intention to squeeze the toxic energy out of your mind and body.  If you like to walk or run, set an intention for every step to release negativity into Mother Earth.  Mother Earth will recycle it back around into the universe.   Allow your imagination to run wild, and visualize yourself getting “cleared out” mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. The key is to release the negativity from your mind and heart.

The time is ripe for conscious awareness, and for the creation of positive vibration in our lives.  Keep in mind that from a spiritual perspective negativity isn’t even real. It is part of the illusion, mind created.

So, what are you letting go of? Nothing that is worth holding onto anymore J because you deserve better.  We all deserve better!

Namaste my friend.

May you be the Master of creation you have come here to be!


Fears are foes.

So many of us are plagued by fears.  There is the fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of snakes, fear of water, fear of germs, fear of dentist etc.

Then there are more internal and intangible fears such as fear of loss, fear of abandonment, fear of success, fear of love, fear of commitment, fear of failure, fear of public speaking, just to name a few.

Here is the most common fear of all: “Fear of the unknown”.

All these fears feel real and can be quite debilitating. The strange this is … none of these fears are actually real.

Fears result from our conditioning or programming.  They stem from past experiences and the perceptions of those events.  You were born without fears (give or take a few fears from past life time’s carry over ;0).   Essentially, you were born fearless:  free to explore and with a clean slate.

So if fears are just programming and not who you are, then why do they hold such power over us?  It is almost as if our society has deemed fears as dangerous daemons, made them out to be bigger, smarter and more powerful than we are and could ever be.  Why do we so readily accept these fears and why do we identify with them as if they are something cool and interesting to share?  Fears have become a conversation piece for entertainment.  How many times have you dramatically shared your fear of heights for example?  How many times have you accepted another failed attempt at business or relationship because of your inability to give it your all? How many times have you let a fear hold you back?

You know fears are like a bad domino trick – you allow and accept one fear, which makes accommodation for another fear, and that for another – next thing you know your pillars of confidence are collapsing uncontrollably.  Fear breeds fear, it builds upon itself.

Fears are energy suckers, they literally drain the life force out of you.


The more predominant your fear, the more it weakens you.   At the moment that you know for example that you feel the need to change something but in reality you don’t because you are too fearful of the unknown, you are a little bit weaker than the previous moment.

And all because you haven’t realized yet that you give fear its power.

Without you fear is powerless!  It needs you to feed it, to accept it, to engage it and to keep it alive.  You feed it and keep it alive with your thoughts.  You justify and even identify with your fear through your thoughts, when in truth you are not your thoughts and you are certainly not your fears (because your fears don’t exist, remember?)

When you overcome your fear and you move through it to the other side you are strengthened.  You’ve taken back your power back.  You are less self-debilitated.  You’ve freed yourself from imprisonment.

You have to want it though.  You must choose to and desire to be liberated and more empowered than ever before.  Imagine yourself fearless!  What would you do?  What wouldn’t you do?

Once you can see yourself free from your fear, you are ready! You can feel it.  You are ready to move through it.

What you want to do is lean into your fear.  Get to know it.  Realize that without your thoughts, it has no substance.  Lean into it deeper still.

Iguana picture by Britta Dubbels

Feel your resistance to it and lean into that. By moving into it you are literally taken the power out of it.  It’s like stepping into a dark, cold and scary room, once you turn the lights and the heat on you will see that there is nothing scary about the room at all.  You may even begin to like the space of the room so much that it’ll become your new favorite hang out space.  When you lean into your fears, you will realize that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.  Your fears aren’t real unless you make them real.

So be bigger than your fears, be smarter and face them fearlessly because that is who you really are.  Make it real … let your siblings, your friends,  and your colleagues know that they can change their debilitating fears as well



One random act of kindness a day!

I was watching a movie with my 9 year old daughter the other day and the big question of the movie was: “How do I make this world a better place?”  The answer was: “One random act of kindness a day!”

My little Naya immediately suggested: “I want to do that, I want to help! Mom, let’s go pick up the garbage on the beach”, and so we did.

But then what?

“What other random acts of kindness can we do Mom?” “What’s next?”

We were thinking about it together and we felt that it could either be doing something for another Being or giving something to another Being.  We set the intention for ourselves to affect life in a positive way on a daily basis through random acts of kindness.

We all want a better world.  We all need a better world.  My daughter wants a better world!  We cannot rely on politicians to do this for us!  Nobody can do it for us but ourselves!

So if children understand the importance of making changes and the ease and grace of giving kindness randomly to Beings in need, then why can’t we adults lead by example?

We do New Years Eve resolutions and commit ourselves to becoming better versions of ourselves.  Sometimes we even stick to our resolutions.  But generally we slip back into the old rut of the comfort zone of what we know.  We mainly focus on ourselves, our own lives and goals.  We get caught up in what we don’t have yet but want or even feel we need; Thinking that “achieving” or “getting” that will make our own world better and that’s when we’ll finally be able to help make a difference.

We all know that’s not going to happen!Feb 2013 Image

So how about for this year we all commit to doing one random act of kindness a day?

How about we become better versions of ourselves by giving kindness in some way, shape or form on a daily basis?

2013 must be different and 2013 must be special.  Only we can make it special and different ourselves.

Imagine if everybody would participate in one act of random kindness a day,!?  Not once but on a daily basis, letting “doing something for another” become a new habit, a new programming.  How great would that be!?  It would have a great impact on ourselves and on our surroundings.

And it is a wonderful exercise that you can focus on with your children or grandchildren.  What a wonderful activity to live with our children and teach our children (or let them teach us).  Children are so smart and the concerns of our world bother them, they understand that help is needed.  They also understand that two little hands do make a difference.

The impact that giving has on the self is tremendous.  It opens the heart, it lightens the energy, it promotes and increases love vibration, which results in greater health, better feeling, better thinking, which then results in making better choices, better speaking…. And so on.

It is priceless and in my opinion and the New Year resolution we all need.

I am committed, I am all the way in.  As a matter of fact I have already begun, why wait ;0)))

Lets make this world a better place, one random act of kindness a day!

With Love and Light,


Resist no more!

I am sure you have heard the saying “what resists persists”.

So whether it is an emotion, a circumstance or a personal entanglement; whether you like what is happening or you don’t, you want to accept what you are experiencing unconditionally.  The more you try to ignore, pretend it isn’t happening, try to stop it, make it go away or live in denial, the more energy you are losing completely without effect.  YES, resisting what is, persists in keeping you from where you want to be!!

Why fight “what is”?  Don’t you trust in God, the universe, your higher self or greater consciousness?  Why should everything be easy?

Life is not meant to be easy peasy!  Isn’t it your responsibility to learn and grow from certain experiences?

So then why is it that us Humans have such a hard time dealing with discomfort? Because that is what we are resisting, isn’t it?

Curmudgeons aside, we never really resist feeling good and happy!  But as soon as we feel a little bit of discomfort we want to run for the hills or take something to make it go away!  That’s resisting.  And it won’t make it all go away. You may ease the pain and even put discomfort into remission but at another time in your life, it will return, repeatedly, until you are ready to face the challenge and receive the lesson.  The circumstance may be slightly different next time, the person may look and seem different but the emotions that will get triggered will always be the same, until you do the work to get past it!

Life gets much easier when you begin to accept “what is”.  In other words, accepting your part in all creation, and choosing face its challenges, is what will make it go away for good.  Once you have learned your lesson and you’ve passed the tests, the emotion will heal and each particular point of discomfort will lose its power!

See, by resisting you give undo power to “what is.”  Resisting something will make it grow.  Judging “what is” as bad, or good takes us from our path of creation onto the raggedy road of reaction.

In the end everything just “is”.  There really is no good or bad.

Perhaps you are feeling happy about something, but why are you really feeling happy about it?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?

It is your perception of what makes you happy that is pleasing to you or your ego.

From the bigger picture perspective every experience wants to be pleasing to you.  Everything is a gift and an opportunity for you to heal, grow and evolve; for you to find the perspective of acceptance.  So, in this context, resistance is not your friend.

We are simply conditioned to resist discomfort.  That’s all.  In fact, there are many not-so-cottage industries developed around so assisting us in our resistance.  Pay attention to yourself when you are resisting.  Just notice your resistance, don’t just it.  Breathe and feel the emotions present.  It may take less courage that you imagine.  Do not think!

You will find that the less you resist the easier life becomes!!!!

You will find out how much easier it is to flow with life and to trust in what is being given to you.   All is as it should be, always.  Trust and feel your energy growing and enhancing as you embrace unconditionally your lessons for a better, stronger, smarter, happier and energetic YOU! 😉

Keep flowing.

Love and Light,


Spirituality is a practice

A few blogs ago, we recognized that spirituality is at the core of everything in existence including each one of us.  We also established that there is no exclusivity to spirituality; everybody has the same spiritual potential irrespective of her particular religious devotion.

Yet, if this is all true, then why isn’t this planet healthy?  Why isn’t there enough food to eat for everybody?  Why isn’t there peace?  Because manifesting oneself as a spiritual Being is a choice – spiritual potential does not imply spiritual reality.

How often do you feel frustrated with a person or situation?  And in that moment, do you feel like being all Zen and peaceful-like?  Do you even think about it? Probably not!  In a moment of emotional stirring you somewhat feel entitled to your feelings, don’t you?  But why? You are supposed to be this spiritual Being?!?  So what’s the problem?

Truth be told, it is so much easier to be friendly and forthcoming, charming and interested when we are feeling good, positive or at ease.

But boy isn’t it so much harder to stay cool and collected, calm and under control when the heat is on!  (And yes, you must always feel all emotions unconditionally but that’s a different blog ;0) )

Spirituality is a practice!!!

It is a conscious choice again and again and again, for the rest of your life – a journey of consciousness one might say.  The practice of spirituality is all about an awareness of you, preferably on all levels of yourself.  It is an awareness of choosing the right frame of mind, the frame of mind that will be supportive to you and others. It is an awareness of right and wrong in the context of what will lead you to being more spiritual rather than less.

You know when you are choosing something that will affect another Being or yourself in a negative way.  You know when you are reacting. You know when you are being impatient.  You know when you can’t say “No” even though you wanted to.  You know when you are closing up… etc.  And if you don’t know yourself that well yet or you don’t care about the effects of your choices, then this is opportunity for you to want to pay closer attention to yourself, because life has a way of pushing one into growth, like it or not.  This is when one has to learn certain lessons the hard way.  This is, by the way, also apart of the spiritual practice.

We must evolve.  It is inevitable.  Sooner or later everybody will, in this lifetime or another.

You don’t even have to call this practice “spiritual”.  But why wait for the universe to hold the mirror up to your face when you are much better of practicing to be a better version of you by your choosing?  Focusing on this awareness and monitoring your frame of mind can actually be really fun, exciting and super cool.  It isn’t easy but it certainly is empowering and it will free you into heights you could have not imagined.

But who am I really kidding… hi hi hi … we all need spirituality in our lives, yes we do!  Without it we are incomplete! Why?  Because you ARE  a spiritual Being.  You are IT!  The more you practice, the more of IT you ARE.  That’s the practice in a nutshell.  So lets practice being spiritual… LOL!!! 

Imagine yourself as the true you, the real you, and how does the true and infinite all-wise, all-knowing you handle, welcome and accept lives challenges?  You are off to a great start when you ask yourself, “ What would the fearless me, the courageous me, the unconditional me, the light me do in this moment?”

It is not easy and hence takes PRACTICE YAY ;0)… because we are so used to what we know and what we are comfortable with. It takes practice to NOT do the same old same old again and again… ;0)))

But practicing to be the “real you” will make you feel light and grounded at the same time.  It will give you courage you never had before.

It will change your life for the better, it will change you for the better.

What do you have to loose, is what you are holding onto really worth it?

Take it easy, feel and observe!

By the way, this “practice” I am referring to may happen in the midst of real life situations.  You may sit on the bus or subway, stand in line at the grocery store, drive your car or do the dishes.  It is a general self reflection, unconditionally of course.  Take yourself in and direct your self supportive thoughts toward the great and infinite possibility YOU!

NO stress, just you practicing to focus on being better; That in itself will stir up and begin shifting just like the “domino effect” all areas of your life for the better.

All the blessings to you and yours,

Love and Light, Britta

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

Not too long ago my man and I were discussing on which side of his bed the crystal that I gave him for his birthday should go.

This conversation went something like this.

“Should the crystal go on the left or the right side of the bed?,” I asked. 

“You mean the right side I sleep on?,” he asked.

“You don’t sleep on the right side, you sleep on the left side,” I corrected. 

“Well standing in front of the bed, I sleep on the right side,” he insisted. 

“Yes, but when in bed you sleep on the left,” I pursued.

It really is such a great everyday example of how misunderstandings, confusions and misperceptions can occur in all areas of life.

I am sure you have experienced such a phenomenon where your sense of “how it all went down” in a situation and the other person’s sense of “how it all went down” are vastly different.  I always find it somewhat mindboggling. It can cause great frustration and even create great distance between people that generally care for each other.  As witnessed on the world stage, it wreaks even more havoc when countries are somewhat suspect of each other to begin with.


What does all this tell me?

It says that we ought to clarify. We ought to ask questions.   We ought to check our assumptions.

We ought to make an effort to understand the other person’s perspective in order to grasp completely his or her intentions so that you can respond appropriately and at very least you can agree to disagree.

From my perspective, ultimately it is all about peaceful, unconditional co-existence on this earth.

So, even though you may not always agree with the other person’s experience, perception or opinions, by trying to understand the other you will hopefully open doors that will encourage empathy and mutual respect.

With Love and Light,



Our Religion

Happy Holidays!!!
How this time of year comes around so quickly again and again amazes me.

I would like to dedicate this month’s blog to hopefully inspire a higher level of thought or bigger picture perspective on a very touchy subject: “Religion”.

I went to a Christian Church last Sunday. As I was raised Christian by my family in the north of Germany; we weren’t particularly “religious” but we were certainly “God fearing”.

Since this last Sunday I hadn’t been to a church in decades.  I hadn’t been to a church in all this time mostly because I had found my own “Church” inside of me and have developed wonderful communication and connection with Source without having to attend a designated building.  Also, I have chosen not to be affiliated with any belief group but instead to honor them all.  In this way I feel in closer alignment to my original truth-source.

As I was sitting there in church, in the midst of many people, I could feel their despair, their struggle and pain as well as their hope and longing to belong.  Next I could see the different religions of our planet flash in front of me (my mind’s eye) with all their different traditions. This is when I remembered, that no matter the religion, tradition or heritage, we all have similar pain and struggle. No matter what part of the planet we are from, no matter which religion, belief or tradition, we all suffer the same!  We all feel!
Therefore none of us are better or worse than the next.  None of us are more or less chosen.  We are equal; we are all extensions of source equally.  Yes, we are born into different religions, traditions and cultures but neither is better or worse, more right or wrong; There is no “right way” or “the only way”.  We may have different karma, purposes and intentions for our lifetimes but our essence is the SAME!

We need to unite as people belonging to the same race, not separate from each other because of the details (religion, cultures, traditions…etc.) of how we experience this life. These “details” are simply human illusion, ego-based limiting perceptions which will keep us separate for as long as we allow ourselves to remain blinded.  We are all special in our own right, every single one of us.

Yes, there are fanatics in all walks of this life and those radical extremists could easily be judged as dark or unconscious.  Who are we to judge?
Is it our job to judge?  How about we simply observe and bring the focus back to our own selves and ask for blessings straight from Source to penetrate these Beings. “May their hearts open and may their wounds heal”.

We are all the same, we are all one and we are all here together. 

It is time to focus on acceptance, unconditional co-existence and “equality”.  And the ones of us who consider themselves “special”, “chosen” or “right” ought to take more responsibility in finding ways in which to unify rather than separate any further. 
The more conscious you are the more responsibility you hold in choosing Love and “Oneness” consciousness.

For as long as there is still “separation consciousness” present on this planet we have not completed our purpose-individually as well as globally.

To all of you conscious beings regardless of religious belief orientations: “Be the leaders in this love-choice”.

Authentically Empowered

I would like to dedicate this blog to help clear up some misconceptions about what the word “powerful” means and relate a bit on what this word means to me.

Anybody who knows me has most likely heard me use the words “authentically empowered”.  It is not only important to me personally but also to my work’s intention: to assist Beings into their authentic empowerment.  What I have come across in the process of this work has been quite interesting and worthy of sharing.

It turns out that many people associate the word “powerful” with a rather dark/negative force vs. a light/positive one.  I relate this perception to past experiences with power where it was enforced through some kind of abuse whether that may have been yelling, screaming, hitting, intimidating, belittling, etc. This perceived “power” felt dark or negative to these individuals because the results of it were most likely disempowering to the receiver and empowering to the giver. 

Many of my clients express feelings of fear of themselves and have a difficult time even conceptualizing who they would be as authentically empowered Human Beings.  Since power is seen as a negative force, some experience trepidation that they would do bad things if and when so empowered.

In my work, I help clients redefine their perceptions of power so they can first understand and conceptualize authentic empowerment … and then we can begin the work to help move them to that place.

“Authentic empowerment” does not hurt or harm other Beings.  It does not divide Beings into “better-than” or “worse-than”.  It does not feed the ego and it does not manipulate.  It does not overpower and it does not intimidate. It does not abuse or misuse its power and it does not create negative Karma(after all, everything that goes around will come around!)

So what does this shift in perspective look like!? Authentic empowerment is strong and truthful.  At the same time it is humble and kind. Operating out of a place of authentic empowerment sets clear boundaries to honor the worth of the self and others and respects all other perspectives without judgment and it does not adjust or betray this self-truth in order to please another.

It takes practice of course to keep the balance of honoring the truth and boundaries of self and others, to communicate wants and desires calmly as well as hearing the wants and desires within all relationships unconditionally.  This means, you should not take it personally if another is not in alignment with your truth; you may need a re-evaluation your relationship with this individual to try to find an appropriate place of unconditional co-existence.

It can be a balancing act for some time but the results are magnificent.  I have been blessed to witness this growth within many clients and Beings around the world.  Authentically empowered people who are in alignment with their truth, manifesting Love and Light in all areas of their lives as well as spilling it over and creating positive change for this  planet.

May the force be with you, always!

With Love and Light,

Intelligent Universe

There is a really fun experiment which is easy to do and very entertaining, so if your family ends up sitting around bored on Christmas day-try it!
Or… use it as a good party gag!

What you need is a string and a metal object that has some weight; a nail clipper would do. Tie the metal object to the string so you have a makeshift pendulum.

Choose a subject (friend or family member) and hold your pendulum right over your subject’s head.  Make sure you hold it by the end of the string with the heavy end about three to four inches above the crown of the head.  Hold it very still, breathe and wait about 30-45 seconds.  Shortly the metal object or pendulum will start moving in a circular motion. 

The interesting part here is that if your subject is a male it will always move clockwise and if your subject is a female it will always move counterclockwise!!!  Even more fascinating is that if a friend or family member of the opposite sex holds your subject’s hand, the motion of the pendulum will stop completely!

Party trick or universal intelligence?!?

Even though this is a fun party trick I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t read deeper into it 🙂 and there certainly is some food for thought here!

What you are observing when doing this experiment is a flow of energy.  Remember science is proving that we are energy! Since the downward flow of energy is seven times stronger than an upward flow, this phenomenon most likely demonstrates energy flowing into the head. 

This of course raises questions…such as:

  • where is this energy coming from?
  • why and how does it know to supply the different sex with different energy?
  • is it really a different energy or just moving or vibrating in an opposite way?
  • does this only happen with humans or also with animals and plants?  Since science is showing an energetic interconnection to and with all Beings and things!
  • I believe that this is very simply showing the existence of our always-existing connection to and with source (whatever you wish to call it) and all that is!  And the intelligence or consciousness that supports us at all times!  To me it also shows that male and female are each other’s counterpart and that indeed we do balance out each other — we are ying and yang.

    The first step is always awareness and after that, everybody is responsible to make up his/her own mind.  Party gag or not, it might just be a nice Holiday gift to try this out and to stimulate this very awareness within the ones we love. 🙂

Your Practice

“It’s all about the practice.”

This month’s blog is stretching the importance of the “practice.”We have a wonderful saying in our culture: “Practice makes perfect.”A strong practice will ensure the proper placement of new habits, abilities and goals.

We are living in a world where the pursuit for instant gratification has left very little room for space and time to engage with the self on an internal level. Ironically, instant gratification may take a lifetime. Permit me to illuminate the choice presented here: chasing after instant gratification over and over again to only find very brief relief that soon needs more of the same, sucked into a vicious cycle, vs. staying committed to growing and developing the self, taking the time it may take to find permanent relief, accomplishment and a real sense of satisfaction.

The point is that change takes time, it happens slowly and gradually, especially change that you have purposefully, willfully chosen. Whatever your heart desires for yourself, it is in the steadfast pursuit and practice of this pursuit that you will come to manifest that which you are consciously choosing. The nature of your pursuit does not matter; you have to prepare for it, and practice it every day! At the very least think about it, visualize it, every day!

I hear the same excuse over and over and it is: “Yeah I tried it for a few days but it didn’t work … so I stopped.” “Practice makes perfect.” You must practice, every day, if you wish to create permanent results. Keep it in the frontal lobe, in your consciousness mind; keep going since it takes 21 days to program a new habit.

Everything is a practice by the way. Whether you wish to breathe more consciously, focus on eliminating negative thoughts exchanging them with positive ones, change behaviors, exercise more, improve nutrition, be writing more, be singing more, be more present, work better … Your success lies in the practice!

Now once you put your mind to it and you keep at it you will notice results, there is no other way! So let’s say you do focus on your practice and you begin to feel good about your results; you are growing! It can happen that something in your life occurs and you become distracted for a long enough period of time for you to slip back into the old comfort zone. This is when you want to know that the new programming you have created is still there and all you need to do is start focusing on it again, coming back into the practice and you will find yourself experiencing the same result, perhaps even more so, an even stronger sense of memory and establishment. This is when you may want to keep going. Two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward one step back…!

Practice is what keeps you young, alert and alive.

Love and Light,

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