I would like to share a little bit about the retreat.



I am back from a week of “love-festing” in Costa Rica.

I had the pleasure of co-hosting a retreat with Magen Banwart and her father Ken Banwart, at a place in the mountains called “Pura Vida”.  Pura Vida means clean/pure life or living.

I was wearing a pair of jeans upon my arrival that was rather tight.  In all honesty “winter –  hibernation –  way too tight!   😉            When I put on my jeans the morning of my departure…. OMG… they were loose.  Baggy loose ;0)))

The weight loss surely was the result of numerous factors.

Every morning we would do Magen’s yin yoga class.  In yin yoga you hold stretches for about 5 minutes at a time, which reaches deeply into the connective tissue, the ligaments and joints.  Yin yoga is gentle yet deep. It truly does embody the divine feminine.      I had done other yoga before and all yoga is wonderful, however this deepening into the depth of my body had incredible releasing results for me. I do believe that most of us store emotional baggage and energetic accumulations in these depths of our bodies.  Needless to say, the yin yoga practice is a wonderfully meditative place of being and restoration of internal peace.

Magen, the nutritional wiz that she is, would educate us over breakfast on the latest research of healthy eating.   The food at Pura Vida was organic and mostly vegetarian, with emphasis on gluten free choices.  We started every morning with fresh squeezed and blended green juices.  The food was so delicious and healthy.  Every meal was a self loving feast.

Next we would do Magen’s core class, where she would “kick our butts”!  It was fun and exciting to work all the muscle groups with simple “do at home” moves and exercises.

Ken was in charge of the yin yoga afternoon classes.  He is such a wonderful man.  In touch with his feminine side, in perfect balance  and harmony between male and female self within. It was a privilege to get to know him.

In our evening groups, which was my contribution to the experience, we would talk about “Light” consciousness and how to “use” the body as the vessel for this Love and Light vibration.  I would share simple tools on how to operate the mind, emotions and physical self so everybody would experience a greater alignment with their true essence self.  And we did. All this I would follow with meditative Imagery journeys.  These Imagery journeys are very effective because “when you can see it, you can be it”!  ‘-)

What made this trip so incredible were the people who made up the group.  I fell in love with everybody there.  Amazing souls with open hearts and minds.  We all had so much fun together.  We laughed much and cried much, depending on the levels of release at any given moment.

It was a blessing, a pleasure and a privilege to share this experience and I can only suggest to you to give yourself the gift of self love on all levels and in every way.

With all my Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                        NAMASTE,


Yin Yoga = Divine Feminine



Hello my Dear Friends,

I am in Costa Rica, co-hosting a retreat with Magen Banwart.  What a privilege.

I have fallen in love with yin yoga.  It is so nurturing, so loving, so healing and so deep….and  to me it embodies the energy of the divine feminine.

Since most of our doings every day are very “yang”, which is fast, strong, active, movement, thinking….; this practice of yin yoga is giving me the balance I am here to embrace into my life fully and completely.

It is the time of the divine feminine energy to fill up all of us with her nurturing, loving and kind balance. Male as well as female.     We are already both, male and female.  However, to make space in our active lives for the LOVE is necessary and timely. :0)

Find time to go within and love yourself entirely.  This is the meaning of wholeness.

I will be in touch soon.

With all my Love,


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