I was introduced to Britta in early 2009, since then I’ve had significant changes in my life that I believe have been greatly influenced by her energy work. Her warm presence and beautiful spirit create a lightness that is attractive and comforting. I consider her to be my spiritual tuning fork and after each session feel like I’m in harmony with the universe. I’m so grateful for the service she offers, the love and light she shares and the inspiration she infuses!- Tanya Becker

Britta has a unique way of working with people from a non-biased standpoint. She holds a sacred space where one can allow themselves to feel unconditionally all emotions, thoughts and feelings that surface and gently guides one to both allow them and work through them. This space of trust, acceptance and love allows one to really open up without judgement to let the wounds of the past truly be felt and ultimately healed. She has particularly helped me to distinguish between truth and “mind or ego” talk (usually in the form of negative thought patterns), which can be very gripping at times. She constantly brings me back around to understanding my truth rather than staying in the thoughts that are limiting. Her beautiful enthusiasm never fails to uplift even in a dark moment. The space she holds is gentle and loving yet firm and true. She never withholds the truth but always delivers it gracefully. Britta, ultimately, has helped me to recognize my own light and to readily accept complete responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions so I can Be my highest potential. As a person, Britta, has a deep strength about her and yet so gentle and loving. Her joy reminds me of child. She has unconditionally been there for me and i am deeply grateful to her.-Kitty Clay

One cold winter day I was working out in Sag Harbor, this being the most challenging time of my life  I called and made an appt to meet with Britta…Little did I know at the time she was and still is my shining light! She is compassionate, smart, spiritual, loving, and very insightful. Britta taught me to trust and believe in myself and let the universe help out…What did all of this mean?  Through the work with Britta I have finally found my true self and with all the challenges have never been happier.  She guided me to continue with my dreams and to TRUST. She has become a trusted friend and truly her soul comes through and through…she is a gift to all that have the blessing to work with her.  And let’s not forget to mention the energy work she does…WOWOW WEE…the most incredible experiences I have ever had…and each time so different. Britta is a gift from GOD and I honor her every day…- Stacey

Ultimately we are all connected to the greater divine oneness. Though the earth school of humanness with all its beautiful trappings and illusions is a relentless distraction from one’s true self, the soul. Britta is the divinely guided vehicle in which we are again able to hear our soul’s voice, its loving intention to guide us consciously toward that divine oneness we soulfully seek and are.- Eric Thompson

I just want to thank you again for another amazing experience! I can’t to explain how balanced I feel after our sessions. I never imagined when first started working together, 2 years ago, how life changing it would out to be. Your intuitive gift and ability to help clear old patterns and has truly helped me to progress in leaps and bounds, not only in my life, but also in my career as a fellow spiritualist. You are wonderfully and I count my blessings regularly to have you as one of my guides on ever-increasingly joyful journey of mine. The innate brightness in your is a constant inspiration for me to work tirelessly to continue my self-process and be available for others as they work to evolve. can’t wait to you again!- Corey De Rosa, Tapovana Ashtanga Healing Center

Working with Britta has definitely made a difference in my life. She has me how to enjoy life by just breathing, not thinking, and feeling. I really Britta has been like a gift to me, she has helped me connect with my which has made other things more understandable and I really could not ask for anything better. I am truly grateful to have such a special person like Britta
in my life.

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