A clean slate

  |   being present, breath, change, healing, transformation

IMG_1059I invite you to feel confident in your own ability to turn around a bad moment or even a bad day.  It is not at all necessary that a single adverse situation needs to affect the remainder of your day in a negative way.  You have the choice to create a clean slate in any moment of every day.
You can create a clean slate in very big ways.  You can also create a clean slate in very small ways.  This blog is about the very small ones.
Start by setting the right intention as soon as you wake up.  If need be, wake up 10 minutes earlier than normal.  Breathe and set the energy for the day.  See yourself moving through your day with ease and grace.  Welcoming any challenge with your breath and a smile on your face.
Visualize yourself dodging your drama reactions knowing that those temptations are not worth the trouble.  Instead, shift your perspective to solution, to possibility and a “better way”.  Then, start your day feeling good about yourself and ready to be strong in your light.
As your day progresses remember your breath.  As long as you are consciously breathing you are in charge of how you perceive every moment.
Let’s say a moment arises where you want to blow your lid, or you are feeling incredible frustration arising from inside of you about a co-worker.  Notice it and as you are taking deep, slow, inhales and exhales. Revisit your morning in your minds eye.  Feel the peace, feel the energy to which you have committed yourself, calm yourself right back into that sweet, warm feeling of your bed.  Re-create your happiness.
From here it will be easier to choose a “better way” to think, to respond and to communicate.
Congratulations!  You have just created a new slate for yourself in responding to your surroundings in an empowering way.
In your taking responsibility for your own well-being and your inner peace, you have just strengthened the positive and desired programming within the biology of your body.  You are promoting a healthy nervous system, regular blood pressure and an all around well-balanced body.
Never forget, you are the boss of you and you are in charge of your responses as well as physical well-being.  Taking this kind of responsibility for yourself will strengthen you in your self-respect, self-love and authentic empowerment.
Hopefully you will choose to create many, many more clean slates throughout your days and shift yourself into glorious amounts of strength.
Thank you for joining me.
Blessings, Love and Light,

Britta Dubbels