|   being present, healing, self love

Stand up for your beliefs and only say “Yes” if you really want to.
Assertiveness is not aggressive. It is honoring the self and it allows the honoring of others.  To accept and respect your own truth is to honor how you are feeling. Once you are clear on how you are feeling about something and you approve your belief on it, speak your truth with love.  Accept the other’s truth the same way.
Assertiveness makes for the lovely ability to co-exist respectfully. It is letting go of old and unhealthy communication habits. It is letting go of taking things personal or attaching negative meaning to it. It is honoring everyone’s rights, including your own. You know where you stand with others and more importantly, with yourself.
Have a happy and blessed day.  Smile a lot ;0)))
Love and Light,

Britta Dubbels