|   being present, breath, change, self love, transformation

Have you been breathing lately?  You would be surprised how often I have to remind people to breathe.  The conscious, deep and slow breath is so beneficial in so many ways.  But like anything new, it takes getting used to, no matter how beneficial.
When you slow down your breath, you slow down your mind; science is confirming this.  When you are present to your breath, you are present to yourself and your life.  Conscious breathing promotes positive, win/win, solution focused thoughts and choices.                           Your breath gives you negotiation time with yourself.
You want a quick “feel good” boost and re-center yourself?  Take 10 slow and deep breaths, slowly in and out. Focus only on your breath for 10 breaths; see if you can slow down more with every next breath…. and voila….., welcome to clarity :).
Have a glorious day.  Blessings to you and yours.

Britta Dubbels