Bring In The Umph!!! The Power of Your Inner-Strength

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The phrase “inner strength” gets tossed around rather often but most people don’t really know what it means.
What is it exactly?  Where is it?
We all have it.  You have it. Some of us seem to have more of it.  But is that really possible? I don’t think so!
We may however have “it” more developed in some areas of our lives and much less developed in the other areas of our lives.
So what is this “inner strength”?
It holds our hand when we are nervous, it keeps us focused and motivated when we are doubting, it whispers words of encouragement into our ears when we are fearful and it tells us “it’s ok to feel what you are feeling” and even “cry”.   It helps us make the right choices and give us guts and guile.
As we all know, these beautiful gestures of positive support aren’t always present.  Instead there could be some rather mean spirited and negative voice! This opposing energy may promote fear, self-judgment/blame/shame and guilt.  The negative influence creates separation.  What’s most important about it is that it will always disempower you.  We may feel strengthened and empowered by this negative energy in the short term but it will always disempower in the long run.
Let’s come back to what we want, the “inner strength”, the “umph”, what we want to nurture, grow, focus on and ultimately become one with. That loving sense of self and warm connection with YOU.
And here are some points for you to work with, so greater amounts of truth strength will be your experience:
1) Be romantic!
Your mind is the gatekeeper to choosing strength or it’s opposition. Your mind-space is your sacred ground for flowering thoughts and thriving visions.  You garden of luxury where only nurturing, optimistic, hopeful, trusting, clear and truthful thoughts and voices are allowed.
2) Stand in your truth!
Your higher-self guidance is the most important fuel to your strength.  You will never steer yourself wrong.
Your truth includes your values, standards and ethics.
3) Feel all emotions!
Your emotions are your flavors to being alive.
Without emotions life would be boring and unlike what being Human is all about.
Plus feeling ties right into your guidance, so clearing through emotional storage will open up your understanding of the intuition that is a feeling, sense and knowing.
4) Express yourself!
You truth is important to who you are and your life’s path.  Communication is everything, including every relationship of your life. Your truth deserves to be expressed gently and clearly.
5) Make yourself happy!
Your happiness is your reason for coming here.  You can only give healthily when your cup is full.  Of course there are exceptions but on a day to day basis align yourself with your happiness.
6) Practice gratitude!
When you are grateful for every experience of your life you are taking responsibility for what you are meant to learn.  We mostly grow and strengthen through challenge and taking it as a gift and an opportunity lightens it with joy, trust and yet greater amounts of inner strength.
7) See everything in form of energy!
Money, love, work and relationships are fed by clear intentions.  You deserve to receive.  Giving and receiving are the same energy and owning your worth is just as important as keeping free from identifying with any of it.
Have fun giving yourself the love, attention and care you deserve.  Watch your inner strength bloom into a light force of greatest authentic empowerment of blossom.
With all my Love,

Britta Dubbels