Britta’s Store

Category 1: Energy/ Vibration Activations

These audios are easy to use and wonderful day to day practices to maintain energy clarity, as well as enhance your awareness and strength. Learn how to work with your energy, while receiving the activations at the same time. These practices will repattern your energy bodies, as you learn how to hold your energy and own your light.

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Category 2: Hypnotic – Meditation – Shamanic Healing

Get ready for some deep healing. As in shaman tradition, sacred space is set up and held for you by my spirit helpers, guides and ancestors for these audios. These audios are designed to deeply heal on the subconscious level, including your physical body, and repattern your cell’s consciousness, activating your DNA transformation, as well as your auric/ energy bodies. You are energy and with these audios you not only get to reprogram your patterns but also increase your light vibration in relation to your life.

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Category 3: Motivational & Self-supporting everyday practices

Water wears down the rock, not with it’s force but with it’s persistence.  These easy to use audios will be your cheerleader and daily reminder on how to maintain your center and not get caught up in the drama of life. Self-support, perseverance and repetition are the key to spiritual strength. Give yourself the support you deserve with these easy to use practices and motivational reminders. Have these audios ready to listen to on your phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

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