Change to Believe in

  |   healing, transformation

Hello to you all.
This months Blog is addressing the most present situation in our country beside this month’s election: our economy.
What is happening you may ask?  How will all this go? Where will this all take us? My response is: ”Into the consciousness shift we have been expecting.”
I don’t mean to belittle any of the personal painful experiences such as the loss of a job, loss of value in stocks, loss of retirement money or even the fear of loss itself.
From the spiritual perspective all is timely, all is well. From this spiritual perspective we are all extensions of source, here to grow, evolve and make choices for ourselves that are of the highest for all involved.  We as Humans haven’t been doing too well with that.  Many of us have been choosing the opposite.We have been chasing the all mighty dollar at any expense. We have been exploiting and destroying our earth. We have been exercising reckless power over other countries, Humans, animals and nature.
How could we not expect a correction such as this one to happen?
This correction is supposed to assist us into consciousness.  This is a shift which is meant to bring us back into the awareness of what really matters, what really should be important to us.  Not just within the US but beyond this country’s borders for the entire planet.
I understand if you feel fearful of the future, how could you not, fear is all around you. Fear, however, creates more fear, creating exactly all that we are fearful of.  What is there to fear as the extension of source that you are?  Nothing!
You are here to choose infinite possibilities not create more fear. You are here to choose solutions for yourself and this planet, not create more negativity. And Yes, one person can make a difference.  You can make a difference by not engaging into fear but by trusting. Trust in the possibility of yourself as an extension of source.  Trust in that there are solutions.This trust starts by acknowledging the fear within yourself and the people around you and then to go beyond it. 
Breathe and know that every change holds infinite possibilities.  What do you want for yourself and your loved ones?  Be this trust by living as an example. Choose faith in that you are able to have what you need.
Choose that we as Humans will help one another through these hard times.  Choose that what really matters in life is still there and that this wake up call needs to be acknowledged for what it is, a wake up call to Humanity. Here to bring back consciousness of the choices that we are making everyday.
Choose faith I say, choose Love I say, choose compassion I say and choose consciousness of everything you do, say, think and feel.
May all Beings on this planet have enough food to eat, enough clean water to drink, shelter from the elements and peace in their hearts.

Britta Dubbels