Comfortable in your Skin

  |   healing, transformation

Hello again : )
This month’s blog is about your skin … and whether or not you are comfortable in it!?
One of my clients said the other day: “All the work I have been doing on myself, has been so worth it! I am actually becoming comfortable in my skin.  I am being myself and I am ok with it!!!”
I loved my client’s comment and felt very inspired by it. Because ultimately isn’t it one of the most important aspects to being and happiness, to be happy in one’s own skin?!?
I assume that most of you who are reading this blog are on the path of bettering yourselves and practicing consciousness of being.  Are there ever times when you do feel uncomfortable in being you, unsure of yourself or insecure for example?  Do you ever feel uncomfortable in your skin?  I am sure this happens to you; it happens to everybody! These are the times and moments filled with valuable material for you!  The moments and times want to be keenly observed and worked with. Never judge! Breathe!!!
Always using the breath, try not to think or intellectualize what you are experiencing! If you are feeling something uncomfortable, then just feel it.  Remember you have to feel it to heal it!
Only if you feel your emotions unconditionally in the moment will you not store it.  Do not think while you are acknowledging to yourself what it is you are feeling.  This allows the emotion to flow right through you and then move on.  Emotions are energy and so are you.  Once the emotion has passed through you is it ok to turn back to your mind. 
Now you may ask yourself: “Where did this uncomfortable emotion come from? Was I judging myself?  Was I judging another Being or a situation? Was this perhaps old conditioning/programming showing itself?” “Did I judge myself through other people’s eyes, perhaps?”
By being honest with yourself you will now be able to identify this experience through the use of your mind and register what indeed created this discomfort in being you and/or being in your own skin.  From here you will have gained great conscious knowledge of yourself so that when it does happen again you will be better equipped to handle it:  better equipped to recognize the pattern which you have identified and stop it, and stop yourself in your tracks! 
Stop your thoughts, whether superior ego or victim ego and say “NO”!  “This is not an acceptable conditioning anymore, I refuse to engage in these thoughts!” Breathe and distance yourself from those old pattern thoughts for as long as you need to, no thoughts, just breath.
The key is to breathe and continuously shift away from those thoughts, knowing it is only conditioning, it is not who you really are!!! Take control of your mind!  Because you can! J
Enjoy working toward a more comfortable skin to live in as you are honoring your journey.
Namaste everybody,
Love and Light,

Britta Dubbels