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It is easy to have compassion when you are feeling positive, in a good place and all around happy. But what about compassion when you are feeling unhappy, hurt or even angry?
Compassion does not mean you have to agree with another’s actions, words or choices. It does however suggest clear observation and recognition of where another may be “at” – unconditionally.  When you can see the pain, jealousy, disconnect, confusion, co-dependancy, insecurity, ego or selfishness for example that he/she is operating out of, without judging it; you will be able to feel your way into compassion for this soul.
It doesn’t mean you agree, it doesn’t mean you have to be BFFs and it surely doesn’t mean you allow anybody to treat you poorly.
For you to operate out of compassion however will allow you to set your boundaries, speak your truth and sometimes even “let go of people” that may be toxic for you, in the healthiest way possible.
It is always easier to have compassion from afar then from up close and personal.  It is a matter of practice though.  The more you practice compassion, the easier it will be for you to achieve and operate out of this state when your emotions are negatively heightened. And here we have the most important point; compassion is healthy and supportive to you.  Compassion is your savior from the emotional roller coaster.  It literally lifts you above and frees you from the unhealthy and harmful negative emotional states.  The state of inner peace and calm, which compassion will give to you  is your fountain of youth, your health insurance and strength!
Have a glorious day and thank you for joining me.
Blessings, Love and Light.