Conscious manifestation.

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Conscious manifestation.
Thankfully we are living in a dimension where not every thought immediately manifests itself into the physical reality. Just imagine all the angry, fearful, hateful and unhappy thoughts that are being thought daily by the 7 million Humans occupying this planet, manifesting instantly.  That would be horrible.  Thankfully, we are protected by this rather “low dimension” plane called Earth, since in higher dimensional planes every thought instantaneously manifests.  So we should be grateful that we are protected from ourselves.
If you think of us as energy, we look to create a physical manifestation from the energetic blueprint of our thoughts, beliefs, dreams and wishes.  We can only manifest what we have first created on the energetic level. The energetic blueprint for our manifestations not only gets created in our own minds, but it also gets created through the words we are speaking, the actions we are taking, and the choices we are making.
Obviously, it is crucial to hold your thoughts, beliefs, words, action and choices in alignment with what you want. So then do we manifest things we don’t really want?  Yes, all the time.  Why?  Because manifestation is the language of this universe and through our conscious or unconscious manifestations we see more clearly where we may be holding onto outdated desires, beliefs or perspectives; where we still may be saying things just to say them without awareness, or acting out of old and unconscious quick fix desires.
Science is showing how emotions are very important in regard to conscious manifestation. When we operate out of lack, need or fear, again we will manifest things that aren’t what we really want; especially in the long run.  For example, if the desire for success is driven by the negative ego, one will never be happy, no matter how great the success.   If the desire for expansion is driven out of ones hearts desire is to help more Beings, any growth manifestation will result in happiness and gratitude.
Therefore it is very important to know why you want what you want.  Ask yourself, “why do I really want this?” and listen with open honesty if you are serious about your growth and positive manifestation creations.
Your heart emits frequencies tens of thousands of times stronger than the mind.  Therefore, work with your heart and use your hearts desires as your measurement for what you truly want, and listen with great reverence.  Your number #1 manifestation tool is your heart! When you align your mind with your hearts desires, life will become the joyous experience it is meant to be.
And what does it really mean to get your “wants” into alignment with your hearts desires?  It means that you are conscious and evolved enough to surrender to your highest and greatest good!  Your hearts desires will never steer you wrong because they are connected into your soul.  Your soul wants to fulfill your highest potential here and now in this lifetime.  You are your soul.  This means that any and all ego driven wants are still the stuff you must face, reevaluate, and re-choose in order to be in your highest fulfillment for this most precious of all lifetimes.

Britta Dubbels