The quest for wholeness.

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The quest for wholeness.
Whenever we strive outwardly for love, for approval, for connection, for belonging, we give away our power to tribal consciousness –- the thoughtless, “herd” mentality of society — rather than listening to our higher guidance.  The lust for identity, status and influence is the ego’s way to keep us disconnected from our hearts and essence truth, which is the only true connection.
* Only when we are whole can we truly lose ourselves within another without getting lost.
* Only when we are complete in ourselves, can we immerse ourselves in something without losing focus.
It is not only our egos, but also our senses that misguide us in the outside world. We all have the deep desire to see the acceptance, love and divinity in other people’s eyes as they are looking at us.  But in truth we should focus upon being the one reflecting love outward. And when we see love reflect back at us, we are blessed beyond measure.  The outside will never satisfy the inner-self.  On the contrary, we are here to nurture the outside, by operating from a place of peace, with the freedom to be attachment and expectation-free.
The attainment of this wholeness, is in the purification of our relationship with our higher power, our source, our origin.   Whatever you have been taught about source should be revisited and scrutinized.  Redefine your essence. Detach old parental paradigm patterns, clear all judgment and blame. Make your essence pure love, light, forgiveness, compassion, understanding and loving strength. Trust, know and acknowledge that this is the true and only strength. Redefine love. Find again what it feels like to feel love. How energizing, freeing, empowering and infinitely all-accepting it is!
When you have clarified your identification with your essence, you will allow  it to love you, nurture you, support you, strengthen you.  This is then the real and deepest connection you can find.  Allow love to embody you fully and completely.   This way, your ultimate connection is always present within you, as you learn to relate to yourself in supportive, compassionate, self- parenting, clear and honest ways.
Nothing within the outside world is able to complete us – no relationship, money, sex, fame, purpose, children, approval, or so-called success.  It may feel satisfying for a period of time, until it doesn’t.  Which means we are looking in the wrong direction.  In truth, the outer entrapments of happiness in wholeness are leaving us incomplete because they are meant to guide us into completeness and wholeness within ourselves.
When we realize that the source of attention, forgiveness, grace, humility and fullness all flow from within, we no longer seek to nourish the ego from the outside.
This is what the Hindu faith calls “Samsara”.  “Samsara” means the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.
So, next time you find yourself engrossed in somebody or something that becomes obsessive, disempowering or deflating—stop yourself!
Ask, “What am I truly searching for? What is the deepest yearning driving this desire? And… what is it going to do for me when I get it?”
From here, redirect your focus inside; dig deep.  Quench your thirst, satisfy your hunger.  Free yourself from “Samsara” as you claim your independence through wholeness.
You are no longer meant to be bound to the cycle of “Samsara” but free to spread your wings through this very wholeness.
May your journey be delightful, inspired and filled to the brim!
With love and Light to all.
Blessings, Britta

Britta Dubbels