"Divine Feminine" (not just for females).

  |   change, healing, transformation

What is the “Divine Feminine”?  It is the ying to the yang.  The perfect balance of two polar opposites.  The feminine and the masculine; one without the other would seize to exist.
You are both, ying and yang. You have feminine and masculine within you. Everybody does.  That makes the subject of the Divine Feminine available for both sexes. Inclusivity ;0)
Why am I speaking about the feminine and not the masculine?  Because we have lost the balance.  Our planet is primarily yang or masculine driven.  The balance is necessary for our well being, for our children’s well being, for our planet and the future of all.
How? How do we access this “Divine Feminine” energy or implement it back into us? It is already there, it has never left.  It is time however to pay attention to our innate ability to nurture again, to be kind and reverent to all life again.  It is necessary to make time for self nurturing, the nurture of others and awareness of holding all life in the highest regard.
Men as well as women play an equally important part in this re-balancing act.  Women, try to be less like men.  Men, try to be more like women and find your nurturing, kind, sweet side. Feel compassion for all with open hearts again.  There is nothing more sexy than a strong man, who is in touch with his sensitive side.
Lets celebrate the balance and it’s supportive differences.
With all my Love,

Britta Dubbels