Everything happens for you!

  |   breath, change, healing, transformation

It is time for everybody to stop whining and complaining and get with the program.  Is life always easy?  NO!  Does it sometimes suck? Yes! Is it painful to experience loss and disconnect? Of course!
Besides learning to truly enjoy every moment of being a Human, we are here to learn, heal and grow. Growth, healing and learning only happens when we face challenges. So these challenges are meant to assist you in your own personal strengthening of your spirit. You know it’s true!  You know that when you muster up your internal stamina and empowerment you feel invincible, powerful and strong.
The perspective of “This challenge is happening for me.  It is exactly what I need to get better and stronger. I am open to finding what is here for me.” will open up your mind into co-creation. You standing tall and facing life’s experiences with confidence in yourself will bring all the happiness, all the love, all the abundance and all the peace you have ever been looking for to you.                      Why?  Because you are not depending on it coming from the outside and giving you worth or identity.  You choosing to step into “everything happens for me” will connect you into the invincible acceptance that all experiences are just that, experiences happening for you! 🙂
Enjoy everything and find the silver lining in it.  This is when life becomes the amazing ride it really is.

Britta Dubbels