Exploring the universe within.

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Exploring the universe within! 
Two months ago, I spoke about grounding.
Of course grounding has everything to do with your ability to let go and open your mind, while feeling safe and secure.
I admit, the outer universe is fascinating to our minds and we seem to want to reach farther and farther. As we do… we forget that we have farther and farther to reach within our own universe and solar system; our physical and oh so magical physical wonderland!
As above so below.
Rumi says: You are not a drop within the ocean but an ocean within a drop. 
So as vast as the universe is and as hard as it is to mentally grasp this vastness, we are apart of this infinite space! You are apart of the ocean of the universe! According to Rumi you are this vastness within your body;  
 I agree.
What does this mean to you, “you are an ocean within a drop”?
I find this concept fascinating. Perhaps more fascinating than to look into the outer universe! Why is it always the “outside” that interests us? Surely the view of our eyesight is from the inside out and so it only seems natural to focus on what’s without.
However, I feel that to shift the focus inward is the practice to adapt to. We are in our physical bodies for a reason and on purpose. Don’t we owe ourselves a deeper consideration?
As within, so without! 
Why don’t we combine our journey inward with an energetic spring-cleaning? What do you think? Ready, let’s go! 
Let’s start by breathing deeply and slowly into your belly. The breath keeps you grounded into your body, as it isn’t about leaving your body or shifting out of it but rather to go deeper into your physicality. 
Now imagine your physical body, which seems solid and apparently a mass, as energy. This may take practice. Let your inner eyes, your third eye or your imagination be your focus. Soften your mind by breathing. Disengage from all thoughts. Your mind may say “Oh, I can’t do this!” Let those thoughts float by, they aren’t the truth; you are not your thoughts! “Yes you can do this!”
Keep relaxing into your breath.
Let your breath take you inside of your body and let it dissolve. Let yourself dissolve. Become energy, become the tiny little particles that make up the universe. Particles so small…, undetectable to the eye. 
Think “energy”, which is what you are. Remember that energy wants to be in motion, not stagnant. When you hold your breath and are stressing or dramatizing things in your mind, your energy becomes tight and tense. You don’t want that! This is when you store stuff and you feel anxious or blocked.
So as you are breathing deeply and slowly you are actively moving your energy. This is what actually happens when you consciously breathe! Your conscious, deep and slow in and exhales move your energy bodies.
Now you are able to release all that which doesn’t serve you anymore. Why? Because everything is energy! Relax through your breath and release the tension, the stress, the drama!
Relax your mind, breathe, allow for your physicality to become fluid, dissolve into energy, let yourself open up, relax your body and your inner gaze…let go .
Imagine yourself taking this opportunity to release the past, the hurts, the fears, the traumas…. As all is energy – let it flow out of you. As your cells are opening, as your muscles are releasing the memory from the past, you are giving yourself a spring- cleaning; an energetic spring-cleaning.
Remember that you are not seeing through your actual physical eyes, so this may alert your mind into “doubt mode”.
Visualize, imagine or make belief. See your own movie, your inner openness to the universe. Play with this imagery, this is fun and an alternate reality! Science says that we are apart of a field of consciousness, which holds the promise of infinite possibilities. Become one with this field of infinite possibilities.
All old patterns, old emotions that you may have stored, unsupportive beliefs, traumatic experiences, etc. all gets stored within your biology. This is why we are opening up your biology, down to the energetic basics of your existence, in order to release it all out.
Allow the universe to flow through you with all it’s healing, with all it’s love and authentic empowerment. Allow yourself to be one with clarity, joy, creativity and courage!
Let the truth of all that is cleanse you and replenish you!
As your mind is clear and open, receive the wisdom and brilliance of the universe within you. Let it speak to you.
Receive the support, receive the love, and receive a fresh and clean start to your day, no matter what time it is!
Ask for what you want, what qualities you would like to bring forth from deep within you, out into your awareness and presence. What do you need more off? Patience, motivation, confidence, guidance? Ask and you shall receive!
Take this time for yourself, not only today but everyday. If not everyday, do it when you feel clouded, when you need to reset yourself or open to new ideas and inspiration. This is a simple yet powerful visualization, which will connect you to a practice that will bring you deeper and deeper, farther and farther into your true self; an ocean within a drop! 
With much love and blessings of light to you and yours.

Britta Dubbels