Healthier Living

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Hello Everybody.
How great was your summer?
The season is coming to an end and hopefully you did get to enjoy your summer.  You may have had BBQ’s with friends and family, gone to parties and enjoyed the company of other Human Beings.  You may have eaten more healthily due to the availability of fresh farmstands with freshly picked vegetables, salads and fruit.  You probably exercised more by biking, jogging or walking and swimming on the beach.  These are some of the reasons why summertime makes us feel happier and healthier.  We are closer to our natural selves in every sense of the way.
As the seasons are changing, it can become an excuse for us to fall back into more unhealthy living patterns.  Yes, naturally as the days get shorter our bodies adjust to less sun light and often crave heavier foods and more rest. On the one side of the scale it is important to go with the natural changes that are occurring, on the other side of the scale it is also important to remain focused on keeping up to some degree the healthier living patterns that we practiced in the summertime.
We are so blessed to be having healthy greens, vegetables and fruit available to us all year around.  It is not necessary to give into the body’s natural instinct to want to store up for the winter by putting on extra weight.  We do not live in caves any longer, we do not hibernate, we have plenty of seasonal clothing to keep us warm and protected against the elements. And, we have plenty of opportunity to continue exercising.  Gyms are affordable to almost everybody.  There are free workout programs on TV that can easily be followed at home.  Also most libraries have workout or yoga CD’s available for checkout.  What could be more beautiful than a walk in crispy cold air, all bundled up? 
As we move gradually indoors, it is also healthy for us to focus on staying connected to friends and family and to continue making an effort to see one another.  We are all here together to experience this journey called life.  Knowing that we have support in other people and nurturing relationships is so very healthy for our souls.
As you can see, we really do not have any excuses not to continue taking care of ourselves.  Why not take advantage of acknowledging the positive patterns of the summertime and to bring them with you through the seasons of the year?
Hold onto the healthier living by eating consciously, continuing to move your body and make time to be around friends for dinner parties. You will find yourself to have a much positive rapport with yourself, all year round, not just three months out of the year.  Be proactive and practice giving to yourself now, while the sun is still shining, so in the doldrums of winter you can much more easily keep the  “winter blues” at bay.
Until next month,
Love and Light,

Britta Dubbels