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There is a really fun experiment which is easy to do and very entertaining, so if your family ends up sitting around bored on Christmas day-try it!
Or… use it as a good party gag!
What you need is a string and a metal object that has some weight; a nail clipper would do. Tie the metal object to the string so you have a makeshift pendulum.
Choose a subject (friend or family member) and hold your pendulum right over your subject’s head.  Make sure you hold it by the end of the string with the heavy end about three to four inches above the crown of the head.  Hold it very still, breathe and wait about 30-45 seconds.  Shortly the metal object or pendulum will start moving in a circular motion. 
The interesting part here is that if your subject is a male it will always move clockwise and if your subject is a female it will always move counterclockwise!!!  Even more fascinating is that if a friend or family member of the opposite sex holds your subject’s hand, the motion of the pendulum will stop completely!
Party trick or universal intelligence?!?
Even though this is a fun party trick I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t read deeper into it 🙂 and there certainly is some food for thought here!
What you are observing when doing this experiment is a flow of energy.  Remember science is proving that we are energy! Since the downward flow of energy is seven times stronger than an upward flow, this phenomenon most likely demonstrates energy flowing into the head. 
This of course raises questions…such as:

  • where is this energy coming from?
  • why and how does it know to supply the different sex with different energy?
  • is it really a different energy or just moving or vibrating in an opposite way?
  • does this only happen with humans or also with animals and plants?  Since science is showing an energetic interconnection to and with all Beings and things!
  • I believe that this is very simply showing the existence of our always-existing connection to and with source (whatever you wish to call it) and all that is!  And the intelligence or consciousness that supports us at all times!  To me it also shows that male and female are each other’s counterpart and that indeed we do balance out each other — we are ying and yang.
    The first step is always awareness and after that, everybody is responsible to make up his/her own mind.  Party gag or not, it might just be a nice Holiday gift to try this out and to stimulate this very awareness within the ones we love. 🙂

Britta Dubbels