January 6th, the most depressing day of the Year! Is it really?

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Statistics are saying that today is the most depressing day of the year!  Wow.  How are you feeling?                                             Are you thinking that you spent too much money over the Holidays? Do you feel that your excitement over your new year’s resolution has left you? Are you dreading to go back to work? Are you fearful of facing an entire year, which lays ahead of you?
Let’s look a little deeper, shall we? As you know happiness is a shift in perception!!!  It all depends on what you allow your mind to engage with and how!
All of the above concerns are normal concerns.  This doesn’t mean however that you make them your reality! Simply look at your concerns, even write them down. Lets use the example of “I am not strong enough to see my New Years resolution through”.  Please know that it is super normal for you to experience some resistance to the change as well as a drop in excitement. The novelty of your resolution or the idea of it has worn off by now and it is time to integrate it into your every day. This may feel challenging and even overwhelming.  Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling, acknowledge to yourself how you are feeling! No judgment!!! Breathe, feel , don’t think!                                                      Give yourself a couple of minutes with the emotional experience of it all. Breathe 🙂 FEEL, it means you are alive!                                                                          From here let’s revisit your New Years resolution.  Remind yourself of it.  Write down the reasons why you chose the resolution you did.  Write down how it will make your life better and how it will make you better!  Breathe and feel, notice how this is making you feel now.  Good, get the excitement back simply by directing your thinking to the positive.  Now focus on where, how and when you will be able to implement the change into your daily routine.
Focus on solution my friend.  Just because you are feeling some uncomfortable emotion does not mean you are off track.  It just means you are thinking wrong and unsupportive thoughts.  Repeat the above process for anything really. Face the discomfort, feel through it, shift your perception toward solution and then put it into action.
Congratulations.  You just beat the statistics!!!!
Love, Light and Gratitude,

Britta Dubbels