Unite Your Light For Fulfilled Living & Fierce Success

The Spiritual Tuning Fork




“This program will empower you to become your own “tuning fork.”  Once you learn how to access and attune to higher levels of universal  light vibration,  you will shift into powerful new dimensions of BE-ing, and embody the YOU that you were born to be.”  Britta

You are infinite love and light Being having a temporary Human experience. You must work with the power of your subconscious, which is the doorway into your soul to work with your essence truth.

Thereby uniting your light attributes with your Human body and senses, being whole and therefore feeling joyous, grateful, empowered, clear, and driven no matter what!

Britta loves life, being Human and the adventure that life is. Embracing the Human experience fully means being your light just as fully as being Human.  It isn’t one or the other! You don’t have to choose!

It is the marriage and complete union of the two, into wholeness and the perfect balance.

“This is one of the most well rounded, in-depth and real programs I have worked with in a very long time.  I am finally comfortable to live out loud in union with my light. Bravo Britta and thank you from the bottom of my heart!”  (Beauty industry pioneer, Sue Devitt).

Britta’s clients lovingly refer to her as a  “tuning fork” for light.  Her spiritual toolbox overflows with transformative modalities that will enable you to unlock  limitless inner-wisdom.  In order to embrace the Human experience fully, we must embody our Light just as completely as our Humanity.

Britta’s unique combination of guided imagery and hypnosis is a catalyst for complete, mental, emotional, physical and energetic metamorphosis.

You will learn:

–       How to embrace the adventure in all areas of life.

–       How to access and be whole and balanced within duality, and have fun doing it.

–       How to face opposition and assert your light.

–       The secret of Joy and Gratitude.  How this energy balance is your foundation for harmonious co-creation with the divine.

–       How to be high on life without any outside stimulants.  


Modules.  1st.

Get back into your body.  Get to see, sense, feel, acknowledge the magic your Human body really is.  Shift your perspective from judging the human experience as bad, sinful, negative, a curse or punishment into gratefully embracing each moment as a blessing.    You came here with great intention, hope and enthusiasm to manifest your highest capacity!


(Claim your Body fully Now)

Module 1:  (Voyage)  Believe!  Know the Adventure!

–       Living the adventure

–       Still point Imagery activation.

–       Believe audio with crystal bowl sound.

–       Equality-balance=wholeness; take inventory of both sides then infuse your Human self with essence qualities.

–       Never judge yourself.  Breathe, feel, don’t think and allow all emotions to flow.

–       Power of the positive ego. Only think when you are calm.

–       Claim the duality.

–       Imagery of Angel, god/Goddess/ Love/Light Self- strength infusion/stand up/breath/ .. Hula-hoop. Grounding!

–       Assert your light.



The power of self-honor.  Honor your needs, desires, passions, dreams, ambitions, and hopes.   Only within union of light self and physical place will you find peace and contentment.  Honor both your Human self and light-self.  Face perceived challenges by viewing them as gifts and opportunities for expansion.

(Using your body to turn the “Light” dimmer high or low)

Module 2:  (Virtues) A virtuous life is a cool and fun life.

Nullifying opposing patterns!

–       The mind can justify anything and either side.  It is the feeling that has the final say; your heart.

–       Ambiance noise, cutting back the noise (TV, radio, music, phone, computer) and dialing into God voice!

–       Roadblock Imagery. Doesn’t mean there is no way, just means not this way and not now.  Hold conviction.

–       Imagery! Bring in more of what you feel you may need in this very moment!  It is available and awaiting you!

–       Divinity in everything.  Honor is power!

–       Activation: Your secret weapon-“Joy and gratitude” smile in the face of opposition.  The universal balance.

–       Light sensitivity; attuning to which thoughts, words and choices make you feel less light and how to shift yourself back into feeling greater levels of light.  Simply the choice of taking charge and intending highest solution perspective will activate greater levels of light influx.


Access your inner-fearlessness and courage! Negative, fearful, victim and  heaviness feelings are an illusion.

By courageously opening up your heart and bravely feeling compassion for suffering, you see beyond the illusion.  You must stay equally present in both in good times and  hard times.

(Meet me in the Heart space or how to be fearless)

Module 3:   (Valor) Fearless Love

You have the ability to choose. Organized choosing.

–       Imagery: Open heart strength.  Feeling courageously with compassion.

–       Open heart singing bowl activation.

–       NEVER sacrifice your heart.

–       Fearless choices=Highest choices; You won’t change, but your choices will! Your choices will evolve you and embody greater light frequencies.

–       Out of “norm” feeling isn’t bad, just unusual.

–       Safety in phases of vulnerability and transformation.

–       Open up your heart’s eyes imagery journey.

–       (2 steps forward-1 step back). Fear of change or energy blocks that keep you from moving forward are apart of the illusion.  Your light nullifies these denser perceptions.

“Bring in more light vibration activation!”



Building a relationship with your light self.  Nurturing your inner-wisdom is the key to a harmoniously balanced life experience.  This communication will assure a seamless and easy co-creative flow of life.  You must learn to be in cooperative alliance with your  highest truth, for the highest outcome.  (Note:  Your sensitivity is not a curse, but your greatest blessing!)

(Trust yourself/trust your light!)

Module 4:   (Venerate)  Sacred connection!

–       Videos

–       Sensitivity is a powerful tool!

–       Creating the relationship with your guidance, instinct, gut, hunch, higher mind wisdom and truth.  This truth is YOU!

–       3rd eye activation with singing bowl.

–       Re-balance light self & Human self experience.

–       Discovery Imagery.  “Right & Left” side of the brain.

–       Being “right” with yourself.

–       Honor your truth and be it impeccably.

–       The more you value yourself (truth) the more can come through you and the more you have to offer!

–       Imagery: Creating change- Infusing desire with pure “right” intention – taking action with indomitable conviction.



Energy awareness.   Become your own individual authority.  Receive lavish financial abundance by lavish creative abundance with the world.

(Light infuses business)

Module 5:  (Vivid)  As within so without!!

Inner expansion = outer expansion!!!

Lighthearted communication and energy practice!

–       Become your authority.

–       Sound activation and healing of throat chakra with Tibetan singing bowl.

–       Saying “NO” is a gift to the other person- no engagement         with density.  (You give greater support by not engaging with negativity of any kind).

–       Allow your truth to evolve.

–       Confidence in decision-making time!

–       Taking responsibility.

–       As within so without Imagery Journey.

–       You can be spiritual and business savvy.

–       You can be creative and make money.

–       Balance life! Joy and Gratitude in the face of business.

–       Own your duality part 2! Live & Love your Human experience as boundless Being!

–       Healthy detachment. Understanding life on Earth.

Imagery of both choices;

Sucked into drama——-vs.——-healthily detached

–       value self; “How may I be of service?”



Loving our senses.  The senses aren’t the devil.   Guilt and denial of  the senses is an ancient paradigm.    Learn how to maintain a healthy relationship with food, sex, shopping, alcohol, love, sugar etc.  Learn to have an open, unconditional, clear, joyous, grateful, balanced and easy relationship with all of the senses.

Passion is a very powerful energy and it has proven to move mountains.  If imbalanced or even negatively driven passion can be one of the more dangerous and entrancing, obsessive energies.

(Light infuses relationships)

Module 6:   (Vigor) Owning your senses.

–  Sex and sensuality balanced with your light self.

–       Passion Imagery Journey!!! Find your passion within fueled by your light.

–       Pleasures aren’t meant to fill a void.  They are meant to be enjoyed within balance and appreciation.

–       Embracing the senses + pleasures of life.  Shining Light into guilt, shame and blame vibration activation.

–       Strength – ability to channel libido.

–       Joy and Gratitude in relationship with food, sex, shopping…etc. .  The balance of a harmonious relationship.  Unconditional.

–       Hypnosis session “Intimacy?”

–       How to be fully available and to receive from a fully available partner.  “You deserve it!”

–       Connection on all levels is the highest form of fulfillment.



Celebrate your divine marriage with your Human body.  A healthy marriage doesn’t mean you become the other person but rather you partner with another individual.  We will be focusing on how to coexist in relationships of all kinds and how to maintain your individuality and independence.

This module is a celebration of YOU! You are the solution, you are the treasure, you are the answer to all your questions.

(The experience of wholeness)

Module 7:   (Victory)  Light is the strongest and highest choice!

– My will + Thy will = Our will.

Eagle     + Dove       = Divine self

It is a marriage Imagery journey.

–   Time for action infused with light power!

–       Be your divine self-fully developed in the Human body.

–       Independent you in balanced relationship with the Divine and balanced relationships in your life.

–       Divine orchestration.

–       Patience.

–       Highest choice is surrender to divine timing.

–       You were guided to something in order to expand deeper without as well as within.  Healthy detachment!

–       You are the solution.

–       Treasure chest Imagery Journey.

–       Celebrate yourself.