Your Year to Live Fearlessly!

What’s separating you from a life of limitless potential?

Is your mind is running a continuous “loop” of toxic thoughts?
Mental “addictions”? Pitiful thinking or playing small? Repetitive patterns?
Baseless fears? Feeling stuck? Feeling abandoned?

You CAN break free.
Start creating a life filled with joy, love & limitless potential.
The “Take Charge & Get What You Want” process dissolves limited thinking once and for all.
Internationally renowned  motivational speaker &  author Brian Tracy says:  
“This book gives you a step-by-step process to achieve higher levels of inner peace and outward happiness than ever before.” 
(Brian Tracy – Author – The Power of Self Confidence)
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Untitled-1 You really can erase negative mental programming: “Take Charge & Get What You Want” is a powerful, seven-step process to unravel outworn mental programming, and banish the limiting beliefs that separate us from the manifestation of our dreams. A proven, potent method to clear those toxic thoughts, behaviors and mental “addictions,” that deny us the magical life, divine love and inspiration we all long for.

Start living life, “in the zone”: Some days, you can almost taste it, can’t you? A magical feeling that has you tingling with anticipation, aliveness, and joy. A good day at work, a great play on the basketball court, a call from a friend or lover that makes your heart sing. And then … just when you feel so good, some unwelcome event triggers an old pattern, a knee-jerk reaction, or powerful emotions that send you spiraling back into a vortex of negativity. Again.

Time to re-boot your mind and spirit! It’s no accident you landed at this page. I bet you’ve tried everything … read every book, attended every personal growth webinar and spent thousands on coaching. And yet, you still — feel — stuck. So what’s different this time?
Peacock A proven method: It’s precisely how we break through the “stuckness” that makes this program different. In order to create a blueprint for lasting change, it is critical we first understand what exactly holds us back. Many programs gloss over this important step – thereby failing the user. Please allow me to take your hand, and together we will face the issues head-on, dissect them fearlessly, and without judgment. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Prepare to be amazed! Once you understand what “pushes your buttons,” you will receive simple, effective tools and strategies to clear those negative, unsupportive thoughts and behaviors once and for all. Prepare to be amazed, and for your personal “operating system” to receive a total upgrade!

You are pure, source energy: Once you have tested your new operating system in real-life situations, you will become exhilarated by your progress and start building momentum! You will progressively become more present, aware and in-charge of your thoughts and (re)actions moment-to-moment, breath-by-breath. You will come to understand that we are all one, that we are all pure source energy. Once you learn how to recognize, feel and work with this energy, this universal vibration, you will be liberated! Free to fearlessly imagine, co-create and embrace a new, authentically empowered life without limits.
Britta Who am I, and why should you listen to me? I know that if you follow this program you will achieve the results you desire. I am a certified hypnotist, energy worker and spiritual director and I am fueled by my deep love for people and unshakeable belief that we are all, at our core, love and light. For more than 10 years I have dedicated my life to healing and empowering my clients to achieve and maintain lasting change. These changes have included everything from release of fears or limiting beliefs, working through traumatic periods of loss or grief, lifestyle/habit changes, increased confidence, reduction of anxiety and the establishment of inner-peace and overall well-being.

2013, embrace change now! As we enter 2013, there is no more time to postpone growth and healing for the self, since it is certain that the vibration on our planet is increasing. If life has “placed change upon you,” or you are “sensing the call” to create change, do not hesitate. The world may look “chaotic” but in truth, there has never been this much support energetically and spiritually to connect with your true purpose.

What you get:

✶ 1 comprehensive, printable workbook, an inspirational, step-by-step guide
✶ 11 high-quality instructional videos
✶ 7 highly-effective meditation and visualization audio tracks (more than two hours of programming)
✶ 3 exclusive “Britta Boost” audios:
  You can do it!
  Amazing quick-fix short audio tracks to use anytime you need a shot of positive reinforcement!

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Each module features a mix of valuable, practical tools in the form of video tutorials, guided audio meditations and journal exercises.
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EXCLUSIVE! Entire program just $89.99

You will learn:
➔ Essential, spiritual life-skills that banish repetitive, self-limiting thoughts, habits and behaviors once and for all.
➔ Correct use the mind, the subconscious, the emotions, the physical body and breath, in order to steer life in the direction of your choosing.
➔ How to engage and embrace your energetic power. You are energy, we are all energy and we are all energetically interconnected.
➔ All positivity, growth, positive change, kind and truthful words, right and respectful action and conscious response affects the self and travels across the energetic grid into your life and the lives of the people around you. Everything you do and choose matters!
➔ The art of conscious co-creation.

Program Overview

Your breath is your bridge into change. If you are serious about your conscious evolution and growth as a Human Being you must Master your breath. You will learn to breathe deeply and consciously, so you become present to yourself and your life on every level.
You are in charge of your mind, no one else. Learn why and how your “programming” – that limited thinking and knee-jerk reactions — became embedded. Learn to understand and observe your personal programming, and to take inventory of your mental landscape, in order to release any outworn, unsupportive thought patterns. This skill is essential to your success — you are the boss of you!
Emotions must be felt. When we learn to separate emotions from thoughts, we can at last overcome repetitive cycles of negative behavior. Observe how we use emotional addictions to fill spiritual voids. Learn to feel emotions without fear or judgment, unconditionally.
What — or who! — pushes your buttons? Learn to observe how deeply affected we can be by the influences around us. We all experience the outside world through our programmed perceptions, and attach “meanings” to what we perceive. Learn to recognize when you are actually reliving past experiences in the now, and how to release these sneaky “triggers.”
How liberating to feel comfortable in your own skin! It’s time to appreciate all your positive qualities and accept that we are all different; which therefore means every single one of us is special, unique and perfect. Through visualization meditation, you will create an empowered, liberated new image of yourself that we will imprint into your subconscious, and help make this new you a reality.
Learn to transform fear into pure energy! In this important module, you will learn that you can actually embrace fear and doubt, and harness these potent emotions to fuel your desires. Through guided imagery meditation, you will face your fears as the warrior you really are, and at last reveal the magnificent, shining light that is your authentically, empowered self.
Almost everyone could use an extra shot of discipline from time-to-time. It is easy to burn out in the face of effort, especially in a world of quick fix promises and stressed out days. Whether you choose to succeed on a diet, exercise, self-improvement or get-organized plan, you can almost expect to “burn out” or regress back to old patterns – particularly if the plan requires radical change. What is key, is to be kind to yourself and always keep in mind the end result and how good it feels. That good feeling is the ultimate motivator and success attractor. Learn to keep recognizing the positive and watch yourself gain delicious momentum!

All over the planet, people are beginning to experience a shift in consciousness. Can you feel it?”

Author Britta Dubbels is a spiritual director, intuitive healer and vibrational energy worker who has assisted hundreds of clients transition through challenging life circumstances to embrace change and live more empowered, compassionate lives.

Born in Germany, Britta was whisked to NYC at age 17 to work as a model with the prestigious Ford agency. Following several years gracing magazine covers around the world, Britta eventually heard her inner calling and embarked on a spiritual quest, training in a number of healing modalities to become an Imagery & Reiki Master and licensed hypnotist.

Fueled by a deep connection and love for people, Britta now runs a thriving practice from her home in Long Island, New York, where she works with clients from around the world.

She says: “If you are sensing the call to create change, do not hesitate. The world may look chaotic, but in fact there has never been this much support energetically and spiritually to reconnect with a deeper sense of purpose and alignment with ones truth.”TopBracket

Britta, ultimately, has helped me to recognize my own light and to readily accept complete responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions so I can be my highest potential.

Britta is the divinely guided vehicle in which we are again able to hear our soul’s voice, its loving intention to guide us consciously toward that divine oneness we soulfully seek and are.

Britta is my spiritual tuning fork and after each session feel like I’m in harmony with the universe. I’m so grateful for the service she offers, the love and light she shares and the inspiration she infuses!

Britta is like an angel sent from heaven sent to grant you all your wishes. I just don’t know how else to describe her.


1. The Breath; Your Bridge Into Change
2. The Mind; You Are Not Your Thoughts!
3. Exercise: How To Disengage & Clear Negative Thoughts
4. Emotions Must Be Felt
5. How to feel and release even the most uncomfortable emotions
6. Signs; Who—or what—pushes your buttons?
7. How to unconditionally observe every aspect of your life
8. Perfect, Beautiful, Individual You; Get Comfortable In Your Own Skin
9. Guided imagery journey: Create Your Liberated Image!
10. Fear & Doubt; Transform Fear Into Pure Energy!
11. Guided imagery meditation. Face Your Fears.
1. Your Breath, A wonderful reminder tool, use often.
2. Relaxation, Reboot & recharge.
3. Self Image, Night time, guided imagery. Manifest the true you as your reality.
4. Being Present, Only when you are present do you live life fully.
5. Self Support, An essential tool for tough moments. Learn to parent, love, support & guide yourself.
6. Patience and Will, Both patience and will can be learned and strengthened.
7. Choose Love, Night time, guided imagery. Sooth your soul and imprint the truth of your nature and identity into your subconscious.



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