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 Congratulations and thank you for the opportunity to train with you — it is an enormous honor!  Over the next few days and weeks you will be astounded to learn how STRONG you really are.  Just as we build physical muscles, spiritual muscles gain strength over time.  Challenges may come and go; but as your strength builds you will find life flowing with a greater sense of ease and grace … and your world expanding into gorgeous new vistas of opportunity.    – Britta

How to use this program:  

Feel free to use any module that resonates with you, in any order.  The beauty of this series is that it supports each individual’s adventure.  I recommend you select at least one morning and one evening audio at first, for maximum effectiveness.  Don’t worry about falling asleep as the evening audio plays — you will still absorb the material with your subconscious mind.


 Align With Your Infinite, True Light Self.  Hypnotic Activation/Imagery Journey (MP3, 40 min)

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Your Breath.  Lesson & practice; listen until this becomes “second nature” 🙂  (MP3, 19 min).

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You are an energetic Being, connected to a field of limitless potential.  YOU are infinite possibility, having a temporary Human experience..   It’s time to remember who you really are. Understand your human experiences have all been part of the divine plan, the perfect lessons you needed as stepping-stones to claiming your true identity – Light – self.   The truth is already lies within your every cell, waiting for you to awaken when you choose the light.   Going home now means turning inward.   To embody and expand your light into the Human illusion realm.  You are meant to be “at Home” in your human body and create your heaven on earth.


 How To Have Fun With Your Human Incarnation.  Lesson & practice.  (MP3, 40 min).

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Judge No More.  Hypnosis session.  Listen when you are able to relax & go within.  (MP3, 26 min).

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Let’s embrace being Human!   Embodying your light does not mean living a personality-less, boring existence.  On the contrary; you will amplify the positive personality traits that make you so special.  All the things you like about yourself now, all the colors that make up “You” will be highlighted.   YOU …. strong, funny, more creative, quiet, fabulous, rock star, funky, interesting, cool, quirky, witty, charming, independent, smart, happy, passionate, unique and empowered.  Your best qualities will be illuminated, and then some.  You can only “fit in” by being yourself.  There is no stopping you once you  embody your light!

Emotional Pockets.   Lesson.  MP3 Audio (41 mins).


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Clearing The Mind.  Lesson & practice.  MP3 Audio (26 min).  


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“Strength” is the new paradigm.   The less you feed limitation programming and emotional storage (or, emotional “pockets”), the stronger you will become and the more light you will radiate.  Embodying the light amplifies your greatest attributes, and transforms limitation into possibility.  Recognize that nothing is what it seems, and learn to realize the illusion for what it is, a gigantic playground where anything is possible.

Strengthening Exercise (MP3, 40 min).   A golden nugget of wisdom; revisit as often as needed.

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Self-Love (MP3, 40 mins).  Hypnotic Activation.   Listen to day or night-time, just before sleep.

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Emotion vs. Guidance (MP3, 24 mins).  Lesson.

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Self-Love is the catalyst and the strength to create healing on an infinite level. The stronger your light, the clearer your internal connection will be.  You are your own healer.  Only you can Love, accept, support and heal yourself.  It is your responsibility.


Learn to Listen To, Trust & Follow Your Higher Guidance  (MP3, 26 mins).  


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 Forming A Relationship With Your Higher Self.  (MP3, 27 mins) Hypnotic Activation.   Listen at night,  just before sleep.


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Learn to become guided entirely by your higher wisdom.  Tap into your guidance, which orchestrates every encounter, challenge and karmic situation for the highest good.  It will never steer you wrong.  This connection/relationship can be improved and strengthened — with practice!   Learn to trust your guidance without having to know why.



Your Book Of Life.  Hypnotic/Imagery Journey.  (MP3)  Inspires higher-guided choices and self -actualization.  (Please use with a note-book if you like to journal).


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What About You Inner Critic?   (MP3, 24 mins).  Imagery journey & lesson.


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Create Your Greatest Day!   (MP3, 13 mins) * BONUS Morning meditation/Imagery; Listen upon waking.


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Green Forest 2Now you’re in charge, how do you want to show up? It’s time to star your own movie!  To act in new ways …to speak your truth in new ways. Every page of your book of life is another day that is yours to create. Which qualities are you looking to emphasize, illuminate and nourish?
You are the Hero/Heroine of your story. You are infinite possibility.  Strong and authentically empowered. Here to flow through life, manifesting your passions, insights, and truths.  Able to maintain stillness when challenges occur.  Strong enough to breathe through any emotional pocket trigger and mentally clear.  Following your guidance with great strength.  Comfortable in your skin and content to be exactly YOU!   Expand into the field of infinite possibilities all around you; merging with and becoming one with it.  Now, you are ready to manifest and create all that you intended for from a soul level.

Love and Light Vibration Activation.  (MP3, 27 mins).   *Activation; Listen day or night.


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 One Love  Hypnotic Activation (MP3, 20 mins).  Listen at bed-time for total, deep relaxation.

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IMG_1944This activation strengthens your physical body by reconnecting all 12 strands of your DNA. This inside-out activation starts at the core of your biology and re-calibrates your atoms and nucleons to a higher frequency.   As you identify with the light, your vibration increases, continuously attracting the highest frequency possible each time you practice.  This activation changes the consciousness within every cell.  Become one with your true identity —  pure love and light —  manifest into a physical body released into a field of infinite possibility.  You are One with all that is.  Science is confirming this.   A magnificent experience that gets you high on life.



Please contact Britta at  Britta@BrittaDubbels.com by email to schedule your 30 minute phone session



Britta Dubbels is a divine vortex for spiritual empowerment.  She has assisted thousands of clients create more abundant, compassionate lives. Fueled by a deep love for Humanity, Britta’s transformative and powerful channeled work both elevates and inspires. Her new suite of body-mind-spirit tools and activations,  are guaranteed to  open whole new realms of peace and possibility for YOU.

Born in a small village in Northern Germany, Britta’s life was suddenly transformed when she was summoned to NYC at age 17 to work as a model with the prestigious Ford agency. Following years gracing magazine covers around the world, Britta eventually followed her inner-calling, and embarked on a quest to expand her natural abilities as a medium for light information. For more than 10 years, she studied spiritual psychology and a number of healing modalities, and became a certified Imagery and Reiki Master, and licensed hypnotist.

Both warm and relatable, Britta’s work is infused with her desire to always, “Keep it real.”   A powerful yet practical teacher for the new age, she says:  “If you are sensing the call to create change, do not hesitate. The world may look chaotic, but in fact there has never been this much support energetically and spiritually to reconnect with a deeper sense of purpose and alignment with ones truth.”

For more programs, workshops and personal sessions visit:    www.BrittaDubbels.com

What Others Are Saying About Britta’s programs:

 As a global traveler with a busy schedule, its wonderful to know that now I can take Britta’s programs on the road with me.  It’s always reassuring to hear her clear guidance, and the program quickly reinforces the powerful techniques that have brought such peace to my own life. This enables me to maintain a sense of clarity and serenity during busy, stressful times. I am delighted that Britta is now accessible to millions around the world, through this outstanding series.  Sue Devitt, beauty industry pioneer 
How I met Britta …  I was sitting in my car at the beach on a Sunday Morning. I had many things on my mind that day, Business things, Personal things, and just life in general.  … All of the sudden I heard her voice coming though the radio. I turned it up and listen to her talk. I was connected to her spiritually from that point. When she was done talking she gave her phone number. I called the number thinking that I would leave a message ….She picked up and Hello!!!  I felt a very powerful connection,  and as we spoke it got stronger and stronger.  I went to see her the following week, and my life has never been the same. My business got bigger, and my clients got better. My finances got better, my thought got clearer, I became a much happier and a very positive person.  I could go on and on … All I can say, is if you every get a chance you should go see her at least one time in your life. You won’t regret it.
– Colin Brown 
Where do I begin, truly … One cold winter day I was working out in Sag Harbor.  While this being the most challenging time of my life, I noticed a flyer with a beautiful woman’s picture on it.  I am not one who takes flyers or even notices them, but lo and behold this caught my attention.
I called and made an appointment to meet with Britta.  Little did I know at the time she was and still is my shining light!  She is compassionate, smart, spiritual, loving, and very insightful.  While I was dealing with major financial and life issues after having a very successful career, Britta taught me to trust and believe in myself and let the universe help out.  What did all of this mean?  Through the work with Britta I have finally found my true self and with all the challenges have never been happier.  She guided me to continue with my dreams and to TRUST.
She has become a trusted friend and truly her soul comes thru and thru.  She is a gift to all that have the blessing to work with her.  And let’s not forget to mention the energy work she does…WOWOW WEE … the most incredible experiences I have ever had.  And each time …  so different.  Britta is a gift from GOD and I honor her every day.
Lots of love
 Stacey Cohen 
Britta has a unique way of working with people from a non-biased standpoint. She holds a sacred space where one can allow themselves to feel unconditionally all emotions, thoughts and feelings that surface and gently guides one to both allow them and work through them.  This space of trust, acceptance and love allows one to really open up without judgment to let the wounds of the past truly be felt and ultimately healed.  She has particularly helped me to distinguish between truth and “mind or ego” talk (usually in the form of negative thought patterns), which can be very gripping at times.  She constantly brings me back around to understanding my truth rather than staying in the thoughts that are limiting.  Her beautiful enthusiasm never fails to uplift even in a dark moment. The space she holds is gentle and loving yet firm and true.  She never withholds the truth, but always delivers it gracefully.  Britta, ultimately, has helped me to recognize my own light and to readily accept complete responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions so I can Be my highest potential.  As a person, Britta, has a deep strength about her and yet so gentle and loving.  Her joy reminds me of child.  She has unconditionally been there for me and i am deeply grateful to her.
-Kitty Clay
Ultimately we are all connected to the greater divine oneness. Though the earth school of humanness with all its beautiful trappings and illusions is a relentless distraction from one’s true self, the soul.   Britta is the divinely guided vehicle in which we are again able to hear our soul’s voice, its loving intention to guide us consciously toward that divine oneness we soulfully seek and are.  Namaste—Britta
– Eric Thompson
I followed your advice Britta; I laid down with my anxiety and my fears and I began to breathe.  I shut my mind off and was able to feel everything unconditionally. The emotions began to lighten.  All over the sudden a flood of love and warmth came over me and I began to talk with God.
–Mia Silverman 
I was introduced to Britta in early 2009. Since then I’ve had significant changes in my life that I believe have been greatly influenced by her energy work. Her warm presence and beautiful spirit create a lightness that is attractive and comforting. I consider her to be my spiritual tuning fork and after each session feel like I’m in harmony with the universe. I’m so grateful for the service she offers, the love and light she shares and the inspiration she infuses!
– Tanya Becker, Co-Founder, Physique 57
Hi Britta,
I just want to thank you again for another amazing experience! I can’t begin to explain how balanced I feel after our sessions. I never imagined when we first started working together, 2 years ago, how life changing it would turn out to be. Your intuitive gift and ability to help clear old patterns and habits has truly helped me to progress in leaps and bounds, not only in my personal life, but also in my career as a fellow spiritualist. You are wonderfully gifted and I count my blessings regularly to have you as one of my guides on this ever-increasingly joyful journey of mine. The innate brightness in your spirit is a constant inspiration for me to work tirelessly to continue my self-healing process and be available for others as they work to evolve. I can’t wait to see you again!
Corey De Rosa
Tapovana Ashtanga Healing Center
My name is Michael, I am 44.  Over the past 10 years I developed a condition that removed some or all of my body’s natural protective layers; I couldn’t leave my own home.  As a result I have spent 10 years going from healer to healer, been upstate to ashrams doing yoga, receiving Reiki, etc.  My family even tried to have me admitted to a psych ward. After all this and tens of thousands of dollars I met Britta Dubbels.  Within several months I started functioning normally again, after 9 months I am a fully functioning owner of two small companies. My life is 95% restored to where I was and the credit has to go to BRITTA, her subtle hypnosis, combined  with her Reiki, Channeling and Energy work expertise is unmatched, and like I said I had been to at least 10-12 healers, no one has come close to BRITTA’S achievements,  She is a true healer,  if she helped me comeback from where I was,  there isn’t anyone she can’t help!
–     Michael 
The chains of the world held me still and unchanged.  Working with you Britta has freed my mind and allows me to now fly toward a love and light that is endless and forever changing.  – Justin Korte
All of my life I have been searching.  Everything I have ever been looking for, you have helped me to find within myself.  Thank you.  -Rob 
Britta, your words and guidance are magical! Today I am leaving my old job for my dream job in my dream location (after staying present and taking many little steps over the last five years)! I know I would not be ready for this new opportunity if I did not have the tools that you taught me (breathe, feel, don’t think). I am putting out a heartfelt thank you! – Catherine
“Working with Britta has been a wonderful and enlightening experience. She has helped me to identify thinking and ways of being that were no longer serving me, to, instead, find the courage inside to make changes and begin to realize more of my innate potential. I feel as though a veil has been lifted and I have a better sense of life, love, happiness, and my purpose in life. She is indeed a gifted soul.”  — Kevin Menard,   Menard Acupuncture 
You have not only helped me heal but you have shown me my life!
I feel strong, empowered, clear, happy and excited. I am forever grateful!
– Sharon S
I had the immense good fortune to become Britta’s client two years ago.  After several months of real WORK … at turns inspiring, exhausting, hilarious, profound, raw, silly, provocative, liberating and always, always TRUTHFUL, almost every aspect of my life has been enhanced. Britta taught me that it all starts with the foundation, the breath.  Start there.  “Keep remembering to breathe.”  (Try it!).   Britta took my hand, and became my guide as we dismantled old beliefs and limitations and climbed towards freedom and peace.  With her help, I have been finally conquered lifelong fears and mental barriers that have in turn, opened doors to opportunities I had once only dreamed of.   Britta’s intelligence, empathy and innate intuitive skills are beyond measure. She is pure love and light.  Once you commit to her process, you will never look back.  I recommend Britta without reservation and am proud and truly blessed to call her my friend.
Nikke S
Working with Britta has definitely made a difference in my life. She has taught me how to enjoy life by just breathing, not thinking, and feeling. I really feel Britta has been like a gift to me, she has helped me connect with my spirit, which has made other things more understandable and I really could not ask for anything better. I am truly grateful to have such a special person like Britta in my life.   -Mia
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