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Thank you for purchasing the Awakened Mom Audios & E-book.  Please BOOKMARK THIS PAGE for easy reference. Your products are available for download below.  Enjoy!
Awakened Mom Audio Book:
1) Awakened Mom audio Book opening, 17s. :

2) Tips and Tricks for the Awakened Mom welcome, 10.43s.:

3) Tips and Tricks, 35.31s.:

4) 20 Emotions to Heal, 35.01s.:

5) Helpful Hints and Clues, 11.47s.:

6) Afterword for Awakened Mom, 1.59s.:

7) Awakened Mom closing, 30s.:

Audios for Awakened Mom:
1st set of audios:
Your “main squeeze” set of audios teach you “how to” use your mind,
emotions and breath properly so that you are always in control of
yourself and your responses to the outside world. These audios go
hand-in-hand with the opening section of the “Tips and Tricks” book.
1) Your Breath length: 14.26
Your breath is your best friend. It is the bridge between your mind and
your emotions, as well as the your connection to inner-peace.

2) Your Mind length: 22.29s.
Your Mind is a tool. When you master your mind you empower yourself
and break free!

3) “How to” clear your mind length: 14.33s.
You choose your thoughts – choose good ones! As the master of your
Mind, you decide which thoughts you engage with.

4) Your Emotions length: 22.36s.
Your emotions are your powerful guidance and manifestation tool, if
acknowledged and felt correctly.

2nd set of audios:
Profound, uplifting truths and insights to keep yourself in alignment and
balance. A comforting reminder that, “all is well.”
5) Deep relaxation length: 14.38s.
This is a wonderful audio to instill moments of deep comfort and
relaxation. Give yourself permission to let go and be!

6) Open Heart length: 7.06s.
There is no such thing as giving too much love! Explore different ways
to give love, and how to visualize opening your heart even more.

7) You are not alone length: 5.29s.
Motivation and encouragement for becoming an active participant in
creating community for yourself in your world.

8) Friends length: 7.58s.
A fresh perspective on the way relationships with close girlfriends
sometimes shift after becoming a mom.

9) Being in the right energy length: 9.16s.
The right energy is Love. Realign yourself to the frequency of love, and
radiate from there!

10) We all make mistakes length: 8.01s.
We are all make mistakes as parents. This is how we learn. Positive
reinforcement audio to inspire self-forgiveness and non-judgmental

11) Identity shift length: 7.32s.
Identity shifts happen throughout life as we take on new roles. We have
the power to make these changes difficult or easy. Britta teaches how to
work with the changes, allowing the present to unfold with the least
amount of resistance.

12) Quick reminder of “how to feel” length: 12.55s.
Listen up! This is your 911 audio. Britta explains in detail how to feel,
particularly in those most difficult times when you may feel
overwhelmed by emotion. Listen to this one often.

3rd set of audios:
These “Britta boosts” are quick audio reminders to get you back on
track fast!
13) Surrender length: 5.30s.
Surrender is strength. Resistance causes pain. Be smart and accept
what you cannot change in this moment.

14) Who’s the Boss? Length: 6.13s.
You are the boss of you! .

15) You’re beautiful length: 6.49s.
Beauty is how you feel on the inside – but what if you feel crappy?!
Guidance for shifting into the right feeling, and for appreciating that
miraculous body of yours.

16) Be childlike length: 5.07s.
Embrace opportunities to kick back and have fun whenever you can – if
only for a few minutes. Play, be silly, be goofy, laugh and you shall

17) Just keep going length: 4.10s.
Sometimes you just need to be reminded to, “keep calm and carry on.”
Don’t react!

18) Confidence length: 5.54s.
Confidence is energy. Britta’s proven tips and tricks to quickly boost
your confidence.

19) “I can do it” length: 5.17s.
Giving up is not an option. You are strong enough to handle whatever
Motherhood brings you. Step into your power and trust yourself.

20) Self support length: 5.37s.
Embrace the fact that you must give yourself what you need. Don’t wait
for someone else to do it. You are here to be your own best friend,
parent, cheerleader, lover, your own support team. Anybody else is a
cherry on top, be grateful for them!

Bonus Audio:
21) Hypnosis Self Image length: 29 minutes
This is a hypnosis audio, which should only be used when you can close
your eyes without distraction, preferably at night. Visualize yourself in
your grace and excellence. Hypnosis will gradually imprint this image
into your subconscious, so eventually the image becomes your reality.
Listen on a regular basis, every night if possible for 3 weeks.

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