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Hello everybody 🙂
I wise being has said, “Patience is the silken cord on which are strung the pearls of virtue.”  Edmund Burke said, “Our patience will achieve more than our force.” Why is it a strength or moral goodness to endure difficulty or hardship without complaint?
Well, from the bigger picture perspective, time doesn’t even exist.  Everything already “is” in form of potentiality.  So in order to have the opportunity to practice patience, one would have to be in the experience of the “Human” perspective, bound by time and by attachments to outcomes.
Really, patience is part of the manifestation process. We as Humans manifest all the time; more often unconsciously than consciously.  But, when we do want something consciously and are focused on “making it happen,” we are attached to the end result and to a certain time frame within which impatience may rear it’s ugly head.  This is what we could call “collective consciousness programming;” everybody experiences it in relation to their individual surrender and trust in a higher purpose and good for all involved.
Meaning, do all you can on all levels and then let go and let God have his way with you.
Most of the time when it seems that nothing is happening everything is happening.  This is also exactly the time when things go sadly wrong – people give up thinking that nothing is happening and they stop focusing on their manifestation. 
Remember, positive change is trust versus doubt. 
Change takes time, manifestations can take time. Often involved are so many factors, often much more then we are able literally to imagine at our current state of development. 
Energies, dynamics, openings and opportunities are being created and often if one avenue doesn’t pan out an even greater and much more appropriate one is being prepared. As long as you keep up your end of the bargain and focus on positive thinking, speaking, doing, acting and remembering that every challenge already has an opportunity or solution attached to it, you are doing your part. At least twice a day, permit your self to wallow in your senses, transport yourself into the very “feel good” experience that you are seeking. 🙂 Breathe and trust 🙂 and do not allow impatience to disrupt your energy or divert the many manifestations that you are co-creating.
With Love and Light,

Britta Dubbels