Outgrowing the Illusion.

  |   being present, breath
Outgrowing the illusion doesn’t mean we stop playing in it nor does it mean we stop 
having fun with it. 
On the contrary, life becomes more fun and more meaningful, as we appreciate our blessings more consciously.
Outgrowing the illusion means –
the understanding of the deeper levels of what we are observing.  
Life and each individual encounter is so much more layered and purposeful than just one judgment, 
to fit it into one box. 
Having a human body is a privilege and a great gift. There are no accidents, there are no mistakes and anybody who feels that they shouldn’t be here, that they really don’t like it here on earth and it was a mistake, cause it’s just too hard… I say …@#&%$^… please, think again.
Souls are lined up, waiting patiently for the opportunity to incarnate onto 
this earth realm. 
Being on earth at this time is a great honor!
Yes, I get it, it’s not always easy and to witness the suffering and those who cause the suffering is painful, I know. But there is purpose to the madness.
The secret to outgrowing the illusion is to see everything, to feel and to look more deeply.  
We see the suffering, we also see what causes the suffering and what needs to be healed and changed. We see the potential of the process and the potential of the future and ultimate goals.
The key is in not collapsing into one perspective but acknowledging them all.
Universal Guidance is available to us this year in ways that we have not been able to receive it before. 
This is a feeling/ sensory experience that will assist you every step of the way. 
Our world is changing and we need every single one of us to step up and participate in the change.  This change has to be a balance between your inner work, healing and growth –  and the change and support you offer to the world.  
In essence, 
the illusion will always remain the illusion.
 Outgrowing it means to not collapse into the messy craziness that change inevitably brings but to stay centered and clear on the bigger vision for all. 
There is always deeper to go, in every way.  The deeper we go, the greater our expansion will. 
Intend to see/ sense/ feel/ look for the deeper reasons behind each experience. 
This way we change the illusion dream into a much better dream, a happier dream for all to play in and come together in, as one big great family – 
Creators incarnate, playing as the Human Race.
With blessings of love and light to you and yours,

Britta Dubbels