Own your personal power.

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You may not always feel so UBER powerful but deep down in your core, in your essence you always are.  And the way to connect with your inner authentic personal power is in choosing a perspective that is active and places you “in charge” of your mind and your responses.
For example, you may be facing a situation in your life that is triggering fear, worry, what if or hopelessness in you.  This experience doesn’t feel great and in the past may have told you that you “just can’t win” and “what were you thinking”.   This is when you take in your deep, slow and conscious in/exhales and you remind yourself that it is time to shift perspective. How?                 Remind yourself that there is a silver lining, a blessing in disguise in every experience.  Everything happens FOR YOU!
At this point your logical mind will probably have a really hard time with the concept of everything “happening for you”! This is when you choose to trust that it is the truth. Blind faith! Personal power develops when you can tell your thoughts to go away and not come back.  Those doubting, fear and drama creating no good thoughts …. tell them “Go away!”. Focus back onto your breath.
Now allow your inner knowing, your deep wisdom to tell you what it is you are meant to gain from this situation! Where in all this  is your golden nugget of wisdom?  It could be you having to learn greater levels of patience, forgiveness, compassion or it could be that you are being called to trust that something better is right around the corner for you! Just because something didn’t work out or had an unexpected outcome doesn’t mean you are on the wrong track. Maybe you were thinking too small or maybe you were caught up in your ego’s wants and attachments!
Personal power develops and strengthens when you choose to instill trusting thoughts into your mind.  Trust in a higher wisdom and a greater knowing, much greater than your own Human brain. Thoughts are human and therefore limiting. Personal power is to choose your alliance with the infinite source of power within you, waiting for you to relax into it! Knowing that everything always works out for the better and that at a bare minimum you were clearing karma.
You own your personal power when you remind yourself that you are so much bigger than the Human drama. You are so much better than those thoughts that make you feel bad! You disempower yourself when you give drama/fear/doubt thoughts power.     You are infinite love consciousness, here to have a ball with your Human experience and to play big, really big!
Steer your thoughts into alignment with your inner wisdom and guidance.  This is where your true and authentic personal power originates from!  Claim it because only you can and relish in your well deserved results!  🙂
Thank you for spending your time with me.                                                                                                                                                                     With Love and Light,                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Britta

Britta Dubbels