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veniceOctober Blog 2013
Recently, a person dear to my heart reminded me of these powerful words when I was feeling deep disappointment over what I had thought was a “done deal.”   Rilke: “No feeling is final, nor is this truth final.”
Anyone who has spent long periods in meditation (24 hours +) will have observed their minds and their emotions running through a series of experiences; and yet all the while remaining motionless, and not contributing in any way.  It is a fascinating experience.
Imagine yourself sitting in deep meditation and as if you are watching a movie, as you begin to witness the familiar thought patterns that habitually run through your mind.  See the thoughts as they keep floating by like clouds in the sky.  As you continue to simply sit, you observe a variety of emotions such as … pain…. Back to calm, then anger….. as it gets replaced by peace again, lust…… back to clarity, loneliness… to comfort, passing through you like waves crashing onto a shore.  Some waves are bigger, and some are waves smaller; and yet, there is continuous motion.  You realize that all you are doing is sitting in meditation.  And yet, an infinite parade of life situations continue to appear, as if you were engaged in life at this very moment.
Now, take a moment and rewind a few weeks or even years of your life in your minds eye. An event that may have seemed the worst thing that ever happened to you, has now become a  “non issue.”  Interesting … perhaps even a blessing in disguise?
Life is a permanent flux of beliefs, emotions, perceptions, judgments, reactions and coping mechanisms.  One thing is for certain, everything is until it isn’t, and you aren’t until you are.
As we strengthen our ability to love unconditionally, practice acceptance of what is, and own our personal power, we actually begin to find comfort in the impermanence of life.
You, the observer of all life experiences — the essence of love, the soul that you are–  gave permission at birth for amnesia, to forget your true identity, and to be tossed like a salad by “positive” or “negative” perceptions and attachments of the ego.
Until … you realize, awake, evolve, enlighten to the truth.  The truth that life is a rollercoaster, that this world is a gigantic theme park in which you flow from ride to ride, disappointment to victory, from sadness to grace, from loneliness to all the riches.
And as I return to the truth of infinite grace, I begin to smile.  How easy it is to attach meaning to the experience of the moment, and the deep desire to make it permanent!  How all of us attempt to impose permanence onto an experience that will never and cannot ever be permanent.  Why? Because the only permanence is our essence, and therefore we unconsciously project our essence of permanence onto the ever-evolving journey called Human life.
Thus, here we have the key to life: “To enjoy unconditionally (our essence) and experience of every moment for what it truly is, a fleeting and mere observation of a revolving door … the most exciting revolving door I have ever experienced, as far as I can remember J.
With all my Love,

Britta Dubbels