Sacred Love.

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Sacred love –a daydreamer’s wishful thought or real possibility?
It’s February and that means it is lover’s month.  Valentine’s day seems to be packed with expectations, hopes, dreams and also, of course, old disappointments and avoidance.  It is filled to the brim with baggage, some good, some bad and some indifferent. Some people try to ignore it and other’s ravel in it to the max.
Even though it is a commercialized Holiday, deep down it reminds us of the love we want to have, the love we don’t have or the love experiences that have been and why we are better off staying away from it all.  It is a bag of mixed emotions for many.
From a spiritual and psychological perspective every action is driven by the need for love.  Even anger and hate are driven by old fear patterns that were formed because of a perceived “lack of love” experience.  This causes the unconscious want/search for love through unloving actions.
If truly the lack of love is causing such havoc in this world, then why aren’t we focused on just love itself?  Why don’t we teach and get taught how to love more deeply, more fully, more fearlessly and more openly? Are we scared of love?  Has sacred love become an illusion reserved for the daydreamers, seekers and the hopeful?
We all know and agree that in our essence we are love and light.  Yes, we have always been and will always be this infinite, glorious love consciousness, extension of source.
But on the human level layers of “lack” conditioning cover up our love & light essence. This “lack” conditioning poisons our thoughts and holds our love choices hostage.
So then.. is there even room for something called “Sacred Love”?  Can it survive in a world filled with anxiety and fear? And what is sacred love?  What does it look like?  What does it feel like?
Sacred love requires true love… both partners feeling true, openhearted love for the self and the other. It is a connection to the divinity within the self as well as the divinity within the other.  To hold something and somebody as sacred means to revere, to respect, to honor, to hold holy and divine.  It also means allowing for continuous growth and expansion to be apart of the adventure that is love itself.
In truth it becomes the union of the physical and the divine within.  Sacred Love is what brings us closer to the energy and experience of wholeness.
I say “YES” to love and I say “YES” to making it holy!
And so this Valentine’s Day I invite you to play with me. Let’s make it a fun exploration of unchartered territory and new levels of experience.  As always, yes, it all starts with you.
Let’s focus on what makes you feel sacred.  Let’s create an image, or your personal mental movie, of the possibility of sacred love within as without.  Your subconscious only learns and accepts new information through imagery and repetition.
Visualize, imagine or make belief that you love yourself:
~ You love your body, just the way it is right now. You take care of your body by feeding it consciously.
~ You honor your feeling of rightness within yourself; you know, that gut instinct.  You trust this gut feeling to guide you into what works for you and what feels right for you.
~ You protect your mind space from negative, unproductive and unsupportive thoughts.  Only positive, productive, solution focused and self-respecting thoughts will create your heaven within. Blaming and shaming thoughts are banned from this moment forward.
In this image of yourself you breathe deeply and slowly and your ability to control your breath assists your ability to control your mind.  You feel all emotions unconditionally, so they may digest and clear out without storing.  You are mindful of your time and how you like to spend it. You give to yourself, and you give to others as a result of being a cup that flows over. You are smiling, your body posture is proud yet humble and you look at life with reverence and wisdom. You are connected with your inner strength and the softness of your open heart.
Now imagine your partner next to you. Do not attach a face to the other person. It is about you, how you are being when around him/her. Be open to the feelings of this image to be new or different. This is about opening, expanding and shifting your perspectives into new levels of experience.
Get in touch with this image or movie and play with it, try things out, act as if.  How do you carry yourself?  How do you maintain your personal identity and individuality? How do you communicate your dreams, hopes and deepest truths?
Feel your heart, as it is open wide.  Your mind is clear and your breath is steady.  Allow for your individuality to maintain as you begin to melt with this other person.  A beautiful dance of reverence, respect and admiration is being given back and forth between the both of you.  All the past experiences of hurt and disappointment fall to the side, unable to taint your vision.  Staying free and fearless in this trusting place of connection and communication.  You trust yourself. Fueling each other in support and honesty.  Aiming to remain honest with self as well as with your partner as you enjoy life separately as well as together.
I suggest you continue to play with this image or movie and keep it alive. Revisit it every day! If you can see it you can believe it.  Do not give up on love.  Focus on love.  Stay committed to love and trust that you will create it or make the already existing love even better.
Be the love. Love is strong, clear, empowered, honoring, truthful and real. Love doesn’t mean you give up who you are to fit into somebody else’s life, on the contrary it means you own and revere your needs, wants and truths completely.
I am wishing you a month filled with blessings and sparkles of love. Keep dreaming your reality into experience.
With Love and Light,

Britta Dubbels