Solution is Attached

  |   healing, transformation

The solution is always attached.  It is a universal law.
When adversity arises in our lives, our perspective of the situation positively or negatively affects both the process and the outcome.  Perception is important because it acts as a filter of our reality.
If we meet adversity with the filter of “everything happens for a reason,” adversity then presents itself as a challenge and even opportunity.
A mere “human” lens on the situation, defines adversity as a problem.  To problems, we humans react with a range of behaviors from complete shut down to actively seeking one or a number of solutions to make the problem go away.
Through the Human lens it is near impossible to see the solution attached because we are either turning away from it or trying to make it go away.  If the challenge in the solution is meant to take us through a process that may take a good deal of time, can you see how the human filter by design obscures the solution?
If you visualize or imagine yourself as the extension-of-source that you truly are — here in earthly form to evolve, learn and grow through the challenges that life offers — you may even welcome the arrival of adversity as receiving a gift.
Again, that is the difference that perspective makes!
So, stop now and think back this week to a “problem” that has presented itself. Now, visualize or imagine yourself as extension of source, your true self.  Go ahead and receive that gorgeously wrapped gift with pretty bow and ribbon.  The most important part about your gift is the card … go ahead and see the card, acknowledge the card.  You, as extension of source, are now unwrapping your gift-knowing full well that it is a challenge, feeling pure curiosity and positive expectation. 
Perhaps you are wondering to yourself “Wow, I wonder what challenge it is for me to conquer this time.”  Notice that you as extension of source aren’t experiencing any fear, worry or concern what so ever!  Why?  Because you as extension of source already know that this will be another interesting puzzle to solve and the solution in form of that card is already attached. You can see the solution, the card, it is right there! 
So why would you as source worry?  Now, that would be a complete waist of precious time and energy; it would simply be silly. The solution-card is right there!  Worry about something that doesn’t need any worry? Funny! Humans!
As a Human, if you would know about that card, if you could shift yourself into your essence consciousness and remember that the card is right there:
Could you relax? 
Could you be present?  
Could you look at the gift-challenge through a new lens?
Could you allow your challenge/gift the time it is requiring and possibly cut the time in half or less by not worrying?
If you could do these things, you would change your experience in and around any challenge: knowing there is opportunity for growth in shifting your consciousness and looking for solution through the new lens of full consciousness!  What a great idea!  Maybe you ought to try it!?
Enjoy the remaining days of summer!

Britta Dubbels